Monday, 15 January 2018

Day 2938 (15/01/2018)

A busy day with lots to do before going away for a few days.

I wasn't feeling great and it was quite wet & windy out, so I went to the gym for a short work out rather than going out on my bike.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Day 2936 & 2937 (13 & 14/01/2018)

Quite a few things to do as I have to prepare for next weeks presentation and must do a newsletter.

The day started with a nice breakfast.

And then we had a very nice Mexican in the evening, with enchiladas, nachos, ribs, breaded mushrooms and salad with avocado, very nice.

Sunday I cycled an indirect route to my Mum & Dad's for breakfast.


Then after some lovely buttery croissants filled with marmalade, I cycled back, very another short but indirect route.

So with today's training done it was time to concentrate on the dinner, which was a lovely roast beef.

Yum Yum Yum

Day 2935 (12/01/2018)

It was an early start as we had a meeting with a solicitor in London but it was surprising icy cold and foggy out, and even the driveway was slippy.

Then off to London with some others to discuss our employment tribunal.

It was rather a longer day in London than I had thought and I didn't get home until around 7:30pm, when we had some nice fish and chips.

Then a fell asleep.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Day 2934 (11/01/2018)

I was not looking forward to today's cycle but went out anyway.

I managed to go a bit further again but I think 10miles at the moment seems a long way away let along 80miles.

My current aim is just to lose enough weight to fit into the largest cycling top I can find online as I can't get on the one I bought.

Just about up to date with work but still have to prepare for next weeks conference.

Had some very nice burritos in the evening.

Day 2933 (10/01/2018)

Working and cycling. I managed to add a bit more to my route but was knackered at the end.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Day 2932 (09/01/2018)

I made an early start on work in the office as I knew I had a few things to do.

At lunchtime I went and had a slightly overdue haircut, with the idea of going straight out fora cycle afterwards but I had a few phone calls and emails to send so it was getting a bit dark when I went out on my bike.

I set up a sports app on my phone so I could monitor my cycling. I haven't been on a bike on a road for about 10yrs and it took a while to feel comfortable and I was knackered in no time.    

Basically I think I have to add a mile to my route every day, so that within a month I'm cycling about 30miles a day.

Day 2931 (08/01/2018)

I did a bit of work in the office in the morning and then had to go to Bridgwater fairly early to have a meeting for the John O'Groats to Lands End (JOGLE).

I was trying to get them to agree on a relay style of cycling, so not cycling too much in a day but it appears that were are no starting at the end of May and doing a 15day route.

So now it appears to be too late to withdraw :-(

Then back home late, in time for a cuppa & a late lunch before then going to the hypnotherapist.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Day 2929 & 2930 (06 & 07/01/2018)

The weekend is here and I have a few work things to do but intend to try and relax a bit.

On Saturday I made a nice chicken curry.

Then on Sunday I did a bit of work but the day was all about a very nice slow roast lamb :-)



Very nice :-)

Day 2928 (05/01/2018)

The morning was spent catching up on my sleep.

The afternoon was spent doing some work and and having a Skype meeting before collecting my bike from the bike shop. I had intended to cycle back but had left it late and so put it in the back of my wife's car instead.

Day 2927 (04/01/2018)

It was an awfully early start (5:00am) and then drive to Cardiff for an 8:30am start for a days training for Admiral.

The day went quite well but I'm glad I don't have to do these every week.

They provided quite a nice buffet.

Then a long drive home, which included stopping for a snooze. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Day 2926 (03/01/2018)

Basically back to normal work today for me and my wife.

I had quite a lot to do as I am in Cardiff do a days training tomorrow so had to prepare for that.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Day 2925 (02/01/2018)

In the morning I took my wife's car to the garage to get a new tyre, as you can't have a get away car with a flat tyre :-)

Then after breakfast I took my car to the bike shop for a service and to have a few bits fitted, so I can start regularly using it and get into training for my cycle trip.

I have two months to lose weight and get fit enough to cycle at least 25 miles in one go, as otherwise there is no-way I will make the journey in the summer.

Day 2924 (01/01/2018)

Happy New Year, Happy New Kylie Picture from my new calendar :-)

It's already a better year than last year as its a much better calendar, then time for a healthy breakfast.

Then I made a nice dinner for us and my Mum & Dad, with a 3 game bird roast, with pheasant, partridge & pigeon for us and a nice vegi pie for Lee.

With probably the best roast potatoes I've made.

A very nice evening.