Monday, 26 September 2016

Day 2464 (26/09/2016)

It was an awful drive to Southampton last night as the A303 was closed, then when I got the hotel wasn't brilliant.

I was supplying the laptops for this weeks course, so had to get up really early so I could arrive at the venue by 8am to set everything up, what a real pain.

The training went well and in the evening I had quite a nice meal at the hotel.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Day 2462 & 2463 (24 & 25/09/2016)

A very busy weekend, where I hardly achieved half of what I needed to do but at least I managed to prepare for the course.

Bought my wife some flowers on Sunday and made a nice dinner.

In the evening I had to drive to Southampton.

Day 2461 (23/09/2016)

A busy day preparing for next week but also going out to have a meeting where I explained how a previous employer is sometimes less than honest, which somewhat surprised the people I was meeting with.

Day 2460 (22/09/2016)

I had to give 4 presentation in the space of 6 hours, which is quite difficult as sometimes you can't remember if you have just said something or if that was during a previous talk.

Then off to the airport, for a relaxing hot chocolate.

Then back in a really a small plane to get back to the UK, where today they were showing a Harold Lloyd silent movie.

Day 2459 (21/09/2016)

A new 1 day course, which went OK.

In the evening I went out with the guys for Fish & Chips. next to the sea front.


Day 2458 (20/09/2016)

The last day of this course, which went well, with another nice lunch.

In the evening I stayed at the hotel and had a meal, slightly posher than what I fancied but very nice.


I didn't have an afters as the bill was charged to the room and I didn't want to look as if I was taking the piss.

Day 2457 (19/09/2016)

First day of the course, it went quite well and they always lay on a nice lunch.

In the evening I met up with the guys behind the company I was doing the training for and we went for a nice Chinese.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Day 2455 & 2456 (17 & 18/09/2016)

Another busty time preparing for next weeks course and catching up on reports that have to be done before I go away.

On Saturday evening we went out to The Worlds End for dinner, which was really nice.

Then on the Sunday I did a quick dinner before driving up to Gloucestershire to catch a plane to the Isle on Man.

I was booked into what is apparently the best hotel on the island.

The room & bathroom were a nice size but it was strange with black leather curtains and a 1980's bedspread.

Had a nice toasted sandwich on room service.

Day 2454 (16/09/2016)

A day off but an early start as I had a meeting but then spent the rest of the day  preparing for next weeks courses.

In the evening we had a pizza when my wife came back from visiting her mother.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Day 2453 (15/09/2016)

The course wen well but was a bit rushed at the end.

Afterwards I had an hour or so to wait for my train so was glad of the fist class lounge, as I could stock upon food and drink and do some work.

On the train we started going thru a thunderstorm and then were stranded for a while due to a lightning strike on the signals. Then there was flooding at Reading Station, then one of our engines broke down, so we had to make the rest of the journey at a reduced speed.

I was only an hour or so late but they were having to arrange taxi's for some of the passengers who were going to miss connections in Cornwall.

Nice to be home but I had to do some reports before the morning, so only had a few hours in bed.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Day 2452 (14/09/2016)

Day three of the course and it was much the same as the others.

In the evening I met up with Thomas and we had a nice diner and a chat.




Day 2451 (13/09/2016)

Day two of the the course was much the same, bit slower than I would have liked but there were quite a few questions, mostly from the same individual (I say questions but really it was more like comments).

Afterwards I had a meeting with someone who hopefully I can get to do most of, if not all of, the training from the new year, meaning I can concentrate on the business and investigations and also spend more time at home.

Had a nice Ham Egg & Chips afterwards.

Day 2450 (12/09/2016)

First day of this weeks course, with a very varied group most of them are fun although it would be fair to say one is a challenge.

Fairly nice lunch again.

In the evening I went o a comedy charity night in Leicester Square, which was very good.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 2448 & 2449 (10 & 11/09/2016)

A really busy weekend as I have loads to do and am going to London Sunday lunchtime as I'm seeing a show in the the evening.

So Saturday was basically spent getting the course ready but I had time to treat myself to an ice-cream.

I bought some stuff to do a Sunday dinner tonight and also bought my wife some flowers.

Aren't I lovely.

So we had a nice Sunday dinner on Saturday, Lamb Shanks & roast potatoes :-)

Sunday was just a mad rush to get enough work done so I could go away without anything to do of an evening. I was leaving early on Sunday, so I could see a Richard Herring show, so my wife arrived back from work just in time to take me to the railway station.

The train was packed but I had booked a first class ticket this time, so I was sat comfortably.

I checked-in to the Civil Service Club, where annoyingly I was given the small room on the 5th floor again.

I don't mind it being small, its just that it is very hot on the 5th floor and the lift only goes up to the 4th floor, so I have to carry me heavy bags up the last flight of stairs (and back down, every day to get to the training room).

Once I was settled in I went into Leicester Square, to get my usual food on such evenings, so Chinese things.

Followed by a slice of pizza.

And an ice-cream.

Then off to the Leicester Square Theatre, to see Richard Herring and the old gang in the new series of AIOTM (AIOTM)

I really enjoyed it but missed my wife.

Day 2447 (09/09/2016)

I have so much to do, loads of reports and I must get all of the material ready for next weeks course.

I seem to be a hero, I don't like to shout about but I save lives

Well in exchange for tea & biscuits.

Day 2446 (08/09/2016)

It was an even early start today as the plan was to finish by 3:30pm and drive back to the airport but I hadn't accounted for it being quite so far, having to stop for the toll booths, refuelling, getting to the car depot and then getting to the airport for a 7:30pm flight, allowing enough time to get thru security, which always takes a good 30minutes.

Unfortunately today the Dublin bus drivers went on strike and they were warning of bad traffic hold-ups, so we had shorter breaks and finished at 3:00pm. I then had to drive like crazy. For a small car the Renault Clio did a remarkable 165 kph, only just a bit over the limit.  

After making great time I got the the car depot at 5:30pm and then had to sit around for the minibus to the airport. Bloody Ryan Air, remind never to book anything with them again.

Thankfully once at the airport and thru security I was able to grab a some food at Starbucks.

Then caught the flight home and a chance to catch up on my sleep.