Friday, 30 April 2010

Day 124 (30/04/2010)

Sunny then rainy, what a crap weekend this is going to be, though if I can get lots of work done today and don't get much else in I might go out for the day with my wife.

Obviously this will have something to do with having to be up north on Monday night at which she is still not happy with.

Things happening at work, offers of new things (still doing the same thing but for new people) so decisions to be made.

When speaking to an old dear friend last week he told me I should stay working for myself as it was pointless me ever working for anyone else again as I always ended up in a battle with them.

It was very true as he knows me well but sometimes these things have to be considered.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Day 123 (29/04/2010)

Got to the club last night to hear young scruffy people shouting, oh that was the music. First two bands not my cup of tea.

Looking around, apart from the parents of kids in "Tainted Orange" the average looked to be 12 but I was told that most were 18 as are at college. Clearly I have now gone past middle age and am getting to just plain OLD.

Tainted Orange were very good and had improved their stage craft since I last saw them a little while ago. There was a guy from a well known band who turned up to see them as he wants to help them make it big.

Hope that works out as have photo's and stories to sell to the press. Only joking. The below poor picture was from their very first gig. They have all now grown at least a foot taller and are very good.

Well at least my wife wasn't asked what drugs she was taking, although at our age its mostly multi vitamins and cod liver oil tablets.

Update - 18:00 - Now feeling really old, Thomas has just received his National Insurance card. He asked if I had one and I had to say I had a number but not a nice plastic card, in my day it used to be printed on a post card. It was like talking about hieroglyphic written on parchment.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Day 122 (28/04/2010)

Gordon Brown, hahaha, what a complete tosser. Need I say more.

Update - 17:30 - Well it's a Wednesday and I am at home for a change but we are not having an Orange Wednesday as we are going to a club to hear a friends of Kelly in a band ( Dan plays on drums and strangely at college he is taught by an old friend, Stephen Ryan or The Rev Fetus Hammer to his music fans (

I have heard Tainted Orange a few times but my wife never has so we are going to see them tonight.

I think the last time I was in a club with my wife listen to a band was about 12 years ago. We had been stood up for too long in this stuffy club and my wife passed out and I had to drag her outside for some fresh air but was surrounded by bouncers asking me what drugs she had taken. They seemed unaware that sometimes people who stand up for hours get overheated and then fall down.

Update - 18:45 - oops!


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Day 121 (27/04/2010)

The sun is streaming in thru the office curtains and its only 8:00am. Oh to be by the sea with money and no work to do to appreciate this weather fully.

Well I suppose with global warming and the rise is sea levels if I stay here long enough I will be by the sea.

Well I suppose if we run out of power due to the politicians not thinking past the next election and so as a country we have no long term power / fuel strategy, so if I stay here long enough then I wont have any work to do as there wont be any electricity to run my business.

Now the money, think I might buy a few lucky dips this week.

Very bored of the election. Surely the old system had some merit. Two armies fight it out and the winner takes all. Either your happy you won or your dead.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Day 120 (26/04/2010)

Well it was lovely and sunny on Saturday when I was busy in the office then raining on Sunday when I was free. Hopefully it will stay nice today and I might escape for an hour to cut the grass as it's bin day tomorrow and I want to put the grass out to be collected, seeing as I have paid for this once free service.

I tried to cover up the scratch on my car but failed. I could show you the before and after photographs but they are the same.

I think the garage might notice and tell me that I have get it repaired before I return it at the end of the contract.

Update - 10:00 - I used a black permanent marker to colour in the scratches then wiped it off, which managed to make it stand out a bit less and nearly blend in if you weren't looking to carefully.

I got to the garage and reversed into a parking space, so when the lady came out to check my car, before accepting it into the garage, it wasn't that obvious.

She checked the car and it passed in perfect condition.

Update - 11:15 - The only problem with clients who have very important (well paid and will probably be in the press in a week or two) enquiries is that after I have given them the report, when they start doing their side of the enquiry is that they keep asking me things.

So far I have had over 5 calls in an hour including finding out the exchange rate for the Philippines Pesos.

Update - 19:45 - OK I got my car back and saw that she had marked down all the scratches on my car. Oh well must get it done before I return it.

When the garage phoned to say my car was ready they told me the tread on my front tyres was down to 2.0mm and that the legal minimum is 1.6mm and asked me if I want to have new ones put on. I did point out that as the tyres were safely still legal and would be for a while so it seemed a bit premature to change them now. Clearly I must of had "MUG" written on my forehead when I dropped the car of this morning.

Got home and the sun was still out. I have 1 report that must be done tonight and 3 or 4 that must be done tomorrow but felt I couldn't put off cutting the grass any longer.

OK the gardens looks rough and I must get it done this year but at least you can now get to the Washing Line without a machete.

Can I possibly get away with calling the garden my works relaxation area. I might possible add a wifi area and outside socket so I can work there. Might be worth a go, I will see what the accountant thinks.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day 118 & 119 (24 & 25/04/2010)

Glorious weather, the grass needs cutting and my car needs cleaning and a big scratch on the bumper needs covering before it goes in for a service on Monday; However I'm in my office with a few large urgent reports to do.

I'm might have to get a gardener or move.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Day 117 (23/04/2010)

In the office with things to do. The weather is looking good I will definitely cut the grass this weekend and might even get out on my bike.

I should add I am yet to eat all the chocolate I bought for lunch yesterday and left over £30 on the card which I am returning.

Next time they book me for a course I will pace myself and might even take my wife with me, so that would technically be taking her out for a meal.

Update - 16:30 - Just been asked by a client if I wanted to work in London with him for a couple of days next week. I thought about it for less than a second. The money would have been great and the last time he promised me quite an interesting bonus, one my wife wouldn't of appreciated.

However the only time I have left my office in the last few years to work was with him and it ended up like a scene in strange thriller of a film. There were a few interesting anecdotes and a few quid earned but I would rather not get directly involved with these things, so I told him I had a few commitments.

A lucky escape, plus if the weather stays nice I can still wear my shorts rather than having to put a suit on.

Update - 19:30 - Just had a political type knock at the door asking me if I wanted to discuss any of the issues. He tried to hand me some stuff but I said I would only put it in the bin (at least I'm recycling). To be fair I did say I would be voting for them at the election (which he was surprised at) but only as I feel guilty after years of spoiling my ballot paper. I must use my vote if only to stop people like the BNP, Labour and Conservative getting a higher percentage.

I would quite like someone from Labour or the Conservatives to knock at the door as it would be funny to laugh in their faces when they ask for my vote. They are all self serving scum. But if they are all in one place as least we know where they are.

Today I was looking at electric cars on the internet. There aren't many to choose from so I wont be getting one this year but probably will in a few years time.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Day 116 (22/04/10)

These computers are crap.

Hopefully they will have some new computers before I come back in August.

I did buy a few more things at lunch which I managed to bring home.

It was nice to catch up with a few people I hadn't seen for a while but I couldn't work in that environment all the time. It made me feel uneasy just being there. I managed to hide it well with my normal confident and friendly manner but I would rather just sit in my own office.

Any way another course done and now back to clear the stuff in the office.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Day 115 (21/04/10)

Well another day of slow crap computers.

I treated myself at lunch and got a few things to munch on for the drive home. Will still have about £40 left for lunch tomorrow so I may have to take a bag in with me and buy some extra stuff.

This is the view as I left the venue. Funny I remember the place being built, I now feel even older.

I keep bumping into people who think they haven't seen me for a while. I have to explain that I left 12 years ago and am just back for a few days. There are some good people here but things within the organisation do not look good. Some things never change. Glad I left and am only back for a few days.

Now to catch up on the work that has come in whilst I have been dong the course.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Day 114 (20/04/10)

Well I spent a day training at a place I used to work at.

Firstly it felt funny being back at a place I left 12 years ago, where I had some really good times but some really bad times. If nothing else when I saw people who I had known years ago and got told about other I had known, I realized how bloody old I am now. 12 years is a long time.

Anyway the computers were the oldest slowest bits of crap I have ever worked with.

I got a swipe card for lunch and was just told to be sensible. I got someone to check to see how much was on there and they have given me £50 for 3 days; however I only found this out after I had bought lunch, which was a cheap sandwich, crisp and drink. I think I might have to use all £50 on it just for a laugh. I could buy all their chocolate.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 113 (19/04/10)

What a glorious sunny day.

Still doing stuff for the course this week. Hope they appreciate the extra work I have put in. I doubt it.

When my wife went to work this morning her car, a Renault Scenic, sounded like an old London Taxi. I'm not a qualified mechanic but it sounds like something is wrong with it, she really should get it seen to. However I dare say she will tell me when it breaks down.

We had planned to go to New York on holiday this year but have just worked out the time that my wife has taken off from work for the holiday actually coincides with things that the kids have booked. Thomas has his School Prom & Kelly has her Film Night, where her course work is shown at a local cinema, along with other people on her course. Below is a photo from last years event, which wasn't fancy dress but Kelly and her friend decided to dress up.

So yet another year of disrupted family holidays due to the bloody kids. Saying that I will miss them when they don't want to go on holiday with us, but it will be nice to go at a cheaper time of year.

Thomas has now finished all of his photography course work. Well done mate. On the minus side he has printed out so much that my printer cartridges are already running low. This photography is costing me a fortune.

I have found a cheaper place to buy my cartridges which should save about £50 on a full set but when he prints out a few A4 photos full of colour or even lots of black for the moody black and white shots, I am tempted to just charge him a few quid.

Update - 10:00 - Just heard about the course I'm about to do. Most annoying. I billed and have been paid and have printed out stuff for 10 people to attend the course and they have decided to stick 11 people on it at the last minute.

As a punishment I am not not going to supply any sweets, let them starve.

Also contacted someone whose website service I recommend on my course, to ask if it was all right if I used a few slides from one of his presentations (which is online but password protected) but he doesn't want me to use his material.

I'm doing him a favour in recommending his website. I only talk about it for 10 minutes on a two day course and he charges people a lot of money to have an account on his website that I am recommending to people.

Sometimes you can see why in America stressed out people turn up at work with a gun and waste a few people who they hate. Really instead of saying how bad things are in America we should admire their restrain. If we had unrestricted gun ownership in the UK we would halve the population in a week.

Whilst typing this rant I have been phoned again and told it is now 12 people on the course and that means I now have to do more bloody laminates as I had only done enough for the course.

Have told them I will put up with 12 on the course this time but no more and that now I want a free lunch everyday (I actually said something much ruder but better not say that here).

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Day 111 & 112 (17 & 18/04/10)

The weekend is here the sun is out and I'm sat at my desk. I must get next weeks course done or there will be an embarrassing silence on the third day.

BTW I must cut the grass this weekend as I have not cut it this year.

Update - 20:30 - OK I didn't cut the grass I spent the weekend doing work stuff, but to be fair I watched a lot of Car Pool episodes on iTunes and have had a lovely dinner, not just any dinner but an M&S dinner. We had Muscles for starters, Paella for main and some apple-pie stuff for afters. Very nice as was the bottle of wine that I seem to have had far more than half of.

Now I must do some work before the course starts or its the Buckaroo on Wednesday.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Day 110 (16/04/10)

Got a few things to do but have to prepare for course next week.

Wouldn't normally be a problem but they have booked me for three days not the usual two, so I either speak a third slower than normal or think of some extra things to teach them.

Must go on-line and look for something fun to tell them about.

Update - 16:20 - Currently taken by Robert Llewellyn, him from Scrapyard Challenge & Red Dwarf( who does "Car Pool" on iTunes, where he interviews people whilst he drives them around, usually taking them shopping. Very good and very relaxed interviews, where you see people probably being themselves a bit more.

Must stop watching them and get some work done.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day 109 (15/04/10)

Back in the office and busy.

I had an unexpected email from an old friend today who I haven't spoken to for ages.

I am crap at being friends as I never keep in touch with close family and friends. If it wasn't for the computer I could be one of those people that dies and its not discovered for several years.

It is possible that Kelly would conceal my death as it would mean she got full time use of my car; however she would soon discover that the diesel fairy doesn't re-fuel the car when your sleeping.

Anyway it was nice to hear from my friend and I have now sent him a long rambling email of what I have been doing for the last few years. Strangely as well as being one of my closest friends he was also my boss. I never really got on with any of my bosses and it would be fair to say that I hated most of them.

During the 5+ years that Paul was my boss there were a number of times that perhaps I did things that weren't quite right (OK there were loads but whose counting) but he is such a good leader of men (and women) that he always gave me constructive advice that told me what I should do. I have nothing but total respect and love (not in a Brokeback Mountain way) for this man.

I did tell him about this blog so he might read this later and he will know that it is true (especially the bit about me hating all my other bosses and that I did plenty of things wrong).

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Day 108 (14/04/10)

Well another day in the classroom.

Honestly there were people in there earlier. They seemed to enjoy the course.

Nice long drive home. Stopped off at a services for healthy dinner of a BLT sandwich, worcestershire sauce flavoured crisps, a diet coke and a snickers bar.

Got home at about 9.30pm and had to do my blog clear me emails and time to relax.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day 107 (13/04/10)

Well the training went OK, but I got talked into visiting a local Indian Restaurant. Well to be fair I obviously didn't need too much convincing but was a bit disappointed.

Although it had a lovely selection on the pickle tray the rest was a bit average.

More large northern Naan's.

I think I might have been spoilt lately by some really lovely curry's.

A few bits of work to do then settle down in front of the telly, Jools Holland is back on but the reception for BBC2 is crap in the hotel.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Day 106 (12/04/10)

Up north, via Bolton for a meeting. Now in my cheap and crap hotel room.

I have already booked the hotel room for my next couple of courses, so the next time I book some hotel rooms I must book something a bit nicer.

I have got my roll-out keyboard, I think it will take a bit of getting used to,but more comfortable than using the netbook.

Update - 21:00 - Thought I would have a change from curry, so went for the burger &chips.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day 104 & 105 (10 & 11/04/10)

Up north again next week, so I have to do all the preparation for the course. Plus the following week I am doing a course down south but have to make a few alterations for the client. What a pain.

BTW I have now changed all the printer cartridges in my lovely printer. I should have enough ink for the next few weeks but always like to have spares in just in case. This is going to cost me a small fortune.

Update - Sat 16:00 - Got replacement cartridges for my printer.

£177 - I think you pay at least half of that for the packaging. Thank god (he doesn't exist) they last a lot longer than the cheaper ones.

Just done another couple of hundred laminates for the course, very hot and annoying.

Now to finish the course stuff and I might have a relaxing evening as everyone else is out.

Update - Sun 17:45 - Thomas really can't do anything wrong in the eyes of my parents. We went round there today for breakfast, as we do most Sundays, and they never mentioned his haircut once. I still get told off if I have anything strange done to my hair, which I haven't for over 10yrs.

Anyway a few things to get done today as up north first thing tomorrow.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Day 103 (09/04/10)

Kelly has told me that she needs my car today but I need to go into town and then go and get my haircut, so I have to take my wife to work in her car and then use her car and then pick her up from work.

If I had a dog I would now be barking myself to save it the bother.

Listening to Malcolm McLaren this morning, very sad that he has died. Unique and timeless music.

Update - 17:30 - Thomas's new haircut.

OK it does look like he has had surgery on the side of his head and everyone he walks past laughs at him but he is happy.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Day 102 (08/04/10)

Well had great time last night getting together with some close family for a curry and a chat.

Not great photo's as they were taken on my phone but you get the idea, we had loads of food and a nice relaxing time.

This morning has been hectic. I had to watch the final of Masterchef before going online and seeing the result, then decided to watch the new Dr Who, (Yes I'm that sad and geeky).

So now I can start working.

BTW already bored of all the election stuff on the telly. Seeing as all politicians are the same, why don't we just have a Harry Hill style "fight" to decide who gets to be PM.

Update - 18:00 - OMG Thomas has just come back from having his haircut. A slightly more extreme version of his previous cut. What will my parents and his headmaster say. Will try and get a photo later.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 101 (07/04/10)

Well more things to do but best off all we are off to Bristol this evening to see my mad artist brother, his lovely partner / wife (its hard to be politically correct, but she should be sainted for putting up with him anyway) and my cousin Laura and her husband Gareth and we are all going out for a curry.

Well a night at a fantastic Indian Restaurant with some people I love and enjoy being with.

I think tomorrows entry might have a few photo's in it.

As long as I don't get any more work in this week I should get on top of all of that as well.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day 100 (06/04/10)

Well a hundred days since I started my blog, so I should recap on my attempt to change my life is going;

loose wright / get fit - well I was really enjoying my cycling, even on cold days and had got to the stage where I was doing two circuits but I have been so busy that I have not seen my bike for around 6 weeks. I miss my gloves. Must try harder.

tidy the house and throw out the crap - well we have gone thru one or two boxes of stuff but it would be fair to say that during that time we have accumulated more crap. Must try harder.

write the stories in my head - well I was really enjoying the course but have had to miss half of it due to being away working. I will start writing anyway. Must try harder.

work life balance - well I have been so busy for the last few months my work life balance is once again completely wrong but you can't turn work down as the money is quite useful. I have another cunning plan to get someone to pay me lots to do less but I need a few things to work out which means I need to work hard for a little while longer. Even if I won the lottery I would end up working a bit as I would only get bored and doing what I do can be fun. I suppose the only good thing is that my wife and I go out on Orange Wednesdays, which has been nice. Must try harder.

So it would be true to say that nothing has quite worked out as I aimed as I am working too much which is getting in the way of doing what I want to do. Its a good job that driving less wasn't also part of my plan.

The only good thing is the company accounts have a few quid in them, now what do I need.

I have enjoyed my daily blog and will see how the next 100 days go.

Update - 12:00 - So the election has been called, so nothing but politicians on the telly for the next month telling us how they would do things. They are all the same, lying scum and I hate them all. I don't think that's too harsh, after all I hate loads of people but politicians are near the top of my list. I will vote but have no intention of listening to any of them.

I wonder which good songs they are going to ruin for a generation by adopting as their themes. I can't listen to D-Reams "things can only get better" as it was hi-jacked by the far-right, sorry new labour. Why don't they just pick something by Wagner and stop the pretence.

I hate politicans more than I hate driving and I really hate driving.

Still look on the bright side, Eugene Terreblanche is dead. Now that's what I call start. However if they are getting rid of awful political tyrants, why not do it alphabetically and start with Blair.

Probably won't get that government job now, oh well.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Day 99 (05/04/10)

Well yesterday I did my one report and then cooked a nice Sunday dinner for us and our friend Kim, who despite being told that she didn't have to bring anything brought with her;

home made lemon drizzle cake (very nice)
a couple bottles of wine (they will be drunk)
some flowers
lots of easter eggs (they have all been stated now)
and finally her annual easter competition, which was about 30 questions, most of which I wrote funny answers to and so lost. Some how my wife won, but took about half an hour to complete.

Anyway dinner was a nice retro prawn cocktail followed by a full Sunday roast, with a choice of beef or chicken (and chicken-less-chicken vegi option for Kelly), followed by individual cheese cakes. I cheated and bought the cheese cakes.

It was nice to have a proper Sunday roast again as for the last few weeks I have had to drive to work after dinner so had to have something quick and no wine.

I am not keen on religion (at all) but at least a few of them understand the fact that Sunday is a day where bread (which should be with dipping oil & balsamic) and a nice bottle of wine (white and dry, none of this cheap red stuff) is how people should celebrate a lazy family day.

So Monday now, will do one report then might go out and buy a freeview box with a recordable hard drive for the bedroom. The sky+ is full again only a month after I had to wipe the lot. It seems a metaphor for our house, its full of crap that nobody actually wants but we are not allowed to get rid of.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Day 97 & 98 (03 & 04/04/10)

Weekend here again and lots to do. Thomas has his girlfriend over today and Kelly is having her friends round tonight. We decided it was best to go out later, back to the Globe in Milverton, might have the slow cooked pork tonight.

Before then have to change the shower hose in the ensuite and do the taps in the Kitchen, so my dad is coming round to help (hopefully).

When I was out getting the taps popped into a few computer shops and bought some cool things for my netbook to use when I'm away. Some nice little speakers and a roll up keyboard. Hopefully the new keyboard will be more comfortable than using the one on the actual netbook. Failing that I might have wasted money on gadgets (again).

Update - Sun 10:00 - Went to the Globe last night (see the 31/01/10) had the muscles for starters, WOW (I had already eaten two before taking the photograph).

I had the pork for the main whilst the wife went for the guinea fowl, again very nice.

And the sticky toffee pudding was so light (unlike me).

Friday, 2 April 2010

Day 96 (02/04/10)

I had arranged to go out for as a family for a curry night at a local pub which we like, but we got stood up by Thomas.

I remembers those days when you first start going out with someone and want to spend all of your time with your new girlfriend. He's over at her house all the time and we have not actually met here.

He is either really private or just embarrassed by one of his parents. I think that's a bit off as my wife isn't that bad.

Anyway we are all off for a few days and will do a few things around the house. Well I have arranged for my dad to come over and change a broken tap.

I am aiming to just do one report a day to get on top of things, so not a complete rest.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Day 95 (01/04/10)

Richard Herring was really funny last night and what a nice guy.

If you are confused by his Hitler Mustache, thats the theme of his show.

A new month with loads to do, looking forward to a few days off.

I must book our holiday. I've been saying that for over a month now, I must get it booked or it will be Tenerife again.

Anyway work to do.

Update - 16:45 - Still not done any paid work but sent out all of my invoices for last month and did some bits and pieces. Got asked to do some more training in Bournemouth which is a lot nearer than York.

Might all go out for a curry tonight and will take my wife out on Saturday for our belated Orange Wednesday.