Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day 1313 (31/07/2013)

How can July be coming to an end already, at this rate it will soon be Christmas.

I have a busy rest of the year planned and have more things to arrange, but at least next year maybe more organised and more profitable but less stressful.

In London today for a lunchtime meeting with a journalist on his expense account, which was nice (roast cod, followed by a pear & fig tart) and quite interesting.

One of the good things about London is the history on nearly every street.

It was so hot travelling thru London that I ended up with cramp like pain in my leg for the rest of the day.

Then I met Kelly for dinner, and even saw Bill Nighy walking thru Notting Hill.

So glad that she's enjoying London.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 1312 (30/07/2013)

What a busy day as have to prepare for a couple of meeting in London.

So far Kelly is enjoying herself in London, will be meeting her for dinner tomorrow night.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Day 1311 (29/07/2013)

Kelly is off to London today for her big adventure, working and living in the big city before moving to Brighton, hopefully when her flat will be ready at the end of the month.

Fingers crossed that the short term job lands her a full time roll which pays her enough to live well.

Saw this news (well it's not really news but it was in the mail on-line) item on-line which reminds me so much of when me and my wife first started visiting Deep-Pan Pizza in Bristol, where she had a similar ability with their free salad bar.

You used to get chicken wings, melon, eggs and so much more than just salad.

Day 1309 & 1310 (27 & 28/07/2013)

A day if not a week of emotions, that to be honest does not really get easier with a the passage of time. I, and am sure the rest of the family just miss Kim so much.

She would have loved the restaurants that we have visited and she would be so proud of "our" children ad the adults that they have become.

We had the left-over sushi for a late lunch.

As my Mum & Dad aren't really Sushi people we went out with them on my Birthday to The Worlds End (the restaurant not the film) but unfortunately Kelly was on her last day at work.

The meal was nice and they went for the flaming creme brulee.

Then Birthday cake (Part 2).

Then a relaxing Sunday.

Day 1308 (26/07/2013)

Work during the day then off to Sumo a new Japanese restaurant in Taunton for my Birthday.

The food was really nice and included dancing fish flakes on Octopus balls (don't ask).

It was fantastic and the did a special plate for me as it was my birthday but by then we were we stuffed so we had it in a doggie-bag.

Then home for some birthday cake (Part 1).

Day 1307 (25/07/2013)

Wow The Worlds End is another great film from Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Even my wife was laughing during the film.

Working now so I can take the weekend off for my Birthday.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 1306 (24/07/2013)

Nice weather, bit of a swim and working in the office. That's been my day, well my last few days anyway.

Off to see The Worlds End tonight with my wife on an Orange Wednesday, should be good.

Thomas found a photo  of the cricket of him at work.

Kelly is starting in London soon, which should be an exciting if a nervous time. Fingers crossed that it all goes well for her and her career.

We are so proud of them both, doing what they want with their lives.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day 1305 (23/07/2013)

A lovely cool start to the day after the storm last night.

I really couldn't care less about the royal baby or the royals in general, I detest them all, which funnily enough started after I became a parent.

As a parent you should tell your children that if they work hard then they can do and be whatever they want in life. Well that isn't quite true in the UK as the tops jobs are reserved for the royals (as in ultimately running the country, the military, the church etc).

I had an argument with an Irish Royalist once who wouldn't accept my side, so I pointed out that as the armed services, the politicians and the police swear an oath of allegiance to the Monarch and not the People, then Edward VIII could have dictated to them to join with the Nazi's, who would have then backed him to remain as King with the women he loved as Queen. Then any up-rising by the people against this would have been treason and been put down by an armed service that still fights for the Monarch and not the People.

He saw my point of view in the end but was still an Irish Royalist, which is very much one of the worst type or royalists.

Plus this system just continues the class system in the UK, which isn't good.

America has many faults but lets face it as George W Bush showed, even if you are the most stupid person in the country you can still have a chance at being charge.

I love the fact that the Guardian on-line newspaper has a Royalist and Republican button so you can see actual news or royal crap news.

I shall be avoiding most news over the next 20yrs or so as it will be full of "experts" predicting that the baby will have a traditional first name such as George, Henry, Charles and a more fun second name to fit with this modern fun royal couple. The names are always the same. And even I can predict that this child will go to one of the top schools and have a love of horses, polo, helicopters and ultimately will join the military but not as a real solider or pilot, after all, they all do.

If they really want to be modern, then say "our son will never be King as I will be abolishing the Monarchy when I am crowned King".

They should say we would love for our son to be a painter or a social worker, because as parents you should just want your child to be happy and to meet someone who loves them and who cares for them.

I can predict that this royal baby will ultimately be unhappy, trapped inside a system that serves no-one in a modern society.

Day 1304 (22/07/2013)

Its hot, damn hot.

When ever I say to myself "It's Hot", I feel I always have to add "Damn Hot" which was one of the few funny bits from the Robin William film Good Morning Vietnam. He is great but he has made some crap films.

Anyway it was a very noisy day in Taunton, mostly because the hedgeman was trimming our the hedge.

It always looks so much better after he has done it but it is a very noisy few hours but thankfully we were his second job of the day, so he didn't start until after 9am so I didn't feel that embarrassed at waking everyone up.

The other noisy was apparently there was the loudest ever thunder storm last night, which woke everyone else but I slept through it.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 1302 & 1303 (20 & 21/07/2013)

A busy weekend doing reports in the heat but I'm not complaining about the heat I think its great.

We were going to go out for dinner but left it so late that we ended up going to the chip shop nearby,

and then sat in the garden eating our food.

It was lovely with a nice cool breeze but I had always envisaged sitting here relaxing with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio, not a can of coke and a kebab.

On Sunday Kelly suggested a Chinese take-away for dinner, so who am I to say no, it was lovely.

which was just as well as we will be having it again tomorrow.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 1301 (19/07/2013)

In the office catching up on things.

I have quite a bit on so it might be a weekend in the office as opposed to relaxing in the garden, again.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 1300 (18/07/2013)

An early start then a train to London. Thank goodness for First Class.

Doing a days training for the Unite Union, who seem to be an interesting bunch.

Had a nice lunch out in a nearby park.

Then a couple of bagels for the journey back.

Saw the Whitehorse on the way home on a slightly delayed journey, which was annoying.

Day 1299 (17/07/2013)

Busy day in the office then off to The Bike Shed theatre in Exeter to see a show about Motor Neurone Disease.

There was a film before hand, I Am Breathing about a young man, Neil Platt who diagnosed with MND and died 14 months later. I must be getting very soft in my old age as I could have cried during the whole film, it was heartbreaking stuff.

The show afterwards was very good and despite it not exactly being an upbeat evening it was an enjoyable evening out.

Day 1298 (16/07/2013)

Thomas birthday today.

How time has flown by over the last 19 years and how tall he has got.

We all went out for a pizza in the evening, which was nice.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 1297 (15/07/2013)

Another long hot day with loads of work to do but I managed to go to the gym for a nice long swim.

Hard to believe that my little boy is 19 tomorrow.

It doesn't seem that long ago but it does seem a different life as so many things have changed.

Day 1295 & 1296 (13 & 14/07/2013)

I had loads of work to do at the weekend and so was stuck in a hot office on Saturday whilst everyone was out.

Thomas was a Bournemouth taking photo's of the friendly against West Ham and even appeared in a photo used on their website.

OK its only a bit of him, in the bottom left-hand corner, with the blue tabard and lots of hair.

Then on Sunday still had things to do but made a nice Mexican for lunch & dinner.

With a few cold drinks.

Day 1294 (12/07/2013)

Another long hot day training then a drive back, during which I got caught up in quite a bit of traffic.

After dinner I decided to cut the grass, as the hedgeman hasn't been yet and grass is very very long.

But looking better now.

Day 1293 (11/07/2013)

Hard day carting around 7 laptops in the sweltering heat but thankfully the training was well received.

Then had a lovely dinner at the Loch Fyne restaurant which is next door to the B&B.