Monday, 24 July 2017

Day 2764 (24/07/2017)

Back to work normally with a very disappointing bit of work from my team, which was most disheartening.

Started going to the gym again, with a swim.

Thomas is still here but getting better.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Day 2762 & 2763 (22 & 23/07/2017)

So much to catch-up on but I'm definitely not going to work the hours I was before. I know I have said that before (many times over the years) but after my business partner thought I was taking too many days off and told me to cut down, I am determined to have more free time.

Sunday I bought some flowers, as usual and then made a nice dinner of lamb steaks.


I was going to make a cake but my wife seems to have bought loads of cakes & biscuits and we won't get thru them all if I make a cake as well, so I have a nice cake ready for next week.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Day 2761 (21/07/2017)

Up early to start catching up on my work.

Annoyingly the weather has turned and its due to rain all day, on the very day I have tickets for me and my Dad to see Somerset v Gloucester at 20/20 cricket.

It a pain as I bought them ages ago, so I will have to arrange to attend another sporting event for us, as he really enjoyed the rugby we attended and I feel I owe him a few treats.

At lunchtime I drove over and picked Thomas up from Lee, meeting an hour from Brighton. Unfortunately I forgot it was the day the schools broke up for the summer and the traffic was awful, meaning I spent 8hrs driving there and back.

At least Thomas is home to be looked after for a few days.

Day 2760 (20/07/2017)

I was up really early to make sure I got to the American embassy nice and early.

In my naivety I assumed that having an appointment mean it would be nice and quick but I had to join a queue of several hundred others, who probably thought the same.

In the end it only took just under 4 hours and telling them I was a businessman who wanted a family holiday. No difficult question, in fact no real questions at all.  

It meant I was able to catch a much earlier train home and then have the evening off, catching up with the telly and my sleep.

Day 2759 (19/07/2017)

My wife had been up most of the night with Thomas at A&E as he wasn't feeling much better.

We had a nice big breakfast and I stayed with the kids whilst my wife drove my parents home.

Admittedly me looking after the kids was basically all of us fast asleep.

Then I took a train to London and stayed at a Premier Hub near Kings Cross, for my visit to the American embassy.


Day 2758 (18/07/2017)

Thomas had come up overnight for Lee's graduation but had been ill alll nig, so had to miss the graduation.


Sanjeev Bhaskar, from the Kmars, is the University Chancellor and did a wonderful speech and set the tone for a wonderful and emotional event.

So proud but also so hot as it was baking hot and they made me wear long trousers (but I still looked scruffy in comparison to everyone else).

Then back to Rottingdean for a cooling drink and some food.

Then in the evening off to a pub for dinner.





We had a good even, whilst poor Thomas was still being ill.

Day 2757 (17/07/2017)

Lee stayed with us, save travelling back. so we all had breakfast together in the morning at Westfield's and were even eventually joined by Thomas, who unfortunately wasn't feeling well.

Then we drove to Brighton and had a wander around the sea front and the pier, where we had tea & cake, before going back to the hotel for a refreshing shandy.

Then in the evening we went to the marina for an Italian.


Day 2755 & 2756 (15 & 16/07/2017)

Saturday was a mad rush to get all my work finished before going away for a few days for Thomas's Birthday and Lee's graduation. In the end I didn't finish until very late :-(

Sunday we were up fairly early and driving my parents to the Westfield in Stratford, for Thomas's Birthday. We started with a cup of tea, where Thomas opened  some cards and did his scratch cards.

Then off to restaurant as Thomas fancied a Sunday roast, which was very nice.


Then off for a wander around West Ham's stadium where the para world championships was taking place.

Then back to the hotel for more presents, and a drink and birthday cake.