Friday, 28 June 2013

Day 1280 (28/06/2013)

I'm in need of my holiday.

In 12hrs time I must leave the house but I'm still sat at my computer, having not even got the case out of the loft.

At least Thomas is in the Guardian, again.

And even Kelly is excited and happy for the future.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 1279 (27/06/2013)

Still incredibly busy but I've had to spend/waste time trying to sort out someones laptop because they never F**KING listen.

When I retire from doing all of this stuff I will get rid of all of my computers and never touch a keyboard again, so when someone tries to lumber me with having to sort out their computer again I can just say NO F**KING SORT IT OUT YOURSELF.

This is actually a much calmer version of what I was thinking but there are times when people don't appreciate how calm and patient I am; otherwise I would quite easily unleash a torrent of abuse they wouldn't believe but they were so F**KING close today.

Just because I work on computers doesn't mean I know how every bit of software works and just because I work for myself from home doesn't mean I'm always free.

Counts to ten and thinks about applying for a shotgun licence.

God (he doesn't exist) I need a holiday.

Day 1278 (26/06/2013)

Busy busy day catching up with everything before going away on Saturday.

Day 1277 (25/06/2013)

Great night watching Richard Herring in RHLSTP.

Busy hot day giving a talk to staff from Global Witness, which went quite well; although they may have been a bit surprised by my quite relaxed style.

Then a hot journey on the underground. I hadn't eaten all day so had some lovely bagels on the way home.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 1276 (24/06/2013)

Yesterday was a bit of a funny day.

I hate going away but end up having to work away from home most months; whereas my wife never stays away. But yesterday she went to Brighton with Kelly, flat hunting, for a couple of days. It was really strange being at home overnight without her. I might have to ban her from doing this again.

I'm on my way to London now, so Thomas is now alone in the house for a couple of days but I'm sure he will just be catching up with his sleep and wont be affected like some West Country Macaulay Culkin.

Looking forward to seeing Richard Herring tonight and then to my holiday at the weekend. I really feel in need of the rest away from work and to relax in the sun with my wife.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 1274 & 1275 (22 & 23/06/2013)

A very busy weekend as I have a few big reports that I'm doing at the moment and I'm going to London next week, which I still haven't prepared for.

We had a nice Chinese on Saturday as a treat, as it has been a bit of a rarity for us to all be together lately. Thankfully when it arrived it was just in the one box.

It does for dinner for a couple of days but it does look bad when it arrives in two cardboard boxes.

When Kelly goes to Brighton evenings like this will be very rare and probably just a memory, which is sad but I'm happy for her, as I think it will help her grow as a person and if anything she needs to look further a field than just the South West to do her arty theatre stuff.

Thomas is at the ICC Final today in Birmingham and has enjoyed the last few weeks; hopefully this will set him up for his career. I have been quite impressed that he has got up so early for so many mornings.

Luckily for him he is working in Taunton this weeks so can have more of a lie-in.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 1273 (21/06/2013)

Busy day.

We had a new television delivered as we rent ours (don't ask why) and were told our is old and too small so they wanted to send us a newer larger one at no extra cost.

Golly it is quite a bit bigger, I don't even need to wear my glasses.

Then out for a haircut, did the recycling and then went to the gym for the fifth day on the trott.

Day 1272 (20/06/2013)

Normal routine, working in the office going to the gym.

Nice to have Thomas back home after more days out at the cricket.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 1271 (19/06/2013)

Had a business meeting today in Wincanton but it was far too hot for a stuff trousers & shirt, so I thought shorts & t-shirt more relaxing.

Luckily the venue turned out to be a pub, which had a nice bear garden.

Then went to the gym, so totally knackered.

I've just been booked for an event in London next week, which I thought would be fun but the client has just asked for me to include a Chinese micro-blogging site on the days course, but I've never heard of this site which is in Chinese and with only 4 days notice that's not long enough for me to learn Mandarin.

Looking forward to our holiday in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 1270 (18/06/2013)

I went to the gym again today, still doing the 15 minutes cycling then 15 minutes swimming. Then knackered for the rest of the day.  I may be teaching in London next week but if not I will be doing the weights as well.

Thomas was in the Guardian again, so its been quite a good tournament for him.

Lets hope the new football season is as good and becomes profitable.

Hoping that Kelly gets something to make her as happy.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 1269 (17/06/2013)

I put the heating back on yesterday as it was really cold and its still raining.

Busy in the office doing my normal work but itching to send off emails from the new venture.

I will be at the gym later.

Update - 22:45 - I went o the gym for a cycle & a swim, will try the weights out next week.

Thunder & lightening in Taunton now.

Day 1267 & 1268 (15 & 16/06/2013)

The weekend is here and so is the bad weather. Busy in the office doing my first few articles for Police Oracle, which hopefully are OK but we will see if it pays off in more courses in the long run. I am also pushing ahead with my new venture which I hope will work for us over the next few years.

Thomas is away at the cricket for another 3 days and got into the Mail on Sunday with a photo.

It was Fathers Day on Sunday and most of us were able to meet up at Mum & Dads. I got a new Lego figure from Kelly to join my sailor.

I may have to get a bigger desk if she buys me the whole set. 

Then we went out to The Worlds End and shared a few staters.

Where my wife had a Banoffee Brulee, where they melt the sugar at the table by setting light to it.

And yes it was tasty.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 1266 (14/06/2013)

It was quite a nice day in Taunton this morning but then had to pop-in to the office of Land Rover / Jaguar.

It was pouring with rain there and its in Birmingham, so when they say can you pop-in, which I've done before, it takes me about 2.5hrs to get there.

I always say yes as I keep hoping that they will invite me on a few corporate days or test drive days but it hasn't happened yet.

But saying that they do pay me so it's not all bad but it is a long drive to just pop-in.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 1265 (13/06/2013)

Busy catching up with things in the office but found time to go for the gym for a cycle & swim but annoyingly forgot to take a towel.

I will have to miss the gym tomorrow as I have to go to a meeting with a very nice client in Birmingham. I try to be nice to them as I want them to remember me when they have corporate days as they are quite a nice brand.

Thomas had a nice photo published in the on-line version of The Guardian, so he's happy.

No just need my girl to be happy but that will involve a nice flat in Brighton at a reasonable price.

Day 1264 (12/06/2013)

Up early, over a 3hr drive up north. It was nice when I left Taunton but was cold and wet when I arrived up north. Had lunch then a 3hr presentation then a long drive home.

A knackering day.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Day 1263 (11/06/2013)

Busy in the office but found time to go to the gym but got there and there had been some sort of incident and the building had been evacuated and it was closed for a few hours.

And I can't go tomorrow as I'm up north again.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 1262 (10/06/2013)

In the office working most of the day but I did manage to go to the gym for 17 minutes of cycling followed by a 17 minute swim.

I had only meant to do 15 minutes of each but I was listening to my i-pod when on the bike and waited till the end of a track, then when I was swimming it was easier to swim until 10 past the hour as I can't really make out the clock without my glasses on.

Once again the whole time at the gym I was thinking about lunch, so on my return, a bit of pork pie, tomato and pickle.

It was lovely and a well deserved treat.

It will be nice to see Thomas later, as he has been away for a few days covering the cricket.

The house may seem even quieter soon if Kelly moves out as she is planning. I know they must grow up and move out and on with their own lives but I will miss them as I enjoy their company (most of the time).

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day 1260 & 1261 (08 & 09/06/2013)

Thomas is away for a weekend of ICC Cricket and he appears to have another publication, this one in the Observer on Sunday.

We went to a party on Saturday night to celebrate our friends Silver Wedding Anniversary. They are some of our oldest friends, as I joined the police with him in 1983 and my wife went to school with her and we all met up on a night out in June 1984, with both of the girls ending up being called Smith.

The party was a 1980's themed fancy dress, with Kelly going as Morrisey and my wife in full 1980's outfit, truly the woman I fell in love with all of those years ago.  

I went as a negative Mr Motivator, white, fat and with hair, OK I am a let down and can't stand fancy dress parties.

At the party they had a screen showing the wedding photos, which included my wife as a bridesmaid. Everyone was saying that only her hair style has changed and that she was still looking as good now, which I obviously had to agree with. Clearly I got the better end of the deal, as I might not be quite the man she married.

The party was great fun, as we have known there families for so long as really enjoy spending time with them. We were stayed until the early hours, sitting outside in the cold with the warmth being provided by a vastly overfed fire pit.

Looking forward to catching up on some sleep.

Day 1259 (07/06/2013)

Busy and it was raining. Didn't get to go swimming.

Thomas was excited to get his first national publication, which was of the ICC Opening Ceremony which was in the Guardian.

Well done mate.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 1258 (06/06/2013)

Busy day again but I managed to go for a swim. I think that next week I will go upstairs to the gym, and do a bit on the bike or some weights before having a swim.

Both kids out working today, with Kelly out in Exeter and Thomas in Cardiff.

Day 1257 (05/06/2013)

Bit more happened today but did involve lots of work in the office and a swim at the gym.

Then there was dinner at The World's End, which was nice as the four of us haven't been out together for ages.

Then we went out, being joined by Thomas's friend at the the cinema for a 3D showing of The Great Gatsby, which was OK but in my memory Robert Redford is still the best one.

I do like Leonardo Dicaprio but to me he still seems too young to play a grown up, despite the fact that he is only 7 years younger than me.

Day 1256 (04/06/2013)

Catching up on my blog but as far as I remember I worked all day but manager to get to the gym for a swim.

to celebrate getting back to the gym and because my wife was busy tiding up, we had a "Two for Tuesday" pizza deal with Domino's.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 1255 (03/06/2013)

It's still sunny but spent most of the day in the office.

I was aiming to go for a swim at the gym today but my parents came around to show us the house they are moving to (hopefully), so we popped over there.

It is a really lovely place and has nice communal areas.

My only fear is that moving to a place that requires no work and is aimed at the elderly downsizing, with low maintenance gardens, which even come with a gardener provided, will mean that my Dad will be bored with   week.

If only he could take up reading or listening quietly to the sport on Radio 5 but I fear he will need a new hobby.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 1253 & 1254 (01 & 02/06/2013)

A few photos of yesterdays trip.

Brian May was just arriving when I turned up.

And a little bit later I saw the new Archbishop of Canterbury, if he counts as a celebrity spot.

We recorded the interview in a cafe near the studio to give it atmosphere. I think I am an unnamed private investigator dealing in the murky world of buying & selling information but I do keep pointing out that I only deal with legal things.

Hopefully when they edit it I wont sound to bad.

Anyway I was able to get back early, so was able to spend the evening with my family , which was nice.

Busy weekend of work as usual and apparently its June already, how did that happen, I swear it was only New Year a couple of weeks ago and the 1980's a couple of years ago.

Update - Sunday 16:00 - Its been a lovely weekend. My reward from being in the office all day yesterday was a visit to the ice-cream van.

I've cut the grass and tidied the garden today. It must have been hot quite hot this week as the water feature was out of water.

I got some nice salmon today for a nice light dinner, which I'm cooking inside but aim to eat out side in the sun later, with a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio. 

I have been watching Miss Potter on the iPlayer today, I have seen it before and its a lovely little film but it makes me so so sad.