Saturday, 27 June 2015

Day 2008 & 2009 (27 & 28/06/2015)

Having just got back from our holiday it is truly shocking what has just happened in Tunisia to the tourists there; more senseless pain & waste, when if anyone the baddies should just target politicians as they are the cause of all the wars & destruction that have given rise to these terror groups.

If we stayed out of other countries, didn't prop up vile dictators or start illegal wars, then the world may be more peaceful.

Also there maybe less people fleeing these countries if we hadn't destabilised them in the first place. Who wouldn't do the same for their family if the roles were reversed?

I sort of have to get back to work, and possibly prepare for another course in the Middle-East, oh well, everything has a price.

Day 2007 (26/06/2015)

It was a sort of lazy day, clearing emails and the like.

To save cooking we ordered a Chinese.

Day 2006 (25/06/2015)

The last day of the holiday but the last day is always the packing up and getting to the airport day.

We were supposed to be out of our apartment by 10am but that was never going to happen so we paid to have it until 4pm, so had a lazy morning and a few hours by the pool before getting ready.

This ended up a stressful few hours for me as I again ended up juggling things between issues in my life; trying to do the right thing, whilst causing those I hate the most discomfort. In the long term I think what I have done will be best but a few people I like may not quite see it like that and may hate me in the short term.

A lot of people I hate will hate me even more but I don't care about that; I'm burning bridges with people I hate as if things work out then eventually I will be at the other end of the country and have nothing to do with any of them ever again.

I can't say what it is yet but it should be in the papers in he next few weeks.

Anyway at least we got to sit next to each other on the flight home.

Day 2005 (24/06/2015)

Golly the holiday is nearly over :-(

The usual breakfast, sunbathing, pool, lunch and sleep (although we did into town and had an ice-cream.


In the evening we went back to the Italian restaurant we had eaten on the first night as I liked it there. 


We had another great evening although the service wasn't as good as they were busy but it didn't effect us that much.

Day 2004 (23/06/2015)

It is the anniversary of us first meeting, 31 years ago.

Relaxing slow start to the day, with the usual routine (breakfast, sunbathing, pool, lunch and sleep).

In the evening we went out for another lovely meal.

Day 2003 (22/06/2015)

We got up and decided to spend the day on the beach.

Well when we say the day we obviously the but that starts after noon as we never get up early or rush to get ready.

So we were on the beach by 12:30 (ish) and then spent the afternoon lounging in the sun and swimming in the sea, which was lovely and clear but a bit cool.

Obviously being very English I was surprised / pleased / shocked / happy / intrigued / embarrassed to see so many naked boons on display.

Then in the evening we went out to a Mexican restaurant, where they handed out sombreros and disappointingly small portions.

Then we had a game of scrabble and a bottle of wine at the apartment.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Day 2002 (21/06/2015)

Fathers Day, so I called my Dad, who we had left a card for (I'm assuming my cards are at home for me).

Then we went for a walk along the coast, towards the marina. It was baking hot and exhausting, so we popped into a Linekar's bar for a drink.


Then a sushi restaurant for some lovely sushi & tempera.

Another good day.

Day 2001 (20/06/2015)

Well the first part of breakfast, sunbathing, pool, lunch and sleep was the same.

It's funny but after lunch we both sleep for a few hours. We must be exhausted as no alcohol is involved.

In the evening we went to a different restaurant and had some fish for dinner which was nice.


On the way back we popped into the restaurant from the previous evening as they had a Brat Pack tribute act.

We must have missed the Sammy Davis jr section and only caught him walking off as Dean Martin (I thought he was looking more like a tanned Jerry Lewis).

We had a drink and then watched him do his Frank Sinatra set, which was fun.

Day 2000 (19/06/2015)

In the morning I walked round the corner to a nice sized supermarket so we could do our own breakfast & lunch, then we had breakfast on our little patio area.

When we were ready we went to relax & sun bath by the pool for a few hours, I may have snored a bit.

After a late lunch we fell asleep at the apartment, then went out for dinner.

We went to this restaurant as it did paella, which was nice.

But they also had an Elvis impersonator, singing to Elvis thru the years (Elvis does Dire Straits was a bit unexpected but not awful).

It was a fun evening.