Monday, 30 June 2014

Day 1646 (30/06/2014)

My foot is feeling better so I will be going back to the gym today for a swim, to get back into the swing of things. I actually think I have lost some weight recently, probably all due to the medication affecting my appetite, so it could be true that every cloud has a silver lining, if this drags on for another year or two I might be at my ideal weight.

The closer my meeting gets the more I must remind myself that I can't really trust anyone that I'm dealing with, as we all have our own agendas.

It is always worth remembering that even if your paranoid it doesn't mean that they aren't after you.

If this works I may start playing poker, if it doesn't I shall be taking a crash course on law.


Day 1644 & 1645 (28 & 29/06/2014)

The weekend was fairly relaxing, to be honest these tablets mean I'm tied a lot of the time and have to sleep during the day, so it might be difficult to take them and run courses.

Decided it was time for a weekend of Chinese takeaways, which was fantastic.

It lasts for two days, so its not that piggy.

Slightly stressed in anticipation of the up coming meeting but it might pay off.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 1643 (27/06/2014)

I'm still feeling positive, hoping it's not misplaced, so fingers crossed as I still have to have the meeting to convince them to see my side or risk me dragging more people into this.

Anyway the weather at Glastonbury (Pilton) seems to have been interesting (very wet & stormy)

I hope Kelly is staying dry (she isn't).

After one of those lovely double pizza things from ASDA yesterday (it was lovely but don't worry we shared between the three of us),

my wife made a paella, from scratch, and even made some sangria to go with dinner.

It was lovely and even came with its own alcoholic fresh fruit salad for afters :-)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 1642 (26/06/2014)

Glastonbury (Pilton) is here and so is the bad weather, with really heavy rain. It is more than possible that the cheap shower proof tent my wife bought for Kelly will not be up to the job.

I got a fun gift from my G&E today to help me de-stress.

Hopefully I might have made a few advances on getting my issues sorted out within the next few weeks. I've played (or threaten to play) a few trump cards and am hoping that they now realise the full consequences of annoying me.

Fingers crossed that within the next two weeks things are sorted.

Day 1641 (25/06/2014)

My days are mostly spent trying to get into the right frame of mind to work then waking up at my desk.

Not felling great but things could be worse.

Also can't go to the gym at the moment as I have a bad foot :-(

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Day 1640 (24/06/2014)

We had a lovely meal at Sumo in Taunton last night.

Spent the day working, doing some research. Slightly annoyed that if not for recent events I would be doing some really interesting courses at the moment.

Hoping that things get sorted soon.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 1639 (23/06/2014)

It's hard to believe that 30yrs ago today I first met the lady that went on to be my wife.

She's hardly changed. I have carried these photo's of her and others from over the years, in my wallet for many years now and often look at them and can't believe how many years have gone by.

Being a romantic I still buy my wife anniversary cards & presents.

I could think of nothing else that says thanks for the last 30yrs than a cheap crappy footballing gnome to add to her collection of crappy gnomes, I'm sure she will love it.

I gave Kelly my old gortex waterproofs for the stormy looking Glastonbury (Pilton) Festival.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 1637 & 1638 (21 & 22/06/2014)

Still knackered but its been a fairly busy day for a middle-aged white guy. Did the re-cycling and then cutting the grass which was so long after a 3 week gap.

I still don't really have my appetite back and as well as my new medication I am taking a Yakult, multi vitamin and well-man tablet everyday. If nothing else I should be healthy & slimmer by the end of the summer.

On Sunday Kelly came home, on route to Glastonbury.

It's a shame the weather, which is lovely now looks to be awful for Glastonbury, which I still feel should be called Pilton, as it is in Pilton not Glastonbury. Hopefully the shower-proof tent that my wife bought Kelly will stand up to the promised storms (it wont).

Watered the garden in the evening, which is looking better now the grass has been cut.

Day 1636 (20/06/2014)

After the tiring day yesterday I most did nothing today apart from getting my haircut.

We were watching the football but as soon as Thomas went out we turned over and put Celebrity Masterchef on.

Day 1635 (19/06/2014)

Up far to early to get to Swindon for 9:00am to give a talk to a room full of mostly police staff about social networking sites.

It seemed well received but I was knackered from the start as I just have no energy at the moment, whether it the medication or not I don't know but I feel as if I never want to work again.

In the evening we watched the football and the inevitable England failure.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 1634 (18/06/2014)

Still feeling slightly drained with very little enthusiasm for work, which is a pain as I have work that needs doing and am giving a presentation all day tomorrow.

Thinking I might take some time off over the next few weeks.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 1633 (17/06/2014)

A day spent still recovering & getting over the holiday & travelling.

Although I have work to do it would be true to say I did very little.

So a few other holiday photos, as I've just downloaded a few from my wife's camera, which she used as she had filed up her ipad with other things.

Day 1632 (16/06/2014)

A day spent in recovery getting over the holiday & travelling.

It would be true to say we did very little.

So a few other holiday photos, as I've just downloaded a few from my wife's ipad.

Day 1631 (15/06/2014)

Today is our last day and we fly out this evening. For once we took an early flight here and a late flight back, maximising our time away, which I am very glad about.

So after getting up early and booking out of our room we spent the day by the pool then went to the beach-side restaurant we liked for a snack.

To be honest I could have got away without eating but it was going to be a long day and it was somewhere nice to sit for a few hours.

Then to the airport.

There was a delay in our plane taking off, then in landing, then in us being able to pick up our car. So we got home at 3:30am.

Day 1630 (14/06/2014)

Our last full day of the holiday. I find two weeks too long and one week too short, they really should do 10day holidays.

Normal routine but still not felling like I want to eat but its fair to say that the tablets are helping.

Spent a few hours down at the pool.

Then went to an Italian restaurant for a nice meal.

We have shared sweats all week and hardly drunk, apart from the sangria every night and a few baileys over ice. This could be my healthiest holiday ever.

Day 1629 (13/06/2014)

It would be true to say I have not been sleeping well the last few weeks and am quite stressed. Today I was very stressed, so stressed I couldn't even eat my breakfast. Plus I have a terrible cold and a really painful ear ache. So I'm now on a lovely combination of drugs, so am not supposed to be drinking.

We went out to the pool but I wasn't helped by knowing that something I was desperately waiting on has been put off until the end of September. It may be a blessing but I'm now going to be stressed for months on end. It maybe good for my diet but very little else.

When / If I sue people for thousands then I'm defiantly spending some of it on another holiday for me and my wife as this one has been slightly ruined by my level of stress.

We went to a burger type restaurant, which was OK but quite frankly I didn't feel like eating it.

Day 1628 (12/06/2014)

Usual routine, breakfast on the balcony, then sunning ourselves by the pool then lunch on the balcony.

Then we drove into town and unfortunately ended up in a below average restaurant by the marina.

I suppose it's the risk we take going somewhere different every day that we may actually not be impressed with where we end up.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Day 1627 (11/06/2014)

God it was hot today but we aren't complaining. Usual routine, breakfast on the balcony, then sunning ourselves by the pool then lunch on the balcony.

Then we drove into town, had a walk around and then found a lovely restaurant by the marina. We shared a cuttlefish with clams.

 Then a razor clam and rice stew.

Then a selection of local cakes.

Then back to the hotel for a baileys and ice, then a latte in the room.