Monday, 20 November 2017

Day 2882 (20/11/2017)

A busy day in the office, with more happening with our research app, fingers crossed it goes as well as we are hoping or even just half as well.

I had planned to go to the gym but was too busy but had time for a smoothie.


Saturday, 18 November 2017

Day 2880 & 2881 (18 & 19/11/2017)

A weekend, with a fair bit of work to do.

Next year is definitely my last year of work. If the software / app we have developed takes off then I should be earning enough to no longer have to get involved. If the app doesn't take off then our salesman should be getting work in from the UK & abroad and the researchers should be of at a level that I no longer need to check their work.

Either way I am aiming to just do the occasional  bit of research to find new things, to I can keep the app, the website and our researchers up to date. And the occasional management meeting, which I will insist now only take place in nice cities and nice hotels.

Thomas said about having a Paella on Saturday night, which went down very well.


On Sunday I did a nice roast Pork.

Day 2879 (17/11/2017)

I had a bit of a lie-in and then got up to scrape the ice from my wife's car, then time for work.

In the afternoon me and Thomas played badminton, it was very close but he still beat me 3-0 :-(

Then I made him drive back as he still needs some practice before I think he will feel confident enough to go out by himself.

It was a lot better than the other week but I do admit it is not a great car to pull away in. 

In the evening my wife made a fairly nice Mexican but not quite up to Lee's standard.

Day 2878 (16/11/2017)

Up early and a long drive to the National Water Centre in Nottingham to give a talk to a room full of investigators. I arrived just in time for tea & biscuits but I went for the danish pastries.

And then the lunch.


Then I spoke for an hour, which went quite well. On the way out I stopped to look at the 2,000m lake, quite impressive.


Then a long drive home but I got home in time for dinner :-) but was really tired so had an early night.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Day 2877 (15/11/2017)

Another cold morning with lots of work to do.

My smoothie ended up looking a bit grey and bland even though it was full of fruit.


But it tasted OK.

I had the evening off to watch the telly with the family.

Day 2876 (14/11/2017)

Tuesday and we had a nice breakfast but then the water went off for a few hours due to a major water main breaking nearby.

I managed quite a bit of work and we had a nice chilli in the evening.

Day 2875 (13/11/2017)

A very cold start to the day and I had to scrape the ice off of my wife's car.

Unfortunately there was as much ice on the inside as the outside.

Then time for a smoothie.


Then lots of work to do and then off to the hypnotherapist, which was quite interesting.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Day 2873 & 2874 (11 & 12/11/2017)

A weekend and another lie-in then some nice fruit & pancakes for breakfast at lunchtime.

Then time to catch-up with work.

Did a nice 3 bird roast on Sunday.


Day 2872 (10/11/2017)

I had a lie-in after the previous evening long drive and then had to go straight to the Doctors as they had offered my a flu jab, so I assume I am now officially old :-(

Then lots of work to do during the day before driving up to Bristol in the evening to meet up with some of the boys (old men) from the van for a quiz night to raise money for a school in Henleaze.

As part of it fish & chips were included :-)

Day 2871 (09/11/2017)

It was nice to have a bit of a lie-in before getting to Leeds University, where they had reserved mne a parking space, like an important person.

When he said about having lunch in the canteen I stupidly said its OK, I will just have a sandwich and a cold drink, then saw they were serving some lovely curry :-(

As well as giving a talk I had agreed to be interviewed but I ended up doing several interviews, which is risky as I always say what I'm thinking and rarely censor myself that much.


The talk was very well received but had my wife known they were going to take so many photos of me she would have insisted I wear a different shirt.

Then a very long drive home.

Day 2870 (08/11/2017)

Wednesday and I had a very nice smoothie to start the day.

I had quite a bit of work to do, then a long drive to Leeds, as I have to give a talk to journalism students on Thursday.

Day 2869 (07/11/2017)

Tuesday morning and we had a nice breakfast, which needed to be made into a face.

Most of the day was spent doing some work and in the evening I went to see a Hypnotherapist, who I had seen many years ago when she was training.

It was an interesting first session, where we discussed many things which effect my life. Basically its this chimps fault but if I ever see him I will probably eat him :-)

Monday, 6 November 2017

Day 2868 (06/11/2017)

Monday and back to work and back on the smoothies but no bananas or spinach.

In the afternoon we went for a game of badminton and I lost 3 - 0 again.

On the way back I got Thomas to drive. I think he will need a few more short journeys before he is confident enough to be let loose by himself.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Day 2866 & 2867 (04 & 05/11/2017)

A busy weekend, with loads of work stuff to catch-up.

In the evening I tried another Jamie recipe, with fennel.

Chilli and cherry tomatoes.

Crab (I added prawns as well).

And spaghetti.

It was quite tasty, as were the profiteroles (which I didn't make) which we had for afters .

Sunday I had breakfast with Mum & Dad and then in the evening we met up with Gary & Elaine at the Chinese for his birthday.



My wife certainly enjoyed herself :-)

Then back to ours for a cup of tea. Gary didn't want a birthday cake, so we put a candle in a little cake for him instead.