Saturday, 19 November 2016

Day 2516 (17/11/2016)

More time in the office and in the evening I went out for my pensioners meeting, which involved some interesting chat and lots of nice pizza (and biscuits & chocolates).

Day 2515 (16/11/2016)

Strangely after I sent the email last night there is now a strange van parked near to my house.

Would they be that silly, probably but fuck them.

I went for a meeting with friends in the morning then went for a swim afterwards, which sort of tired me out and I had to have a bit of a sleep in the afternoon.

Day 2514 (15/11/2016)

Still in the office trying to catch-up.

I actually managed to get in the pool and go for a swim today.

In the evening I sent a few emails to let people know not to upset me. (long story but people really should learn to operate within the law and not be cunts).

Day 2513 (14/11/2016)

A busy day in the office catching up with all of the stuff from last week.

In the afternoon I went to the gym for a swim but when I got there there was a class on, so I left straight away; still at least I've started going.

Had a nice bubble & squeak in the evening.  

Day 2511 & 2512 (12 & 13/11/2016)

It was nice to have a bit of a lie-in before heading off to the Civil Service Club, where thankfully I had time for a spot of breakfast first.

Then it was a day long meeting and them a train journey home.

On Sunday I made a nice slow cooked lamb dinner.

In the evening I was reading the M&S Christmas food brochure (Food Pawn),think we might have to order it all.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Day 2510 (11/11/2016)

Final day of the course and it went well, basically finished by lunchtime, so popped to Greggs and bought some lunch, including a bit of bread pudding, which was quite a nice treat.

In the evening I went for fish & chips.

Day 2509 (10/11/2016)

Day four of the course and it is still going well.

In the evening I met up with Thomas and we went o an American diner, which was nice but even I have to admit we over ordered.



Day 2508 (09/11/2016)

Day three of the course and it is going OK.

I discovered that between 5pm and 9pm they put out a few nibbles and cheese & biscuits at the hotel.

I liking these Premier Hubs :-)

In the evening I went to a nearby pizza express and had a few too many beers.



Day 2507 (08/11/2016)

Second day of the course and it was OK.

In the evening I met up with Thomas and we had a Mexican.



A great night.

Day 2506 (07/11/2016)

The first day of the course went well; although its not a great room to do training.

In the evening I went to Leicester Square and had my usual assortment of food, before going to see another Richard Herring podcast being recorded.

Tonight's guest were Tom Davis, from Murder In Successville and the Tony Robinson, from Black Adder and so much more. Both were great and it could have gone on all night.

Loving the coffee machine in the lounge at the hotel, unlimited latte's :-)

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Day 2504 & 2505 (05 & 06/11/2016)

A busy weekend but hardly enthusiasm to do anything. I will be glad when next week is over as its my last training course, then I can stay at home.

Saturday was nice as Thomas was still her but he left in the evening to get back home in time for work on Sunday.

Sunday was a bit rushed as I had loads to do before catching the train to London.

Got to the Premier Hub in the evening, it was quite nice.

Day 2503 (04/11/2016)

A busy day in the office but I had to pop out to Hankridge to get supplies for next weeks course, so took the opportunity to get the car cleaned.

In the evening we met up with Gary & Elaine for his birthday.

We would have got him a proper birthday cake but he didn't want one.

Day 2502 (03/11/2016)

A busy day in the office and in the afternoon Thomas came home.

I nearly didn't make it to pick him up from the railway station as the cunt driving this van cut me up at a roundabout.

I had to avoid him but could of easily crashed straight in to him.

I seem to be surrounded by these idiots lately.

When my wife came home we went to Bridgwater to lay flowers on the grave, as today would have been Kim's birthday. We all still miss her so much. So much has happened, which we would have loved to share with her.

In the evening it was nice to sit down for dinner with Thomas.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Day 2501 (02/11/2016)

Nice to wake up in my own bed. So glad I only have one more training session to do.

It's November already, so another picture of Kylie.

Day 2500 (01/11/2016)

In Manchester to train a charity involved in stopping people trafficking.

They had provided lots of cakes & biscuits.

It was a slightly strange start as it was clear some in the room had prior knowledge of me, as they were all retired officers from a police force I am suing. I think by the end I had won them over.

Afterwards I thought I would save time getting a taxi to the car park to get my car.

Unfortunately I got into a cab with a guy who had been a taxi driver for three  weeks and possibly only in the country for a week or two longer. Eventually after a tour of Manchester we arrived, quite sometime after I could have walked there.

Slightly annoying as it meant I got caught in more traffic and didn't get home until gone 8:30pm.

Day 2499 (31/10/2016)

Monday was spent doing some training for some quite interesting people near Manchester.

They even sent our for lunch. I had a nice club sandwich.

Then afterwards a drive in the traffic to get to the centre of Manchester. I had picked my hotel as it was central but cheap and when I got there I instantly regretted it. For a start the telly was the other end of the room and you couldn't see it from the bed.

I stayed at the hotel and eat-in. It was over cooked but OK.

I only ordered that much as I thought they might have been small portion but clearly they weren't.