Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 2360 (14/06/2016)

There was still things to do in the office before I could pack for the holiday and even with a flight at 6pm it was a bit of a rush to get to the airport on time.

Will we ever change? Will we ever be organised? I thing the obvious answer is No.

After getting to the airport we had a long wait in the queue to check in my wife's over heavy bag (22kg on a 20kg limit, I couldn't be bothered to repackage so just paid the £20 charge).

She might say it was our bag but I have a rain coat, pair of trousers a my toiletry bag in there. The rest of my stuff was in my small shoulder bag I took on the flight.

OK, so we shared the towels and suntan lotion but it was defiantly mostly her stuff. But I love her lots and think she always looks lovely so don't really mind paying to take all of those clothes with us.

Then through security, my least favourite bit of the airport experience, and I once again set of the alarms and had to be swabbed for explosives.

I'm beginning to think someone has planted something one me or my wife  has started using some gunpowder based washing powder.

Then because of the French air traffic  controllers strike our planes was delayed, which meant we at least had time for a drink and a snack before the flight.

Then on to the plane where someone had sat in our seats as presumable they were unable to use the alphabet.

I think if your are an adult and you can't find the right seat on a plane, where they are in numbered rows and alphabetically ordered from A to F, then you shouldn't be allowed to travel without a carer, this pair were stupid beyond belief, in the end having to be told and pointed to their seats.

The flight was just less than 2hrs, which seems quite short for me, so I slept for most of it.

Then we were in Italy.

The airport, with passport control and baggage reclaim being quick and easy (for a change).

It was late, so very dark but nice and warm. Luckily we had arranged a taxi to the hotel, so there was no waiting around, just a nice easy 30 minute drive.

The hotel is nice, if basic in parts, so no kettle or mini bar in the room. Plus as it was so late the restaurant was closed and the only option was a toasted ham & cheese sandwich.

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