Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 1372 & 1373 (28 & 29/09/2013)

The day started with a nice bowl of porridge & maple syrup.

Then we went off to see Kelly in sunny Rottingdean, which was looking very nice but was quite windy.

Then we spent the rest of the day at Brighton Marina which is a really nice place and happily for the girls had a crazy golf area.

I think it was finished as a draw, after Kelly had opened up an early massive lead but my wife had a few hole in one's for an unexpected result.

Thomas was at Bournemouth v Blackburn and managed to get an on-line publication in the Daily Mail and was on the League Show on BBC, for his clearest appearance on telly so far.


Probably doing a roast beef on Sunday.

Day 1371 (27/09/2013)

Busy day in the office and then a long drive off towards Brighton to see Kelly tomorrow.

But on the plus side, there were Nacho's.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 1370 (26/09/2013)

Home and in the office again while it rains a lot outside.

Thomas didn't get any publications from the West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal game but got another publication in the Guardian from the Swindon v Chelsea game, so he is happy.

Off to Brighton tomorrow night to see Kelly on Saturday which will be nice.

Day 1369 (25/09/2013)

In London giving a presentation to The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, which was interesting.

Then back home on the train again.

Thomas at the West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal cup game, which went into extra time and penalties, so he was not back until very late.

Day 1368 (24/09/2013)

Busy day in my office then off to London for tomorrows talk. I can really only tolerate the train journey by going first class, it's a little bit of luxury for not much extra.

I managed to change my hotel room just in case Kelly needed to stay over, which she didn't, so instead of a nice large double bed I ended up with a choice between 3 small ones.

Thomas was back at work, doing the Swindon v Chelsea cup game, which was a tough game back after a nearly a month off and with his new equipment but he managed to get his best publication yet the following day in The Sun, with a near two page spread.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 1367 (23/09/2013)

How can I be so busy but be achieving so little.

At least Thomas now has all of his equipment and will be back at work this week.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Day 1365 & 1366 (21 & 22/09/2013)

Home doing work whilst everyone else is doing things, so ordered a curry.

Update - Sunday 19:30 - Did quite a nice slow cooked pork today.

I'm enjoying cooking at the moment and trying to make things look a bit nicer and if I had the time I would make a few new dishes and might even tried making some cakes, just like the kids.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 1364 (20/09/2013)

Had a very early start and then a longish drive up to an ABI meeting at The National Heritage Motor Centre.

The meeting (buffet) was OK,

and we got to look around at some interesting displays of classic British cars.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 1363 (19/09/2013)

Thomas is a bit happier as some of his new and replacement kit has arrived.

He should be back to work next week, so look out for more publications.

Hopefully the football club will reimburse us the money we are out of pocket as it is quite a few quid.

Day 1362 (18/09/2013)

Years ago I had a staff appraisal when my group Inspector told me that my problem was that I was always "Tilting At Windmills". From my expression he guessed that this went straight over my head, so he said "Don Quixote".

It was clear this conversation was going nowhere so he eventually said that my problem was that I kept picking battles with everyone, even when there wasn't a battle. I slightly agreed with him but didn't care, saying that sometimes people need to speak up for things that they knew to be wrong.

When I left the meeting I went back to my crew mate for the day, Tim Campbell, a graduate who was never going to be a proactive policeman, who asked me how it went, I said "Tilting At Windmills" he just smiled and said that Don Quixote summed me up well.

I was obviously off school the day they did that bit of literature history during my CSE English.

Anyway today I spoke to someone at the Glatonbury Festival who clarified a little discussion / argument I was having with Nick Gargan the Chief Constable, over who had paid the £15,000 for the 11,000 water bottles, 4,000 torches & 3,000 phone pouches handed out by them for free to festival goers.

The Police said that the Festival had paid for them and that no actual police or tax payers money was used.

I thought it would be strange for the Glastonbury Festival to do this given that stall holders who had paid to be on the site, were selling these items, so surely by handing out 1000's of these things for free would not be good for their business.

The Glastonbury Festival seem to agree with me and it would appear that the police won't be handing these out again. They also didn't like the way that the police were saying that the Festival had paid for them and they will be receiving a letter to explain their displeasure.

So anyway happy to still be Tilting At Windmills.

Day 1361 (17/09/2013)

Either Thomas is feeling;

A) inspired by The Great British Bake Off
B) competitive after hearing about Kelly's banana cake
C) bored as he is still waiting for his camera equipment to be replaced

or possibly all three, as he made some very tasty chocolate corn flake things.

What a good chap.

Day 1360 (16/09/2013)

I remembered that my friend Sam had sent me a voucher for one of our favourite local restaurants, The Globe in Milverton, so today was a bit of work but mostly contemplating the lovely food.

It didn't disappoint, it never does.

Above, scallops with slow cooked pork & apple; below, braised pigs cheek with fennel and squash puree.

Above, creedy carver duck breast in a red-current sauce; below potato & ricotta noche.

Above, raspberry something; below, bread & butter pudding.  

Thanks Sam.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 1358 & 1359 (14 & 15/09/2013)

A full day on our way home after another winning breakfast from the Little Chef.

We popped into the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum to visit the tree planted for Km the other year.

Then off to Uppark House for tea and cake and a walk around the house & grounds. For some reasons I didn't take many photos of the house but did have quite a few of a very nice cheddar & chutney sandwich and our cream tea.

Then a slow drive back where we had some fish & chips watching the sunset and Sandbanks, which was really nice.

Sunday with a very nice lamb steak dinner.

Day 1357 (13/09/2013)

I must say Little Chef is quite nice, they do a lovely porridge with maple syrup.

Then off to see Kelly and take her a few more important things.

We tried her fantastic banana cake,

then went out,

where we spent the day in Yo Sushi,

then had a walk along the pier,

It was a great day.