Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day 1523 (26/02/2014)

A day spent doing things in the office but not really achieving much.

Thomas is coming home later, much later in fact as it will be about 3am when his coach get in to Taunton.

Day 1522 (25/02/2014)

We had to take both cars to the garage, for an MOT & to get a break problem sorted, then I went for some training for a group I'm a member of.

It wasn't great and I knew most of it but I had to do it get access to a database I need.

The guy doing the training had attended one of my training days as few years ago and said that I would not really benefit from it and even got me to stand up and do a 10minute section on what I do as he covered it slightly in the course.

Then home watching the telly looking out for Thomas at the football, which we didn't.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Day 1521 (24/02/2014)

Lovely dinner yesterday. Roast duck breasts in a peking sauce, with dauphinoise potatoes, red cabbage, honey roast chantille carrots & bok choy.

Yum Yum Yum even better with the bottle of Rose Cava.

Today had a blood test just to make sure I'm OK after my recent illness. I think I am but will keep you posted.

Then off to the gym for a swim then back to the office for lots of work.

Thomas is in Athens for the football and seems to be enjoying himself.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day 1519 & 1520 (22 & 23/02/2014)

The weekend and more catching up and doing things in the office.

Thomas is of to Greece to cover a Champions League Match, which he is both excited & apprehensive about. It's hard to believe that he has only been working for the agency for less than year. I just wish the financial rewards and publications were equal to his enthusiasm.

Anyway his trip started with a coach to Heathrow, then an early morning flight. Obviously the hardest part will be the getting up early for Thomas.

Hoping it goes well.

So a few days by ourselves, which will make a change.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Day 1518 (21/02/2014)

Much the same as the rest of the week.

I went into town and was then going to go to the gym but the traffic was so bad I had to turn around.

I will definitely go several times next week, although I have a few things booked in.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day 1517 (20/02/2014)

Still busy in the office and still enjoying being at home and still not gone back to the gym after my swim earlier in the week.

Thomas is at Swansea tonight covering a European game.

The photo was more about his match day bib than him, although many of the photos he takes of us blowing out candles on birthday cakes are similarly framed.

Apparently there was an earthquake today and despite the local news & papers trying to make it a big story I never felt a thing and I doubt many other people did either as it was centered in the Bristol Channel and was under the sea.

I know I shouldn't but I do check the Mail Online website every so often. This story made me sigh, as why would someone basically paying a $1million for a Maltese Passport, one come to this country and two end up claiming benefits.

I expect to have this brought up when I visit my parents or my mother-in-law, as unfortunately they both read and believe this type or right wing shit without ever thinking.

Day 1516 (19/02/2014)

Still busy catching up in the office and really enjoying being back home.

I watched the Brits tonight but just felt old as I had hardly heard of any of these kids, and to me they did seem to be kids, who were winning and performing. Annoying that once again I din't get invited as Kylie was there.

Didn't go swimming as was doing things.

Day 1515 (18/02/2014)

Busy catching up with stuff ans went for a swim.

I was going to do the re-cycling so my car was full of empty plastic bottles and boxes, but they have closed the Wellington Tip for the week for resurfacing but decided against opening the Taunton Tip on its usual closed days to make up for the reduced services.

Council Wankers, no thought of the public who pay for the services and want to use them.

I can see why there are so many shootings in America, when people get pissed off and have access to guns they tend to get better customer service just in case but sometimes stupidity needs to be highlighted.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Day 1514 (17/02/2014)

A day in the office catching up with stuff.

I was planning on going to the gym but got somewhat distracted watching some YouTube video's of bloopers from The Mighty Boosh and Extras.

Finished off last nights dinner and it was still lovely.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Day 1512 & 1513 (15 & 16/02/2014)

We had a lovely meal at The Olive Mill last night but the service wasn't very good. There is usually a fine line between leaving a nice relaxing gap between courses and bringing the food late. Unfortunately for us the fine line was missed by about 30 minutes per course.

But as I say the food was quite nice.

Then home to relax and catch up on a bit of work.

Update - Sunday 20:00 - After a month of courses and having to leave early on Sunday's without our normal Sunday Roast and bottle of wine, I decided to make the most of being home for the day.


Followed later by a rather nice Chocolate Roulade.

Yum Yum Yum.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Day 1511 (14/02/2014)

Valentines Day and I was woken with breakfast in bed my my lovely wife.

Busy in the office and then off out for the night with my wife at The Olive Mill which I hope is as nice as it looks.

Day 1510 (13/02/2014)

Last day of the course and it would be fair to say it was a struggle with some of those attending, who would it be fair to say on a par with my Dad on using a computer but these were younger people who work in offices where using a computer is an essential teak.

Anyway long drive home in crap weather and home in time to see Kelly before she went back to Brighton.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Day 1509 (12/02/2014)

Golly this course has been hard going at times. A very quiet bunch with a few that seem to find doing anything on a computers a difficult beast to tame. Saying that there are a couple who area pleasure to teach, so at least some will pass the course.

Off to the pub tonight for dinner and to watch the football on the telly.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Day 1508 (11/02/2014)

This is the quietest course I've ever done with very little interaction and a real struggle to get a response from the majority of the delegates.

Anyway we went for a  nice curry in the evening.

Day 1507 (10/02/2014)

First day of the last of three courses at Heathrow and looking forward to being home for a couple of weeks.

The course went OK but the delegates are so very quiet and subdued. All the others have been fun and willing to engage in a bit of banter but this weeks are so quiet.

Anyway nice meal at The Pheasant tonight.

When it said on the menu a double braised lamb shank I didn't realise they meant two lamb shanks. It was nice but a struggle to get through.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Day 1505 & 1506 (08 & 09/02/2014)

Busy weekend doing things and preparing for next weeks course.

I'm really looking forward to being home for a week or two then, although my wife was probably enjoying the break from my snoring.

Knowing that Valentine's Day was coming up I have been thinking about booking a restaurant for ages but now when I finally get round to it I find everyone else has booked the restaurants I wanted, so we are going to one we haven't tried before near Bridgwater, The Olive Mill, which looks nice.

Update - Sunday 22:30 - Back at The Park Inn at Heathrow ready for another weeks training.

Got nice rooms again.

Day 1504 (07/02/2014)

Busy day trying to catch up with office work and prepare for next weeks course.

Had an annoying photo come through of Thomas, which is most unfair as he is a slow and careful driver but on this occasion he just misread the speed sign.

Oh well, we live and learn.

Day 1503 (06/02/2014)

The course finished and went quite well and we might have even secured a few more courses down here, which will be nice.

The weather was awful but I decided to take a little (quite big) detour and popped in to see Kelly, which was nice.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Day 1502 (05/02/2014)

Full of a cold and if I hadn't been on a course but had been at home I would defiantly have stayed in bed all day.

The course is going well but I may have passed my cold on.

Went for a Chinese tonight which was great.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Day 1501 (04/02/2014)

The course is going well but I'm full of a cold so would prefer to be sat at home with a Beechem's Lemon.

Can't decide between an Indian or Chinese tonight, which will it be.

OK Indian won and went for a nice curry.

Day 1500 (03/02/2014)

When we arrived at the hotel last night they upgraded us to larger business class rooms, which are much nicer and roomier.

The course went OK and then we went out to the pub for dinner and to watch the football.

I went for the somewhat too large Fish & Chips but it was quite nice.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Day 1498 & 1499 (01 & 02/02/2014)

New month new picture of Kylie on my calender.

Saturday spent trying to get everything ready for being away next week and catch up on the stuff that has come-in whilst I've been away.

Then off to The Sanctuary for dinner for my Mum's birthday with the family, although the kids were busy.

I had the Muscles, in a coconut & curry sauce, whilst my wife had Smoked Mackerel.

Elaine wanted in on the act with Calamari.

Then a nice Venison for mains whilst my wife had a very nice looking Chicken.

Then we shared the Coffee Creme Brulee and a Lemon Tart.

Very nice food & great service, so will be going back there.

Sunday spent getting everything up to date and then off to Heathrow later.

Day 1497 (31/01/2014)

Busy day getting a hair-cut and doing stuff ready for next weeks course.

Then off to Bristol for Mary's birthday.

One of my rare visits to a family thing for that side of the family.

Day 1496 (30/01/2014)

The course finished and went well, which is just as well as going back there for the next two weeks to do even more.

Then home in time to see my Mum for her birthday.

Also great to catch up with Kelly.