Saturday, 23 April 2016

Day 2306 (21/04/2016)

A busy morning and then a drive to Birmingham to give a talk. I like Birmingham (and would spend more time there but for my utter hatred of the local police). On the way to the venue I past by one on the Antony Gormley sculptures, which are surprisingly big.

The event was in the main council house, and I gave my talk in the main chamber building,

 it felt like I should have been passing a law at the very least.

Then a long drive to Liverpool, during which it was announced the Prince had died. What an absolute shocker. He was brilliant n so many levels, song writer, singer, performer, actor. I know it might seem crap and very 80's but I always love Purple Rain, a brilliant film and a brilliant soundtrack.

I love "When Doves Cry" a brilliant song and "Nothing Compares 2 U" song by Sinead O'Connor is just so haunting, showing his skill as a writer. His SuperBowl show is worth a watch (even thou the weather was awful and this isn't a great video).  

This year has been awful for lovely and talented people dying, far too young, whilst utter cunts like Blair & Cameron still live on in good health.

Arrived in Liverpool and found that the hotel was opposite the Liver Building, the iconic building from the start of "The Liver Birds".  


The hotel was quite nice.

 And the food was very tasty.

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