Saturday, 25 June 2016

Day 2371 & 2372 (25 & 26/06/2016)

I busy weekend as I'm flying to the Isle of Man on Sunday to run some training courses there next week.

I took some time out to tidy the drive and hedge, with my once a year de-weed.

Sunday was busy but I managed to make a nice diner for me and my wife before leaving for the Isle of Man.

I was flying from Gloucester Airport (no honestly they do have an airport, just not a very big one). The journey should have taken 90minutes but when I put my sat-nav on it was saying it would take me about 2hrs 30minutes, meaning I wasn't going to arrive until after my plane had left.

There wasn't n accident or road works,just a lots of traffic, which had mostly cleared by Bristol, meaning I was going to be cutting it fine for the flight. Then my sat-nav froze and I had to phone home for directions.

I got to the airport 20minutes before the flight but they let me check-in.

The plane is fairly small and it was a bit of a windy journey all in cloud cover, so was a bit like being on a roller coaster whilst wearing a blindfold.

I was glad to arrive, even if it was raining lots on the Island.

Then a quick journey to my hotel, which is strangely the same one I stayed in about 4 years ago.

Day 2370 (24/06/2016)

Well the public have spoken but I unlike many think there are a number of reasons why people voted out, it wasn't all about immigration or a liking for Boris Johnson and Farage.

It was not very reassuring to see this when I logged on to my bank.

I am sure things will steady down and that we won't leave the EU (well I'm hoping anyway).

In the evening me and the Mrs went to see Mark Watson at the Brewhouse and he was really funny.

Day 2369 (23/06/2016)

The day was memorable for two things.

It's 32 years to day that I met this lovely lady.

I wonder what happened to her.

The second things was the referendum on In or Out of Europe. I am very much a European but think the EU Parliament and structures need puling into line.

It really is too close to call.

Day 2368 (22/06/2016)

We didn't get back in until 1am, so it was a fairly relaxed day but did involve me getting back to work.

In the evening we had a chinese, to save cooking.

Day 2367 (21/06/2016)

And then our holiday was over :-(

Well it was the last day and although we had to checkout of our room by midday our flight was not until the evening, so we stayed sunning ourselves on the roof terrace and y the pool for a few hours and then wandered into town for something to eat. This was actually a difficult task, as everywhere seemed to open between 12 and 3 but then didn't open again until after 7pm; however our taxi was booked for 7:30pm, so we needed dinner at about 5:30pm.

Eventually we found somewhere willing to make us dinner early.

Then to the airport and our flight home.

Day 2366 (20/06/2016)

Again the weather forecast was for heavy rain but it stayed nice so after a view to the roof terrace we stayed by the pool.

By the evening it was baking hot.

We walked into town to the posh looking place we had seen in the first night but they didn't do food until 8pm, so we had a drink there and went elsewhere, as we had to get back for the football.

Day 2365 (19/06/2016)

There was a big thunderstorm over night but despite the weather forecast saying all week that it would continue all day, it stopped in the morning and dried out enough for us to spend the day sun bathing by the pool.

Everyone must have thought us mad as we were mostly alone, despite the hotel being a bit busier.

It stayed nice all day, so we stayed by the pool.

In the evening just as we were going to walk into town for dinner it start d raining, so we went to the nearest restaurant, which was OK but not great.

Then back to the hotel for the strongest cocktails in the world and to watch the football.

Day 2364 (18/06/2016)

It was a gorgeous day, so after breakfast we walked down to the beach and spent the day on the free public beach, rather than paying to go in the private ones linked to the hotels.

Apart from the near constant sales patter of the African salesmen it was a fun relaxing day.

The sea was lovely and clear and very refreshing from the hot sun.

In the afternoon we walked back to the hotel to cool of for an hour by the pool, before getting ready for dinner.

Tonight it was another restaurant with some nice food.

Then a visit to the gelato bar (ice-cream parlour) which quite frankly had too much choice.

The another evening with a latte watching the football.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 2363 (17/06/2016)

Today we were adventurous, catching a bus to a nearby town, then a train to Pisa.

We had a walk around Pisa, not knowing where to go but eventually by accident found the leaning tower.

It was a very nice setting and we spent time looking around taking pictures.

Then we had an ice-cream to cool down.

Then after a walk thru the market place we sat in a bar with a beer watching Italy play.

Then we had a pizza in Pisa.

Not quite as good as a Domino's but it was still nice.

Then a wander back and we navigated the transport system to get back to the hotel.

Day 2362 (16/06/2016)

Another sleep and last ones in for breakfast again.

Then straight out to the pool before the rain which was expected after lunch.

The rain stayed off all day so we stayed at the pool for the day relaxing, apart from having a cool drink in the bar catching up with the Euros Football.

In the evening we wandered into town for some more nice food.