Saturday, 30 April 2016

Day 2315 & 2316 (30/04 & 01/05/2016)

I got up early and went out and picked up a new printer (I could have claimed on the warranty but it was only £65 and I would have spent ages arguing about it, so couldn't be bothered). I bought exactly the same printer as last time as I had only bought a load of spare printer cartridges the other week.

I also bought a new tablet, as if I'm spending a long time abroad I think I should sign up for Netflix.

My wife made some nice pancakes for breakfast.

It's a new month already, so time for a new Kylie picture.

A bit different but still lovely, nearly as lovely as my wife :-)

Did a nice starter with parma ham & baked halloumi.

And a nice roast lamb for dinner :-)

Day 2314 (29/04/2016)

I'm starting to get better but still so much work and so little time to do it.

Annoyingly I was preparing for last weeks course and my printer started playing up.

I got sent some photos from one of last weeks presentations.

My business partner wants me in the office in Romania, so I have had to book 11days in Bacau for when we get back from out Anniversary / Birthday break. He wanted me for three weeks but I have never been away from my wife for longer than two weeks over the last 30yrs and don't want to start now, as the idea was I would be home more, not less.  

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Day 2313 (28/04/2016)

Still not feeling great but having to do some work as am way behind in what I should have done and I'm away next week :-(

Day 2312 (27/04/2016)

Still feeling like crap but had to go out as I had arranged to pick up my new car.

It's quite nice. My wife think it's quite sporty but I only bought it because it smaller, slower and cheaper than my last car, so hardly a mid-life crises.

Glad that Lee has a new little friend.

Day 2311 (26/04/2016)

Still feeling like crap and hardly able to work but have so much on :-(

Day 2310 (25/04/2016)

Monday was a very early start as I had to be in Gloucester for a days training.

It was a fairly long day and I was full of a cold and collapsed at home afterwards.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Day 2308 & 2309 (23 & 24/04/2016)

I could really do with the weekend off but have loads to do as have some training on Monday, for which I have to supply the laptops etc.

Made a nice fish & spinach lasagne with creamed carrots on Sunday.

It was quite nice.

Day 2307 (22/04/2016)

Had a nice breakfast in Liverpool.

Then gave a short presentation that was fairly well received, even though I was suffering with my cold (man flu).

Then I had a walk over to the historic Albert Docks.

Met these four lads :-)

Then had a meeting about doing some courses on the Isle of Man and a nice club sandwich.

Then a drive back, which started in lovely hot sunshine and finished in cold wet rain.

By the time I got home I was knackered and full of a cold.

Day 2306 (21/04/2016)

A busy morning and then a drive to Birmingham to give a talk. I like Birmingham (and would spend more time there but for my utter hatred of the local police). On the way to the venue I past by one on the Antony Gormley sculptures, which are surprisingly big.

The event was in the main council house, and I gave my talk in the main chamber building,

 it felt like I should have been passing a law at the very least.

Then a long drive to Liverpool, during which it was announced the Prince had died. What an absolute shocker. He was brilliant n so many levels, song writer, singer, performer, actor. I know it might seem crap and very 80's but I always love Purple Rain, a brilliant film and a brilliant soundtrack.

I love "When Doves Cry" a brilliant song and "Nothing Compares 2 U" song by Sinead O'Connor is just so haunting, showing his skill as a writer. His SuperBowl show is worth a watch (even thou the weather was awful and this isn't a great video).  

This year has been awful for lovely and talented people dying, far too young, whilst utter cunts like Blair & Cameron still live on in good health.

Arrived in Liverpool and found that the hotel was opposite the Liver Building, the iconic building from the start of "The Liver Birds".  


The hotel was quite nice.

 And the food was very tasty.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Day 2305 (20/04/2016)

I'm full of a cold and feeling like crap but have so much work to do.

Plus it continues to be an awful year for talented lovely people dying far too young, with the tragic death of Victoria Wood.

As well as being a fantastic comic and actress she was a wonderful writer, it would be hard to pick something that she appeared in that wasn't brilliant.

Very sad.

Day 2304 (19/04/2016)

An early start as we had an appointment at the dentists, then breakfast out as a treat.

I started to come down with a cold so didn't feel like the gym, plus my limbs were still aching. Then in the evening we went out with Gary & Elaine for a Chinese, which was very nice.

We haven't really seen them for ages and always enjoy an evening out with them.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Day 2303 (18/04/2016)

A busy day in the office and then off to the gym. 10minutes on the exercise bike, a few weights, 10minutes on the cross trainer and then a few sit-ups.

Then a round with the punch-bag to The Flood by Take That and then 10minutes in the pool with a few minutes in a jacuzzi to try to get some life back in to my aching limbs :-(

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Day 2301 & 2302 (16 & 17/04/2016)

A busy weekend, when I actually managed to do some work but I still have plenty to do.

I bought my wife some flowers; I just don't arrange them as well as she does but at least this way they don't wait in the utility room for a few days.

Did a nice dinner on Sunday as my wife was only doing a short shift :-)

Did a nice starter but I perhaps should use the adults plates.

Day 2300 (15/04/2016)

I managed to go swimming everyday this week and will most likely make it upstairs into the actual gym next week. I will build up to where I was, so may just do some cycling, some light weights and then have a swim for a few weeks before spending an hour in the gym trying to burn off some fat.

Talking about burning off some fat we went to Dave's surprise 55th Birthday party in the evening, where there was a very tasty hog roast.

It was very tasty but I may have had a pork overload.

Day 2299 (14/04/2016)

Still busy but not really doing much.

Went for a swim in the afternoon.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Day 2298 (13/04/2016)

A busy day as in the morning the maintenance man came round to replace the fence panels that had blown down a month ago.

He is a good chap and always does a grand job.

Then a soon as he was finished I was off to another blood donor session.

I had a few custard creams and bourbons but no chocolate clubs this time.

Spent the evening doing a little bit of work but mostly recovering.

Day 2297 (12/04/2016)

I had a lovely breakfast with my wife. I really enjoy being home and sharing these moments, like out Tuesday morning breakfasts.

No time to go swimming and my knee was still hurting.

Then Ann our cleaner was here and then just time for dinner before I went out with the other woman in my life to see the other man in my life.

So me and Sam met up with Gareth & Laura to see Richard Herring.  

It was a fun show, which was recorded for his DVD but the seats were really uncomfortable (or I have grown out sideways again).

I stayed to buy some DVD's I probably already have a a photo :-)


Day 2296 (11/04/2016)

I'm still not in the mood for work, I really should have retired but I am now the Director of another company, with staff in Romania, so will probably have to work for at least another 3 years.

At least we might make enough money to retire to a decent house in Rottingdean.

At lunchtime I went to see about a new car as I have to give mine back soon. I wanted something smaller, so it would be slower but wanted it to have a few toys and be comfortable, so went for an ex-demonstrator with leather option and a camera at the rear for parking.

It's very small but its big enough for me, and it's rare that anyone else gets in my car.

I missed step at the garage and hurt my knee. I still managed to go to the gym for a swim but it really hurts :-(