Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Day 2

Well it rained heavily all day, so I didn't go out on my bike, but I did play on the wii fit, though I think this probably only hurt my ankles and knees but did not make me any fitter.

I will go thru some more magazines to tidy up my desk, then start on the boxes of rubbish in the bedroom and garage.

Hopefully I will go out on my bike tomorrow.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Day 1 (28/12/09)

Anyway I told my wife I was going out on my bike to start my New Years Resolution early and she suggested I take it easy and just get the new wii fit game out. Obviously she has given up on me doing actual exercise and thinks that as I work in the virtual world I might as well exercise in one.

I persisted and blew up the tyres on my bike and went out for about two miles. Well I haven't done any exercise at all for about a year, so two miles was enough, plus I couldn't find my gloves and my hands were freezing and my body aching.

Back to home and have now raked up all the leaves, so that's tidying the house and exercise. Will now clean up and go thru some boxes of stuff whilst having a glass of wine (hopefully).

Early New Years Resolution

Decided to start of my New Years Resolution early, so will go out for a cycle and then starting going thru the boxes of things (rubbish) in my house. That's why I thought I would call this Changing Things. I am going to get slim and fit, get rid of the rubbish and tidy my house and start writing the books that I have in my heads.

So this time next year I should be slim and fit, live in a tidy and minimalist house and have written at least one novel and started to try and get it published.

Oh, well put of the cycle ride to set up the blog, now out in to the cold?