Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 428 (28/02/2011)

I forgot to take a picture of yesterdays curry but is was very nice, will be finishing it of later.

I can't believe that it's the last day of February already, the year is flying by.

Update - 16:55 - Damn, I have to leave in 2 hrs and haven't even done the presentations yet. Mad rush.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 426 & 427 (26 & 27/02/2011)

Heard Get Better by Scroobius Pip this on the radio this morning. You must check it out on YouTube.

Why don't they play thing like this instead of Party Political Broadcasts. He speaks more sense in his lyrics than any politician I have heard for the last 20yrs.

Nearly up to date with my work, then I can start preparing for my presentations & courses.

Update - Sun 15:00 - Still not booked a room for tomorrow night or done the presentations for Tuesday & Wednesday. I have done a lot of preparations for he courses coming up and printed off most of the materials and put it in the poly-pockets and zippy packets.

We are having curry later, can't wait for Mr Pix girlfriend to arrive, then we can have dinner. I bought the sauces but have added a few things and it tastes great. Having a Chicken Korma and a Lamb Rogan-Josh, with all the other bits & pieces. Will add a photo later.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 425 (25/02/2011)

The other month I did two training courses in two weeks and felt knacked. I said to me wife, "well I won't do that again".

Today I got a call from an old friend who I did some courses for last year, who works for a government agency and has been loosing staff all year due to the cut backs. They have money left in the external training budget which must be used by April, so he has arranged two courses with me next month.

So in March I am doing three courses in three weeks, plus giving three other presentations.

So it will be my most profitable month ever but I think I might have to lock myself away in a darkened room for a few days afterwards.

I am not complaining, I know I am lucky to have a job but just need to alter my work life balance.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 424 (24/02/2011)

Paul was very good last night but I think I will have to get the DVD and watch the commentary to understand all the "in jokes", though I got a few.

Had my hair cut today as I am busy over the next few weeks.

I am already getting bored and pissed off with the news coverage of William and Kate. I may go away for the wedding or just join a protest. It's about time the world grew up and individuals weren't given titles and roles just through an accident of birth. We should follow the example of the middle rest and get rid of these royal families and dictatorships.

And whilst I am on that, why are the Banks now seizing Gaddafi's assets. He has been a murdering dictator for the last 30+ years. What's Changed. They shouldn't have been doing business with him.

I blame Blair, OK its not all his own fault but lets blame him anyway.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Day 423 (23/02/2011)

Golly, I happen to mention on Facebook yesterday that I had paid my VAT and felt like crying. Yes I am very grateful that I have a job in the current climate & I know you only pay lots of tax if you earn lots.

I'm still glad I made the point, even though it got a few more responses than I had intended. There was, as always, a reason why I made the comment on Facebook. I wanted someone in particular to read it as it might gee them up on paying me for some work I did for them. I m a cunning devil, or something close.

However it is annoying that small business have to pay all their bills on time.

If I was an international telecoms company I would just have lunch with my mate who runs the revenue and he would then see my side as to why I shouldn't pay a shed load of tax.

If I was a football club I would not pay my tax for a year or two, them come to an arrangement with the tax man so I only paid a smaller percentage of it.

But I'm neither, so I wave good-bye to large chunks of cash, to a government that wastes billions.

Still on the bright side its Orange Wednesday and we are hoping to see Paul tonight.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Day 422 (22/02/2011)

Had a lovely time last night at Sands Restaurant.

Enjoyed ourselves so much only remembered to take 2 photos.

It is always nice meeting up with my brother and his wife / partner, I enjoy the time spent just chatting more than the food (and I really enjoy the food part).

Saw some of his recent art pieces, hopefully he can get another show together soon.

Hoping to stay on top of my work, so have to go.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Day 421 (21/02/2011)

The poet from the other nights Exhibition Of The Teenager was Clive Birnie and you can see videos of his performance at his channel on YouTube.

Going to the Sands Restaurant tonight with my brother & his wife / partner, looking forward to it.

Now to get a head start on todays work.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day 419 & 420 (19 & 20/02/2011)

If I wasn't working all weekend I would definitely go and see Paul, hopeful it will still be at the cinema on Orange Wednesday.

Update - Sat 21:00 - Finished the reports, now for a shower then I can relax.

Update - Sun 20:15 - Lovely dinner today.

Starters - rocket salad, with figs, halloumi cheese, parma ham, with balsamic dressing.

Main - roast pork & crackling, roast potatoes, carrots & curly kale.

Afters - eton mess.

Very nice but not quite up to the standard of our meal away this week. Now to send a few emails before sitting down for the night.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Day 418 (18/02/2011)

Last night we went to the opening of The Exhibition Of The Teenager.

There were some great poems and bands. More photos curtesy of Mr Pix are here.

Got about half of my work done today, so will be busy over the weekend as well.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 417 (17/02/2011)

OMFG what a lovely place The ABode Hotel in Exeter is, and the food, wow wow F**KING wow.

An old style hotel with a nice view of the Cathedral from our rooom.

With lovely modern comfortable rooms.

We went for the Taster Menu, which was fantastic, we also shared the wine, so had a different glass of wine with each of the seven courses, plus the Champagne "Sloe Potion" Cocktail which came with an Appetiser of an Smoked Salmon Mousse and Garlic Amuse-Bouche.

Then it was the Tartar Of Marinated Tuna.

I wont bother describing the food or the wine it was all just to die for apart from the red wine, which was OK and went well with the food but we are just not big red wine fans.

Then the Comffe Of Duck Liver.

Then the Slow Poached Brill and the Local Loin Of Venison.

Then the Selection Of Local Chesses and the Carpaccio Of Pineapple with Mango & Lime Sorbet.

Then to finish off with a Dark Chocolate Petit Pot, with Orange Foam & Orange Madelene and Coffee & Petit Fours.

And believe it or not the breakfast was great as well.

Then home to our normal lives.

OK diet and exercise will resume soon.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day 416 (16/02/2011)

Up early to try and do a report or two before going away for 24hrs this afternoon. I am looking forward to relaxing in a nice hotel with my wife and having a fantastic meal.

Enjoyed Jeremy Hardy last night but why do audiences think that a comedy show is a two way conversation. We paid to listen to him not people trying to be funny. So I was a bit glad that within 2 minutes he had shouted at a woman to "Shut the F**K Up, It's Not About You" or similar.

A bit of his material was the same as last time but he is clearly worried about getting old as he kept saying how old he is and that his body is stopping working at his age and that his friends are dieing off blah blah blah, then he said he was 49. Well 49 isn't that old and only slightly old than me.

I think he must be worried about being 50 but why, when you are in your 40's you know that you are going to be 50 soon or dead. So surely being 50 is the better of the two, unless you are actually very ill and in a lot of pain.

It would be different if he was about to become a pensioner, which nowadays isn't actually that old anyway.

I still think of myself as being a fit 18year old with his life in front of him who can achieve anything. It is only when I look in a mirror, think about it or go to get up or reach for something that I am brought back into reality.

Actually the reality is I am now middle aged, with half my life in front of me but I can still achieve anything albeit at a slower pace and in larger clothes.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 415 (15/02/2011)

Up early but Mr Pix wasn't well so he went back to bed.

As usual I have loads of work to do but I have a very full diary this week, so has less time to do the work.

Valentines day yesterday, so spent the evening with my wife. Tonight it's Jeremy Hardy at the local thearter. Wednesday me and the wife are having a night away and a nice meal. Thursday is the opening of Kelly's show. I have to see Paul at the cinema and arrange to go out for a Moroccan meal with my brother and his wife.

Oh were does the time go and BTW I still don't seem to have a degree.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 414 (14/02/2011)

Early start, taking Mr Pix to the train station then off to Portsmouth University for a meeting.

The meeting went well but there was a point when one of the men I was speaking to said "You have got a first haven't you" so I said "A first what" and he said "Your degree, it is a first class degree isn't it" I don't really have to carry on with the story but I laughed and said "No".

We worked something out, which was fine by me but you could tell he was upset not to speaking to an academic equal but why when talking to me would anyone think that I have a degree, I barely have any CSE's and don't hide the fact. I did feel like saying give me an honorary degree then I will be qualified but it seemed that wrong time.

Anyway hopefully that meeting will pay off this year and give me a bit of stability.

Home now and time to do some work before a relaxing evening with my wife.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day 412 & 413 (12 & 13/02/2011)

Its 10:30am and I can't believe that I have been sat at my computer for over an hour and not actually done any paid work yet.

I have done my emails and accounts and also applied to be on an internet advisory board (I know, I have so much free time I thought might as well take up a non-paid position).

Now to get some of these reports done as I am off to a University on Monday to discuss doing some work for them and then I am going away for a day with my wife on Wednesday.

Update - Sunday 19:45 - I've not done as much work today as I wanted but it is compulsory to have wine on a Sunday with dinner, which was a bit like an anti-pasta picnic.

Time for a quick shower then the BAFTA's.

Off to Uni tomorrow to discuss courses.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Day 411 (11/02/2011)

I was just close to nearly catching up with my work and had more sent in but can't complain as will be spending money enjoying myself over the next few weeks.

Time for lunch (3pm) as I'm starving.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Day 410 (10/02/2011)

Back in the office and no headache today but loads of work.

Forgot to add on the way back yesterday I felt unwell so stopped off to sleep at a service station and someone reversed into me, which woke me up but thankfully there was no damage to my car.

Update - 16:00 - Not actually done any paid work yet but sorted out my office a bit.

Just booked a room and a table for me and my wife at Michael Caines in Exeter for next week, so no Orange Wednesday but a night of food and relaxing. I can't wait, it will be nice to have a day off and relax with my wife.

Must get all of my work done now.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day 409 (09/02/2011)

Home at least, its been a long and tiring day.

I had a headache all afternoon and I could have done without working or driving but the money comes in useful and its so nice to be home and to know that I will be back in my own bed in a couple of hours.

The course was OK but rushed and there were a few people there that were more suited to pen & paper rather than computers but there was a couple that got it.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day 408 (08/02/2011)

The course was OK today but it seems very rushed doing it in 2days after doing it over 3days last week.

I got back to the hotel and thought I would just lie on the bed for 5 minutes before getting on with some reports and then woke up a few hours later. I did intend to have a quick meal then get on with my reports but I ended up speaking to some of the guys on the course and only left after 10:30pm so think I will be even further behind in my work.

Oh well.

Looking forward to getting back home tomorrow.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Day 407 (07/02/2011)

OMFG how early was I up this morning, to get ready and pack the car so I was ready to go straight after I took Mr Pix to the train station.

Then just a short 240 mile drive up north and I was giving a presentation. Then The Legacy Hotel in Preston for this weeks course. I booked in under a meal deal, so got a bottle of wine and a three course meal included in my daily rate.

The wine went down well.

as did the Pate starters.

And the Pork & Crackling.

and the Apple Pie & Cream for afters.

now to do an evenings work in 30minutes with a fuzzy head :-)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day 405 & 406 (05 & 06/02/2011)

Hardly a weekend off, I haven't even bothered unpacking my bag. Got next weeks stuff to prepare and was supposed to be seeing John Shuttleworth tonight but am to busy.

After next week life will be a bit easier for a few weeks and we can have another Orange Wednesday and go out for a few meals.

Update - Sun 18:00 - Just got a few more things to print off and do for tomorrow so decided against finishing the wine with my dinner, slow cooked lamb, very nice.

Staying in a nice hotel this week and have paid for meals in the restaurant in advanced, so hoping they will be nice.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Day 404 (04/02/2011)

I can't believe I am only home for 3 days and then back up north. I have so much to do :-(

It's going to be a busy weekend, with loads to do and a course and a presentation to prepare for.

Update - 20:00 - Feeling stuffed after a lovely big Chinese, belatedly seeing in the new Chinese new year.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Day 403 (03/02/2011)

Last day of the course about to start then a long drive home. Then back up here on Monday. BTW did I mention I hate driving.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 402 (02/02/2011)

Second day of the course and the machines aren't playing up so much.

Can't quite decide about dinner yet, might have the same as last night.

Update - 22:00 - OK it was predictable, I went for the curry.

Missing my Orange Wednesday for the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to getting back home for a couple of days.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Day 401 (01/02/2011)

Doing my usual course up north. I was speaking to one of the students, who I thought was a few years younger than me but not that much younger, than I realized I worked with his father about 18years ago. How old do I feel now. I think I might have a drink and cry into it later.

The course went better this time as it is now three days and not two but the machines have been playing up. Why can't things just work the way they are supposed to.

Looking forward to my dinner, can't decide between the fish & chips or steak & chips.

Update - 20:00 - OK went for the steak & chips, very nice.