Saturday, 27 February 2010

Day 62 & 63 (27 & 28/02/10)

Busy preparing for a course spending the day doing laminates and handouts. It must be nice to work for a large company which has access to a printing department who do all of these things for you. Then again I did that but just hated working for other people.

My new laser printing seems a lot quicker but the colours and sizes are slightly different, but I haven't got the time or enthusiasm to alter everything.

I got some more courses booked but nothing nearby so time spent driving and being away. Maybe flying to one next month, nowhere hot but a nice place I haven't been to for a few years, where at least they speak English and have the best cooked breakfasts in the world.

Anyway its still raining so staying in seems like a good idea.

Update - Sat 22:00 - Well that was a day spent doing laminates. 59 sheets full sheets which then had to be cut up into different lots, about 200 of them.

I think when these lot are gone I will start giving out less on the courses.

My wife has gone to Bristol to see her mum (a usual Saturday routine), Kelly has gone to work and taken my car and Thomas has gone out to see some friends. Before he left I had to ask him for his door key, as it looked like I was going to be locked in and all alone. I tried to call child line but apparently it is OK to leave an adult locked in a house. Oh well.

Update - Sun 17:00 - The only trouble with your kids growing up is that I am now sat in the back seat of my own car, as Kelly wanted to drive and Thomas got to the front passenger seat first.

Bloody kids.

I did a Sunday roast, it was quite nice and we had a bottle of Cava, which was not so good. The wife didn't want any more Cava so I am now sat in my office trying to work whilst drinking half a bottle of Cava. Not good.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Day 61 (26/02/10)

Well my satnav took me to my friends house last night, but I seem to have gone a slightly different route along the last few miles of country lanes.

Yes my satnav has a nice cushion to sit on as there are no flat surfaces for it to stick to and the windscreen is too far away to reach.

Lee Mack was very funny, as was the support act, a Simon Evans ( who was also very good and quite different. Check out the video on his website as it is most of his act from last night.

I bought a new office phone a few months ago but have never really liked it. The messages are so muffled I just guess at who has called and phone them up without knowing what they wanted.

So today I went shopping again and bought a new phone.

The new phone is the standing up black and silver thing, quite ugly but hopefully crystal clear. The old one is the grey thing that will be in the bin or ebay by the end of the day.

It has to charge for 15 hours, so on my desk I now have three landline phones and two mobiles. It makes my office look like several of us work here but it is still only me.

Update - 12:45 - I have now updated my satnav and included all the travelodges and premier inns etc on my Points of Interest but best of al I downloaded a list of Indian Restaurants so now if I am some where I can just click on my satnav and it will take me to the nearest Indian Restaurant. Modern technology is great.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Day 60 (25/02/10)

Missing my bike, loads of work to do and plan for and loads of social things as well.Mind you it has been raining most days so I might not of been able to go out anyway.

Tonight I am off to see Lee Mack in Cardiff. It wont just be me, I think there will be a few hundred other people there as well. I always find it makes it more of an occasion if there are lots of people laughing at a comedian rather than just one.

Anyway It will give me a chance to use my new satnav.

I think the wife is getting her own back at me going out without her as I saw some makings for a curry in the kitchen, so she will probably make it tonight while I'm out. Oh well, I have taken her to the pictures twice this month. OK so it was Orange Wednesday but I did offer to go and get her a McFlurry in the drive-thru.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day 59 (24/02/10)

Managed to get my homework done yesterday. It had to be a radio script of a well none fictitious story. I couldn't think of any and Kelly said use a children's story, so I did The Hare & The Tortoise as a Radio 5 outside sports broadcast. It went down quite well.

Anyway bought a new satnav this morning as the old one was old and annoying as I couldn't update it.

It's very good and includes a warning when there are speed camera. I don't actually need to have it by my desk but was just setting it up.

Anyway loads to do and I have to take my wife out tonight (Orange Wednesday) as I am going out with a friend to see Lee Mack tomorrow.

Busy week with loads to do and no time to go out on my bike.

Update - 21:45 - Went to the cinema and saw "An Education" very good but the cinema was full of old gits going out on the cheap on Orange Wednesday to save being at at home and paying for their own heating.

Is it me or is it that old people don't know the alphabet and can't count. Surely putting the seats in rows in alphabetical order then each seat with a consecutive number on it should make it easy to find your seat, so why can't old people find their bloody seat. And why must they talk so much. One old lady sat next to the wife turned around and told people to shut up, well done.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Day 58 (23/02/10)

It's raining heavy and when taking the kids to school / college passed cars with snow on them. Obviously this is just my way of saying I shan't be going out on my bike today, which I'm slightly sad at as I was getting to enjoy it (well just a bit).

Loads of work to do and I have to write a radio script by 5pm for college. Now why didn't I do that during half term. Can't really tell Thomas off for not doing his home work until the last minute as he probably takes after me.

Still look on the bright side at least it means "Fish & Chips" tonight.

I wonder without "Twitter" how much more work would I get done, probably a lot more but I would be bored. I may have to cut down on the number of people I am following as maybe 66 is too many.

Update - 15:45 - Now 1 hour to do my homework and write a script. I think I may cheat and hope no-one notices.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Day 57 (22/02/10)

Well after a week off Thomas settled down to some revision at about 8pm last night, with his mock exams starting less than 9hrs later. To be fair, when challenged earlier in the week he had said, "Well these are mock exams so I'm doing mock revision"

He is just so cool, lets hope he gets the exam passes he needs.

I can't really complain, I think I had already thrown all my school books away by this stage and got the exams results to match.

It is hard to believe that during a two year woodwork course I was only able to make four non-matching legs to a table that was never made and spent only 15 minutes doing the two hour written exam. I had a refreshing sleep during the rest of the exam but don't think this endeared me to my girlfriends mother, who as well as being the exam invigilator was also my English teacher. I got a poor result in English and unbelievable a "U" for woodwork. I think had I just not turned up for the lessons or the exams I might have had a higher mark, maybe even a pass.

Anyway the weekend is over and the week starts again, with loads to do. It is cold and raining, but I will try and battle the weather and go out on my bike.

Update - 16:15 - Didn't go out on my bike as I had a headache. Still got work to do.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Day 55 & 56 (20 & 21/02/10)

Just finished putting a 72 page report together, it was a pain to do. I also seem to have eaten a Terry's Chocolate Orange while doing it. Can't go out on my bike now, not its too dark, but I'm full of chocolate.

I will try and clear out some stuff and put some stuff on ebay this weekend. Slowly (very bloody slowly) clearing out the rubbish.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Day 54 (19/02/10)

Went to last night, it was very nice but started badly.

The menu's are quite large so when choosing a glass a wine I laid the menu down to see it and was unaware of the small candle in the centre of the table. I had seen the brown mark on the menu getting larger but was too busy concentrating on choosing a White or Rose (too young for Red). It was only when the smell of burning was clearly coming from our table and not the kitchen did the wife realise what I had done and tell me. Oops!. I later knocked over a bottle of Olive Oil. It was like Mr Bean meets Mr Magoo.

Anyway I can recommend the Antipasto Zizzi (you can see the candle in the picture).

No rain today so will have to go out on my bike.

Update - 10:15 - It's snowing, quite heavy, me and the snow that is.

Update - 12:30 - It's stopped snowing and the sun is out so I must get out on my bike.

The wife saw a woodpecker in the back garden but only had time for a few pictures.

Update - 15:00 - Longest cycle ride so far. Now totally knackered.

When cycling round was nearly attacked by a dog being walked by a middle-aged woman. Luckily I know how to instantly incapacitate a vicious dog, unluckily I didn't have a loaded gun with me, so I was forced to give them both a nasty stare.

Now relaxing with a slice on Christmas Cake and a bottle of water.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day 53 (18/02/10)

Over-react, me, no never. Anyway, I did offer my car to Kelly this morning but she was going somewhere she didn't know, so wanted a lift.

I went to the Council today and handed over the plastic bits from my soup and filled out my complaint.

Heavy rain all day so far, so I will have another day off from the bike.

Going out for dinner with the wife tonight as she complained last week that I never take her out. I mentioned all the times we had been out, but apparently that didn't count as we had been out as a family. So I pointed out I had taken her out, just the two of us, quite a few times at the start of the year, but apparently driving her to work when it was snowing didn't count. She is just so picky, I can't win any arguments lately. It's just not fair.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day 52 (17/02/10)

Went out for a Chinese last night to celebrate Kelly passing her driving test a couple of weeks ago. We were too full for pancakes (shocking).

Got back and watched the Brits and I decided I am old, as it was crap.

Today I didn't go out on my bike as me and the wife went to see Sherlock Holmes (Orange Wednesday) at lunch time. It was OK. Then we went out for a bite to eat at a nice place in Taunton that we go to occasionally. We went for soup, cup of tea and we shared a piece of cake. I had Mushroom soup, which I had to send back as it had loads of little bits of red plastic in.

I changed it for the Vegetable soup (which the wife had had) but soon realised this also had bits of red plastics in.

I later phoned Trading Standards and made a complaint and will be dropping off some of the plastic bits tomorrow. Why are these people trying to kill me?

Made pancakes in the evening, but it didn't go well.

Had a slight disagreement with Kelly, over her messing about and hiding my phone all the time (which is now more than annoying) so I took all my car keys away and told her to get her own car. She is going out tonight and had planned to drive her friends so that's her stuffed.

Update - 20:30 - Got told off by my wife, so Kelly now has the keys and has my car. Oh well, lost again.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Day 51 (16/02/10)

Big disappointment. I fancied Frosties for breakfast and got the pack out of the cupboard to find that Thomas had put back an empty box. I was forced to have Cheerios and although I have never had dried pet food I can't help but think that this is just pet food sold to humans. Anyway I eat it.

I can't decide if my hair is looking shiny because of using the kids expensive shampoo and my new the cycling regime is due to my strong will power; Or is my glossy coat and improved vitality due to the pet food I seem to be having for breakfast.

Oh well

Update - 11:55 - Went to the bank in town to set up some on-line banking stuff. I visited the bank early to pay in a cheque, like a normal customer, then came back an hour later for my appointment with my Business Manager. As I was early the usual meeting room downstairs was busy so I was shown upstairs where the Premier Account holders are usually served. This is a very nice plush area, where there is even free tea and coffee. After I finished my meeting I walked downstairs and the door was opened for me by a female member of staff who had earlier watched as I had to open my own door.

Could it be that Premier Account holders are treated better by HSBC staff.

Update - 14:45 - Well I tried to get my wife to talk me into not going out on my bike as it was a bit overcast but she said it is good for me. Good for me my arse, I got half way round and it started hailing. It was like being shot at when going fast on the downhill bit. I cycled the same route but got back soaked thru. Had lunch now time for a warm shower.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Day 50 (15/02/10)

Wow 24hrs without my computer and I made it. I don't think checking my emails and twitter on my phone counts as cheating.

Kelly has been asked to go in to cover at the office in The Brewhouse for a few days, so a few more quid for her this month. I might ask her to pay something towards the running costs of my, sorry our, car.

Thomas is still fast asleep in bed, lucky sod.

I have a few work thing to do, then out on my bike (in the rain) then hopefully starting to sort thru the junk in the house.

I'm betting that the family will want to keep everyone of the 200 odd video's we have, despite the fact that the video recorded isn't even plugged in. I will agree that the Disney ones might be worth keeping but some of the films we have were crap when we bought them. And anyway who watches video's nowadays, no-one. If the film is that good lets get the dvd. They are not worth selling on e-bay, let's punish a charity shop and give them all of our old video's.

Hang about, I think I haver a Neneh Cherry video, well that's staying obviously. I might even look on e-bay for her dvd as well.

Update - 14:30 - Well I was feeling sick and exhausted before I got on my bike. Cycled further than ever and felt better at the end then I did at the start, I just couldn't talk, breath or stand, but apart from that I was feeling better.

I mentioned getting rid of the old vhs video's to the wife, it didn't go down well. I think our house will be full of crap until we die and then the kids will have to get the council in to clear it out. I have managed to clear some stuff out of the fridge and the bread bin but that was lunch.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Day 48 & 49 (13 & 14/02/10)

Everyone (except me) is now off for a week. It would be nice if they actually went thru the house & garage and got rid of all the rubbish and stuff we haven't used for he last few years, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway only got a few reports to do, so hopefully will get tomorrow off.

Might go out on my bike today.

Update - Sat 22:30 - The girls went up to Bristol, Thomas was out in town with his mates. I did nearly all my work then went out on my bike and cycled too closely to a spiky bush and cut my other leg today.

With all of these injuries this cycling isn't making me any healthier.

Got home and made me and Thomas a lovely Chicken Korma (from a jar but I added the chicken and mushrooms).

We didn't eat it all, but it was the best Korma I have ever tasted (and I have had a few), finished off with a pint of larger and then a nap in front of the telly.

Day off from the computer on Sunday

Friday, 12 February 2010

Day 47 (12/02/10)

Thomas finished his photography at 1am this morning. It looked really good but I can't help but think if he had spent a few weeks doing it instead of a few days it could have been even better or just as good but he would have had longer in bed.

Went out on my bike and went even further today. My legs were aching at the start and killing me at the end but I carried on.

To be fair it was the thought of making myself an omelette for lunch that kept me going.

My omelette was very nice and today I used a different child's plate. I say children, when tonight one is driving herself to the theatre and the other is going out to a nightclub, albeit an under 18's. Makes me feel old.

More work to do and a new client that is even further up North. What a lovely drive that will be.

Just had a problem with the Sky+ Box. Phoned the call centre and managed to fix it but in the process have cleared the hard drive and lost all the programmes that everyone was waiting to see. Don't think I will be popular when they find out.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day 46 (11/02/10)

Nice to be back into my shorts & t-shirt and not to have a 3hr drive.

Work to do but aiming to go out on my bike later.

I realised I have not included many pictures lately, so looking for something interesting to photograph and include.

Update - 15:30 - Well I went out on my bike. I thought it looked nice and sunny so I thought I would not wear my big fleece but my fleecy rugby shirt instead. Well that was a mistake as I was bloody freezing.

However the worse thing was that when I was getting my bike out of the shed I caught my calf on the peddle and cut my leg.

That hurt and wasn't the sort of picture I was thinking about including today.

Anyway I went on my longest most up hill cycle so far. I felt knackered. If I was a horse they would shoot me.

Although if I was a horse that could cycle 4 miles on a mountain bike I think that shooting me would be a waste, surely with that sort of talent I would be at least a finalist on Britain's Got Talent.

I could duet with Susan Boyle and recreate the scene in "Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid", where they cycle round to "Rain Drops Are Falling On My Head"

Anyway after getting back had a nice cup of tea and some warm muffins and strawberry jam. I'm sure they are low fat.

Yes, we are still using the children's baby plates. We don't use them when we have visitors, we use the proper plates then.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 45 (10/02/10)

Two things I hate (the full list is somewhat longer) but driving and wearing a suit, and this morning I'm doing both.

In London first thing, couldn't resist taking a picture of the Lucozade sign on the M4. Not a good picture as I was just crushing the ice for my Martini, shaken not stirred and no Olive, driving in style.

By the time I got to Brentford I was desperate for the toilet and was forced to park in an underground car park which contained only two other cars and had numerous signs about criminals operating in the area. Decided it was Russian Roulette to leave my car here as it would probably not be there when I came back but I needed the loo.

I was so desperate that I would have used an open sewer, luckily Brentford is the sort of place were an open sewer is a request that can be met. No disrespect to Brentford but some of it is not very nice.

Spent a few hours in court (as a witness) where I heard a great quote about how to judge a house.

"It's what we call a minor executive house, as the garage is just big enough for a Ferrari, but it only has one."

I decided not to mention that there is so much crap that I cant' get a toy car in my garage or that I drive 206, not exactly Magnum PI, I couldn't even grow the mustache.

Anyway the car was OK when I got back to it and then drove home by 7(ish) and now have things to. Looking forward to going out on my bike tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Day 44 (09/02/10)

Its cold and I've got work to do. Its boring, I want time to go out on my bike and go to college. I got half my work done yesterday, still loads to do before setting off early tomorrow for London.

Not feeling guilty (as if) about putting my suit on expenses as I would have worn it for three days in two weeks. More comfortable in shorts in t-shirt.

Time to start work, again.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Day 43 (08/02/10)

A weekend with some work done but mostly spent my time listening to Richard Herring pod-casts and youtube stuff. Very funny but wish I had got some more work done.

Have about 10 reports to do and 2 emails to send out. Must pace myself and start now, will try and go out on my bike at lunchtime.

Update - 17:30 - Just had it confirmed that I have to go to London to be a witness at Court. The money is nice but it means I am away for a couple of days and have to be there early on Wednesday so can't go to college on Tuesday night. Plus I will have to get a lot of work done today and tomorrow so don't have time to go out on my my bike.

I know what will happen. I will get to court and then be told that they are accepting my evidence so I will have to turn around and drive all the way back. Plus whatever I have to wear my suit, not happy.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Day 41 & 42 (06 & 07/02/10)

The weekend is here but I can't take the time off as I have to try and catch up after having had a few meetings this week.

Next week I might have to be in London again but for two days as I am due to be a witness at court. Hopefully I will be cancelled on Tuesday and not needed as I have better things to do.

Anyway Kelly has gone out to the cinema with some friends and taken my car.

I can't decide if it was better being a taxi driver who had full use of his car or a parent whose daughter has the keys to his car.

Anyway work to do whilst listening to the radio.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Day 40 (05/02/10)

Back in the office, but have hardly done any paid work this week. Got loads to do but been busy doing other things.

Kelly had her driving test today and this is her coming back having PASSED.

Well done girl.

I thought we should go out to the Pizza Hut to celebrate. If she had failed I would have thought that we should have gone out to the Pizza Hut to commiserate.

She drove back.

She has now gone out by herself to pick Thomas up from school. I wasn't this worried when she went away with the army cadets and was shooting guns. I will update to let you know that they get back safely.

Update - 16:00 - Both kids and car back safely. I now have more grey hairs and may have to have a drink to calm me down. When do you stop worrying about your kids (and your car).

Must get some paid work done.

Obviously I didn't get to go out on my bike today as I was celebrating with Kelly and a pizza, so might go out tomorrow.

Update - 21:30 - Still working, but stopped for some nice cake which Kim made, as a well done cake for Kelly.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Day 39 (04/02/10)

Busy day, had to go to the old smoke for a meeting, so a day of landmarks. It started with Stonehenge.

I know its not a great picture but I was driving past at 50 miles an hour at the time and had to be careful I didn't spill my pint.

Then into Twickenham, past the rugby ground.

Again trying to take the picture, drive and butter my toast meant I didn't have time to take a proper photo.

Into Richmond and the underground. Better picture as I was now of foot.

Caught the train to the city centre, it was clear I was not a local; I didn't have an oyster card, I gave up my seat to a middle aged lady and I kept giggling, saying "a train that goes underground, whatever next"

Got to the centre with time to kill so a quick visit to Starbucks, but the cakes weren't as nice as Gary's.

Finally got to the meeting, strange day, bit of an outsider.

Got home late.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Day 38 (03/02/10)

Took Thomas to school and then straight to the garage to refuel. Funny smell of Fish & Chips in the car.

The weather is awful, really cold rain. Have a meeting in Bristol at lunchtime, so might not be able to go cycling in the cold rain. That's a result.

Update - 19:00 - Had an interesting meeting in Bristol, not met the guy for about 8 years but nice to know he came to me to get some stuff done. When I left I came across all the news crews, but they weren't there for me.

When I got back to the car park I think I bought parking space number 127 in the car park. I had only meant to stay there once but at £4.90 for less than 2hours surely I must now own it.

Stopped off for Tea & Cakes with the family, that was nice.

Drove back and popped in for a new printer cartridge, but decided to get a laser printer, as printing the training material takes ages and uses up about four cartridges every time.

I hadn't meant to spend that much but thankfully it can charge it all to work stuff. The printing is lovely and clear, better than my deskjet, hopefully it will work out cheaper in the long run.

Early night to night, as I have to be up early tomorrow.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day 37 (02/02/10)

A very busy day, lots of reports to do, home work to write, haircut and other stuff. I was just about to go out cycling but saw it was raining, so will have to delay it.

Update - 14:30 - I had smart(ish) haircut for the meetings this week. I have to take my passport with me, but that makes me look like a prisoner on day release, which could cause problems. Even in my suit I look like crap.

Must do my homework now. Looking forward to my chips on my way home tonight.

Update - late - I put my blue fleece with my zipped pockets in the wash, so had to wear my grey fleece, without zipped up pockets. Don't worry there is a point to this story. Plus my wife had put my very casual trousers (which have deep pockets) in the wash, so I had to wear my tracksuit trousers, which only have shalow open pockets.

With this in mind I thought I wont take my wallet with me in case it falls out one of the open pockets, I will just take a £5 note (al the cash i had) with me to college. Just enough for my Fish & Chips.

The trouble was whilst driving to college I realized how little fuel I had, in fact the warning light came on whilst driving there. What to do, buy £5 worth of diesel and get home hungry or get my fish and chips and risk not having enough fuel to get home.

It was a worry that stayed with me throughout the lesson.

I won't say which option I went for but I got home.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Day 36 (01/02/10)

I wore my new not sporty trainers yesterday. I now understand how the hoodie youth of today can wear these things without doing their laces up, as there is some internal elastic which keeps it together. Very comfortable.

Admittedly the people that design and market these trainers probably didn't think people like me would be wearing them.

When I woke up this morning, before seeing all the ice, I thought, "Oh no I have to go on my bike today". Do people really like and enjoy exercise, I don't, but I will carry on.

Update - 14:15 - I went out on my bike wearing my new trainers. I felt taller, I think I may have flattened my old trainers over time. Anyway despite there being lots of ice round this morning it was quite warm. Cycled further, starting to do a second circuit, feeling better but still the same size / shape as a womble or teletubby for younger readers. Might help if I eat less, but that ain't going happen.

Whilst cycling I realised that, having made an appointment to see someone in Bristol about work on Wednesday lunchtime, and having a meeting to attend in London on Thursday, I will only be able to go out cycling three times this week. Decided I must cycle harder rather than the leisurely pace I usually go at.