Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Day 2822 (20/09/2017)

Made a very nice smoothie this morning, which was a lot better after I soaked the oats.


Then off to the gym.

I managed to do some work but still plenty to do.

Day 2821 (19/09/2017)

It was Tuesday so had a nice breakfast with my wife.

I didn't go to the gym in the afternoon as I wanted to get lots of work done and still finish early to watch telly but I received some annoying news about the police, so had to spend time sending off some emails slagging them off and in the end didn't do any work.

It is nothing to concern me too much but they are utter bastards.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Day 2820 (18/09/2017)

Up early to do some work, with a few emails going off which are going to cause problems for the police but it must be done, the truth is always best. If it hits the press I will put it hear but can't say anything at the moment.

I had a nice smoothie but haven spoken to Lee I realised that I should have been soaking the oats first.


Then off to the gym, even though my knee was still playing up.

Then catching up with work.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Day 2818 & 2819 (16 & 17/09/2017)

Work to do but not to much, so hopefully a more relaxing weekend than normal.

We had a nice breakfast.

And in the evening we had a nice Chinese.

Which we had again on Sunday.

As it is getting quite cold we had to put the heating on, not as easy as it sounds as the heating has been off all year, so the boiler would need to be checked and topped-up. As the garage is completely fully of junk this was quite an effort but was worth it as the house was lovely and warm afterwards and helped convince hr that we need to get rid of all the crap in our house.

Day 2817 (15/09/2017)

I woke up and felt awful, my stomach muscles are still hurting from Wednesday and my right knee was really painful, I'm guessing two games of badminton a week might be too much for m joints.

So I had a day off from being healthy & going to the gym but still had loads of work to do.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Day 2816 (14/09/2017)

Today's smoothie is a bit more of an odd mixture, with banana, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, plums, walnuts, oats, yogurt and some spinach, slightly strange but stops me wanting to eat anything until I've finished at the gym later this afternoon.

Thomas was up late and not feeling great but went out for a game of badminton.

Owing to Thomas being below par it was lot closer today, and I even won a game.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Day 2815 (13/09/2017)

Back on the smoothies this morning but there was only one banana left, so it tasted a bit different but was still OK.

Lots to do in the office still but I went to the gym after lunch.

In the evening I impressed myself by putting new grips on our badminton rackets.

I had a new highest word score in scrabble, I don't think it will ever be beaten :-)

Day 2814 (12/09/2017)

Being a Tuesday it a nice breakfast with my wife instead of a smoothie.

In the afternoon it was time to be thumped 5-0 at badminton by Thomas.

I'm getting better but am so unfit I just can't beat him but give it a few more smoothies and a few more years and I might win a game :-)

In the evening we had a pizza as it was two for Tuesday.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Day 2813 (11/09/2017)

This mornings smoothie, with banana, peaches & spinach :-)

Work has created a cartoon version of me but they didn't consider making me younger or slimmer, what a waste.

Then it was off to take my mother-in-law to the doctors about her accident, which lasted most of the day, so we stopped off for a coffee and the cake on the way back.

It was too late for the gym (the evening is far to full of serious gym types) and I was quite tired but still had lots of work to do in the evening.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Day 2811 & 2812 (09 & 10/09/2017)

Up early to do some work but planning on relaxing a bit. No smoothie for breakfast but some lovely boiled eggs.

I made Jamie's meat balls with pesto but did it with linguine rather than bread rolls.


Messy but quite tasty.

Bought some fresh flowers for my wife on Sunday.

Did a roast chicken breasts for dinner.


Very nice.