Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Day 3064 (21/05/2018)

A busy day in the office and in the afternoon I went off to Wellington to have a few questions with the local PCC, who I think it is fair to say doesn't really like me :-)

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Day 3062 & 3063 (19 & 20/05/2018)

It is full day with the Royal Wedding, which I intend to fully miss and the F.A. Cup Final, which I intend to watch.

I started by doing some work in the office.

We finishined off yesterdays BBQ food which was still nice.

On Sunday I made a nice roast pork but forgot that Thomas doesn't like pork :-(

Very tasting and very good crackling again :-)

Day 3061 (18/05/2018)

The day started with work in the office. In the afternoon I went to Tesco's to get the stuff for this evening's BBQ, the first for a number of years but I'm determined to spend time in the garden, relaxing and enjoying.

Rather than doing fillings buns & baps, I went for pitta & wraps and rather than burgers & sausage I went for sliced up chicken & lamb steaks, with corn on the cob, mackerel fillets, with vegi & king prawn skewers.

Very tasty and quite well received by the other two in the house.

Day 3060 (17/05/2018)

A busy day, with things to do in the office, then off to Asda for an eye-test and picking some new glasses. My eye-sight has got worse and they recommended vari-focal lenses, which will take some getting used to.

In the evening we went to see Tim Vine in Yeovil, who was very funny.


Day 3059 (16/05/2018)

Another day, with things to do in the office.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Day 3058 (15/05/2018)

It was an early start as Lee had to go back to Brighton and I had an meeting over a coffee and then came back and made a nice Brunch for me & my wife.

Then I spent the day working.

Day 3057 (14/05/2018)

Back to work, with things to do in the office.

Still watering the new lawn :-)

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Day 3055 & 3056 (12 & 13/05/2018)

The weekend, with a few bits to do in the office. I quickly popped out to get something for breakfast and bought some nice flowers for my wife's birthday.

In the afternoon we went to Barrington Court for a walk around and cup of tea & a slice of cake.



In the evening we had a Chinese but my wife told me we could only order one main dish each :-(

Sunday and it was Mrs Smith's Birthday but she was unable to get the day off so went to work. After breakfast at my Mum & Dad's I bought some bits and pieces and by then my wife had finished work and Lee had come home.

We went for an OK meal at the Worlds End but enjoyed ourselves.

Pate starters for me, with soup, prawn cocktail and white bait for the others.

Then a less than impressive nut roast and pork roast, with slightly better fish cakes and a steak.


Then chocolate fondue,  ice-cream, panacota and a trifle.


Then we went to see my Mum & Dad, for tea & cake.

Then back home, for tea & cake.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Day 3054 (11/05/2018)

Another nice breakfast.

My wife has been off work all week but we have been fairly busy at home and apart from going out of an evening we haven't really been able to do much during the day.

We eventually managed to leave the house at 3pm and had to pay some cheques in for work, then we went to Bridgwater and eventually got to Minehead fora walk along a deserted beach in the rain.

Then we sat outside eating fish & chips and having a cup of tea.

A very nice day but although I did point out to my wife that two years ago this week we were in Paris and one year ago these week we were in Venice and now we are in Minehead :-)

Day 3053 (10/05/2018)

We had  the new lawn laid today.

The garden is looking really good now, so I have to look after it this time.

In the evening I went to a pensioners meeting and had a lovely burger & hot dog.

Day 3052 (09/05/2018)

Our 31st Wedding Anniversary.

We started with a very a nice breakfast.

We had planned to go to The Willow Tree restaurant in Taunton but they had closed down and been sold two weeks ago, so I booked up to go to The Globe in Milverton, which also does very nice food but in the afternoon the phoned to say that had to cancel all the bookings as their extractor fan had broken and so they could use their ovens.

So we had to have a think and luckily we managed to get a table at The Bank in Taunton and we even took Thomas with us, so we could have a drink and he could then drive us back :-)


My & my wife went for the scallop starters, which was very tasty.

Thomas had the Chicken mains, my wife had the guinea fowl and I had the lamb, again all very tasty.


I had a raspberry & pimms cheesecake, which was so unbelievable light, my wife had the passion fruit tart, whilst Thomas had a chocolate pudding.


The my & my wife shared a cheese board and a lovely glass of 10 year old port before having a latte.

A very lovely evening.