Friday, 29 November 2013

Day 1434 (29/11/2013)

Work, swim & a steam, I recognising a pattern to my life.

I was hoping for a easy weekend, and a chance to rake up some more leaves in the garden but I've been inundated with reports again and have next weeks course to prepare for.

After an incredibly long loosing streak at Scrabble I have had a few good victories lately and a new high score.

It's just a shame that I don't really have any clue what half the words mean and can only do the numbers round when we watch Countdown.

Finally got my blog up to date after complaints from two regular readers.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Day 1433 (28/11/2013)

Lots of work but when I went to the gym the pool was full so I just had a steam & a jacuzzi.

Off to my mum & dads for dinner tonight with an old family friend, which will be nice.

I've been approached to take part in a TV series for Channel 4 about Social Networking sites. I've said I don't mind taking part but don't want to appear on camera (for a mixture of professional reasons and the fact that I'm fat & scruffy) which they have taken as a reason to make my role more secretive and asked me if I would do it in a mask.

I have said this just makes it sound too pervy but I'm sure we can work something out, like not filming me at all but whilst talking about masks I do like the use by Anonymous of the V For Vendetta mask.

A very strong image of public strength and a fight for the freedoms we once had.

Day 1432 (27/11/2013)

I seem to have lots of work on again which is a pain as I like having not much on but do find the money useful.

For a change had a swim and a jacuzzi today.

It was an Orange Wednesday so we went to see Gravity, which was fun, then we had a hot apple-pie from McDonalds afterwards but again had to wait 10 minutes for out fast food.

Day 1431 (26/11/2013)

Still full from last night.

Work interrupted by a swim & a steam, going well but I must actually go up stairs to the the gym soon.

Did my fatherly duty by refueling the kids cars and then topping up the washer bottles with winter washer.

Kelly went back to Brighton this evening which was sad as it was really nice having her back home but she will grow living there and stands a much better chance of having the career she wants.

Day 1430 (25/11/2013)

Haircut & work then out to meet up with Gary & Elaine, for Kelly's Birthday.

We went to Cosmo an all you can buffet from around the world which Gary & Elaine had been to & recommended a few weeks earlier.

It is one of the best restaurants of this type I've ever been too and I've been to a few. The food was great and the sweats, well a massive bowl of Eton Mess was always going to win me over (twice).

Then back to Gary & Elaine's for some tea but no cake as we were a bit full.

Day 1428 & 1429 (23 & 24/11/2013)

Kelly came home for her 22nd Birthday, how the years have flown by.

It was nice to have her home and spend time with her, in between her seeing Dr Who at the cinema and seeing her friends.

My wife had arranged a great Birthday Cake for her, obviously Dr Who themed.

The Tardis even had a working flashing light on top.

Thomas had a busy weekend doing a few football matches and getting a few publications. Got a photo from Leicesters website in which he is in the background, looking good.


Day 1427 (22/11/2013)

Work & gym, looking forward to Kelly coming home for the weekend for her birthday.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day 1426 (21/11/2013)

It cold, wet & freezing and I have a cold, well obviously its not a cold its flu.

I can't wait until next summer.

Busy doing stuff in the office, I went to the gym but the pool was busy so I just had a nice rest in the steam room.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day 1425 (20/11/2013)

An early start for a meeting but the man I was meeting phoned to say he was going to be late, so I stopped off for a service station breakfast; honestly just to kill time.

Then to the Bristol Hilton for a meeting, over a pot of tea.

The meeting was interesting as it was with the investigating officer for my complaint about The College Of Policing. I'm hopping that this might help bring an end to the whole incident as I'm getting tired of arguing with the Police and spending my time fighting these battles. He seems genuine and full of common sense, I just hopes that he finds the evidence, so he can highlight the obvious.

After the meeting I went for a swim & a steam then back to the office to do some work.

Day 1424 (19/11/2013)

Nice to be back at home but an early morning as my wife's car had to go to the garage for a service.

Had a swim & a steam and managed some work but still loads to catch up on after being away.

Day 1423 (18/11/2013)

A very very early morning to get from East London to West London but I made it in plenty of time and was early enough to grab a very nice breakfast at a lovely cafe near to Kew Underground called the Pagoda.

Then a days presenting for a very interesting bunch from the The National Archives & The Cabinet Office. I think it would be fair to say that some of them don't meet many people like me. I wouldn't mind work their as its a lovely place.

Then on the train to go home, so went for a take away Mexican.

It was as underwhelming as all the others I have had from The Burrito Bar, so I don't know why I go there.

Day 1421 & 1422 (16 & 17/11/2013)

In London for the weekend for two reasons. Firstly I'm running a two day Web Investigator training course for The Centre Of Investigative Journalism at The City University London.

The class is quite mixed and international, which means its a bit slower than normal due to the language issues. Its embarrassing that all these foriegners speak such good English and I struggle with my own language.

I must remember to take some proper pens and board cleaner with to these events, as this was after I cleaned the board.

Anyway the course went well and they all seemed very happy.

Then in the evening I had got some tickets to see some comedy shows in London. On the Saturday I saw Christian Reilly, who is quite funny and was part of the AIOTM team with Richard Herring.

Then on the Sunday night I met up with Kelly to see Richard Herring well I haven't seen him for ages.

Obviously it was nice to catch up with Kelly & Richard as its been too long since I have seen either.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Day 1420 (15/11/2013)

Loads to do as off to London but still found time for a swim & a steam.

The train was a 15 minutes later arriving at the station which was annoying but as the free tea trolley was still in operation it was bearable.

Unfortunately by the time we arrived in London the train was nearly an hour late, so by the time I arrived at the hotel the restaurant was closed, so no dinner for me.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Day 1419 (14/11/2013)

I'm busy preparing for my long weekend in London, doing a two day course on Saturday & Sunday then doing a one day session on Monday.

I hate being away but it should be slightly bearable as I have booked in to see a couple of comedy shows.

Back at the gym for quite a long swim & steam to cleans my body of a kebab I may have eaten last night (OK I did eat one and it was very nice).

Day 1418 (13/11/2013)

A slightly busy day which left me no time to go to the gym as in the evening I went to see Sean Lock with Sam in Bristol.

Our seats at the Hippodrome were a bit squashed, so I can only assume that the Victorians were very small, which sort of proves evolution, or at least better diets and medical improvements.

Sean Lock was very funny and slightly reminiscent of Harry Hill.

Day 1417 (12/11/2013)

Doing work and went to the gym. OK it was just a short swim but I'm getting back into the swing of things.

In the evening we went to see One Chance at the cinema, the James Corden film about Paul Potts. It was quite funny and a nice little film.

Afterwards we went for a drive-thru McDonalds but we couldn't quite have what we wanted as they had no chicken burgers, no milkshakes and the apple pies weren't cooked, so we had to wait for 10 minutes. Fast food my arse.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Day 1416 (11/11/2013)

I went to the gym again today for a swim & steam (sounds like surf & turf which would be nice).

On the way back I bought some nice smoked mackerel & watercress for a lovely late lunch.

Quite a bit of work as have a fairly busy week, with the cinema tomorrow with my wife, then Sean Lock on Wednesday with Sam and away for a few days in London from Friday evening.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day 1414 & 1415 (09 & 10/11/2013)

Finishing off some work then in the afternoon it was dry enough to tidy the garden for the winter.

Swept up all the leaves & things,

And I put the winter covers on a few delicate plants.

It was harder than dressing action-man when they brought in the realistic gripping hands.

It started raining so I nearly finished but its looking tidier but a but dull for the winter.

Update - Sunday 20:30 - Managed to cut the grass today.

It was too wet to do it really and I was sinking into the ground, which was very sponge like, but it had to be done as I won't be out there until the spring.

Made a nice Salmon dinner today.

The honey roast carrots and hollandaise sauce with prawns were the high-point.

Day 1413 (08/11/2013)

Nicely managing to keep on top of my work so I thought I should head back to the gym for the first time in a long long time.

When I got to the gym all I could smell was from the neighbouring Indian restaurant and the chip shop opposite. It took a lot of will power to just get into the gym, where I went for a swim, to ease myself bag into it.

On the way home if the chip shop had been opened I would have bought some, as I really fancied a chip sandwich but luckily they weren't, so I had a cheese & apple sandwich, then a sleep.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Day 1412 (07/11/2013)

Just plodding along doing my work enjoying being at home.

We went out to Zizzi for dinner last night (just for a change).

Very nice.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Day 1411 (06/11/2013)

It is a great shame for a number of reasons that our local theater has closed but the theater at Yeovil has a very good  program for the coming year, so I bought some tickets for me and my wife to see, Suggs, Jason Manford and Dave Gorman, all for next year.

Looking forward too seeing Sean Lock next week in Bristol with Sam.

With Thomas away with his friends in Bournemouth and Kelly back in Brighton, the house is a bit more quiet than normal. A taste of things to come but I doubt Thomas will ever move out as his mother makes life far too comfortable for him.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 1410 (05/11/2013)

We had a lovely evening & Chinese with Gary & Elaine for Gary's Birrthday.

The food and company was great.

It was really nice that this coincided with Kelly being home for a few days before going back to Brighton.

Doing work but I must write my next batch of articles for the Police Oracle website.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Day 1409 (04/11/2013)

Thomas is going off to Bournemouth for a few days on a boys jolly.

Time for work then time for a Chinese later.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Day 1407 & 1408 (02 & 03/11/2013)

The weekend here and it will be really nice to have Kelly home for a few days.

I shall be taking a few hours for family time.

My wife had made Kelly a marble cake.

Then we had a Birthday Cake for my much older brother.

It was a bit rushed but I had to make a proper roast on Sunday for Kelly. She had her normal but we had a quite nice pan cooked pork in a apple & age gravy.

Day 1406 (01/11/2013)

So Micky Flanangan was fantastic and the place which was packed were mad for him.

Strangely Micky Flanangan being a very London comic reminded me very much of Mike Reid but not in a completely negative way.

Si it was a late night by the time I got home, followed by an early stat As I was helping Thomas who was doing a paid assignment, by driving him around to various locations to to photographs of a bus for a large conference later in the year.

Then back to the office to catch up with stuff.