Saturday, 21 October 2017

Day 2852 & 2853 (21 & 22/10/2017)

It's like winter outside, dark, wet & windy, role on the summer :-(

A busy day getting everything done, as busy next week.

It was a bit annoying at lunchtime, when I got a text from a client about my court appearance (don't worry as a witness for work) on Monday, asking me to bring 2 lots of copies of reports with me. These reports were a total of about 900 pages each, so if I print everything it will be nearly 2,000 pages.

I had paper but I rarely print things nowadays, so didn't have enough ink, which meant a trip out to the shops.

I did a bit of an inside BBQ for dinner on Saturday evening.

I bought my wife some fresh flowers on Sunday. 

 And then made a nice slow cooked roast lamb dinner.

Yum Yum Yum :-)

Friday, 20 October 2017

Day 2851 (20/10/2017)

And another busy day in the office, with reports to send clients and telephone meetings. No time fr a smoothie or the gym (again).

I'm also away for most of next week so I have things to prepare.

Day 2850 (19/10/2017)

A busy day catching up in the office, no time for the gym :-(

Day 2849 (18/10/2017)

Another nice breakfast.

I should say that I did start with fruit & a yogurt and didn't have a full English, unlike my wife.

Then we were off looking houses. We found a great property but it was not in the right location and was at the very top end of what we could afford but it was nice to know that there were a some suitable properties in the area.

Then time for coffee and we shared a rock cake.

Then we had a curry in the evening. and then drove home.

Day 2848 (17/10/2017)

Another nice breakfast.

Then we went into Brighton and had a wonder around the museum.

Then off to our seafood afternoon tea at The Grand, which the kids had got for us for our anniversary.


We were still full in the evening so we just had a drink while the kids had diner and then we watched a bit of telly.

Day 2847 (16/10/2017)

It was a nice lazy morning and nice breakfast.

Then we went for a walk around and a coffee.

In the evening we all went out for a nice meal in the marina.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Day 2845 & 2846 (14 & 15/10/2017)

Up early doing all of my work before going away tomorrow.

Sunday we were up and ready a little bit later than intended and the traffic was a bit built up to start with but we got to Rottingdean eventually and had a nice sea view room.


 Then off to a nice Sunday dinner.


Day 2844 (13/10/2017)

Another smoothie.

Quite tasty.

Today was a busy day on the legal front.

Firstly there was a hearing for one of pensioner group issues, which I was hoping would be settled by the other side backing down but to everyone's amazement (including the judge's) they are refusing to budge or negotiate. This means there is likely to be a very long tribunal hearing in the summer of next year, when we get to call all of the senior officers and staff that have fucked up so badly when dealing with us, our pensions and our complaints, and they will lose, big style. I say that as they have lost on every legal point so far, which is why they are given the opportunity to negotiate now and settle keeping the legal fees down and the settlement acceptable to all sides. They have opted for the madness of losing in court and will end paying their barrister a small fortune and then the rest of us a larger one.

I would rather it was settled now and I have the money now but next summer I will likely win three times as much.

The second was my copyright case which looks like it is finally drawing to a near successful ending, with the naughty people offering to settle (unfortunately not for that much) but it will be a strong moral victory and I will be more than happy - as will my wife as it means I wold have stopped spending all of her money on legal fees :-)

Really looking forward to a few days away in Brighton, relaxing.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Day 2843 (12/10/2017)

Back on the smoothies today, mostly Strawberry based.

In the gym in the afternoon.

Day 2842 (11/10/2017)

It was a bit of a busy day, so not much achieved but hopefully we are moving forward on lots of things.

Day 2841 (10/10/2017)

Tuesday started with some lovely egg & sausage rolls :-)

I went to the gym in the afternoon and went on the treadmill again.

In the evening it was two for Tuesday :-)

Monday, 9 October 2017

Day 2840 (09/10/2017)

Monday morning smoothie was quite tasty.

Went to the gym in the afternoon and added a few minutes on the treadmill.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Day 2838 & 2839 (07 & 08/10/2017)

Weekend here and it was time for a nice breakfast.

Then Lee had to go back to Brighton.

Managed to have a burrito for lunch :-)

Had a nice Indian take-away in the evening.

And did a nice dinner on Sunday, duck breast in a sauce, with mash, cauliflower cheese and pak choi.