Saturday, 27 February 2016

Day 2252 & 2253 (27 & 28/02/2016)

A weekend of getting ready to go away to Mexico.

In the evening we had a Chinese and a bit too much to drink :-)

Sunday was spent doing some last minute things and getting ready for Mexico.

I had a long drive to Heathrow, trying to keep within the speed limit, so it's seemed to take a lot longer than last time.

I was flying from Terminal 4, which seemed to be every nation outside of Europe and was so busy & noisy it was like a Christmas shoppers  nightmare, which I would rather not do again.

It's not just that I'm a snob who likes travelling business class (although I am & I do) it's more I hate people, not in a hating foreigner way more of a hating everyone way. After getting through security I went for a cool refreshing pint of shandy, which went in two mouthfuls. Then boarding a plane for 12 hours in Economy. Luckily the plane wasn't very full so I could move and stretch out as was originally next to the toilets AGAIN.

I ended up with a whole row to myself, and settled down watched a few films (The Martian & The Intern) and had a nice pasta dish with some red wine.

Then sleep and a breakfast of omelette & sausage but no tea as coffee was the only choice.

All in all the flight wasn't that bad as slept thru most of it and had three seats to myself but the choice of films was a it limited and there not as much nibbles on other long haul flights I've had.

Day 2251 (26/02/2016)

On Friday I gave a talk at the International Crime and Intelligence Analysis Conference in Manchester.

I was asked to do it by an old colleague (the first analyst I ever met in around 1993), so I couldn't say no and it was great to catch up with him.

Being around so many police staff I may have ripped into the Met, WMP & College of Policing a bit too much (if that's possible) but I think it was fairly well received.

I didn't stay for lunch but wanted to get home as I have so much to do before flying out on Sunday.

When I got home I got my post, which confirmed it was a speed camera I  set-off on the motorway the other night coming back from Heathrow. On the plus side I was doing 7 miles an hour less than when I got last time in 1998 and don't have to attend one of those speed awareness classes. On the bad side its £100 and 3 points. Oh well, if I only get caught once ever 18 years I can live with that.

Time for a new smaller (slower) car.

Day 2250 (25/02/2016)

I was up early and drove to London to give a talk at a Tenancy Fraud Forum in Camden.

The food was very nice but the plates were ridiculously small, limiting the amount I could have :-(

I took the photo of the hall I presented in whilst everyone was still at lunch, honestly it was packed when I did my talk, which thankfully was very well received.

As a result I was asked if I could do some of them some presentations / courses, which I agreed to. I know I was going to stop but I think it's more a case of just doing less with no more than two courses a month from the spring onwards.

I had a slight view of Wembley Stadium on the way back to my car which I had parked in Harrow.

The journey was a nightmare, with awful traffic on the M1 & M6, so I didn't arrive until 9pm (my stanav had originally predicated 7pm), I got to the hotel and as a reward / punishment for being late checking-in was once again given the room for people with disabilities. Personally I don't mind as the rooms tend to be slightly bigger with much more room in the bathroom and but the sinks tend to be a bit low for people in wheelchairs (ironically this gives me a bad back).  

I hadn't really eaten but thankfully the hotel had room service, so I had a pizza and then went to bed.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Day 2249 (24/02/2016)

In the office preparing for a couple of presentations this week.

Had an interesting chat to my solicitor today, which seemed very positive and means I may have to go and see a psychiatrist to write a report on me. I have also approached another lawyer to see if they will taker my copyright case, which will be handy (fingers crossed).

Day 2248 (23/02/2016)

We had a nice breakfast of kippers on buttered bread :-)

Don't you just love the thought of kippers of a morning .... and then spend the rest of the day with the taste of kippers repeating on you al day.

work is just at the right level but I have a busy couple of days then weeks coming up.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Day 2247 (22/02/2016)

I have quite a lot to do but it is at a manageable amount as I have dropped loads of clients this year. I am really looking forward to winding down and doing a lot less, its just a shame that I actually need more money, so really I should be working more.

I have had quite a short haircut in preparation for the heat of Mexico.

I am also taking a load of tablets to help build me up and try to avoid the effects of the mosquitoes.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Day 2245 & 2246 (20 & 21/02/2016)

Had a nice sleep and then time to catch-up with my emails and work.

In the afternoon we went to Bridgwater and then I took the evening off.

There is a programme on ITV Wales called Reels on Wheels, where someone gets shown old news reels, which some family were watching only to see original film of my uncle Clive winning a competition in London ion the late 1960's.

I had a fairly lazy Sunday but made a roast chicken dinner for my wife.

Day 2244 (19/02/2016)

The course went well and there was even cake.

I managed to change before walking back to the train station. I didn't really see anything of Stockholm as the train station, my hotel (where I eat on both nights) and the location of the training were all in the same street.

I got the airport, had something to eat then found somewhere comfortable to sit to have a nap, before getting on the plane.

We were told the weather was bad and had to be sprayed with de-icer before taking off.

 Lunch was a bit less than on the outward journey.

It was shortly afterwards they put out a call for anyone with medical knowledge and luckily there seemed to be 4 Doctors and a Nurse on the plane, who went to deal with a passenger at the rear of the plane.

Then there was a lot of turbulence, with people being told to take their seats. I just turned my music up and sat tight.

We managed to drop a few thousand feet and sped up arriving at Heathrow about 20 minutes early and landed straight away and went straight to a terminal to let paramedics on, before we were allowed off.

These paramedics seemed to be airport paramedics as opposed to ambulance staff, they also seemed in no hurry to take the patient off of the plane, so it didn't look that good for whoever had been taken ill.

Then a long drive home in the rain.

Day 2243 (18/02/2016)

Sweden is an hour ahead of the UK, so it seemed like I had to get up far too early but luckily the venue was only about 250 yards away from the hotel, basically in the same street, which was doubly handy as it was now snowing.

This weeks course is for the Swedish Competition Authority, who seemed like very nice people.

The had lots of logo'd freebies, like mints, reflective strips (for cycling /walking at night) key-rings and tissues.

They even took me out for lunch. Apparently Thursday in Sweden are traditional pea soup and pancakes day ( I went for the pancakes).

In the evening I stayed at the hotel for dinner. They were obviously going for the American Loft Apartment look and it was OK.


The hotel appears to be a is very jazzy and trendy, with each lift being slightly different. I didn't like the one with a saxophone hanging up in it as it seemed to play non-sop jazz music, my favourite was the one with a mixing desk, which let you play and "scratch" the tunes playing.

Day 2242 (17/02/2016)

I had a few bits to finish off and still had top pack but managed to leave nearly on time for the airport. The buses didn't run at the right times for me so parked at the airport, which was handy and not that expensive. but was very loud as yo are very close to the runway.

I had paid for an upgrade again so it was a 90minutes in the lounge, having some lunch (don't judge me I hadn't had breakfast and these are small plates) and far too much wine.

On the plane we had afternoon tea, which was nice.

And a small bottle of champagne.

The flight was a bit longer than to Copenhagen and even sat in the nice seats I got a bit bored but thankfully we arrived eventually and getting thru the airport an using the train to get into the heatt of the city was unbelievable easy.

The hotel is quite comfortable but it didn't come with a kettle, so I had to ask for one so I could have a cop of tea (I brought my own tea bags).

I was quite tired after the travelling and couldn't be bothered to go out (as it was quite chilly out) so opted for room service, which was tasty and OK.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Day 2241 (16/02/2016)

Had a nice breakfast with my wife in the morning.

Then spent the day getting the course material ready for Sweden and in the evening had some more pancakes :-)

My wife's pancakes were much better than my attempt.