Saturday, 27 February 2016

Day 2252 & 2253 (27 & 28/02/2016)

A weekend of getting ready to go away to Mexico.

In the evening we had a Chinese and a bit too much to drink :-)

Sunday was spent doing some last minute things and getting ready for Mexico.

I had a long drive to Heathrow, trying to keep within the speed limit, so it's seemed to take a lot longer than last time.

I was flying from Terminal 4, which seemed to be every nation outside of Europe and was so busy & noisy it was like a Christmas shoppers  nightmare, which I would rather not do again.

It's not just that I'm a snob who likes travelling business class (although I am & I do) it's more I hate people, not in a hating foreigner way more of a hating everyone way. After getting through security I went for a cool refreshing pint of shandy, which went in two mouthfuls. Then boarding a plane for 12 hours in Economy. Luckily the plane wasn't very full so I could move and stretch out as was originally next to the toilets AGAIN.

I ended up with a whole row to myself, and settled down watched a few films (The Martian & The Intern) and had a nice pasta dish with some red wine.

Then sleep and a breakfast of omelette & sausage but no tea as coffee was the only choice.

All in all the flight wasn't that bad as slept thru most of it and had three seats to myself but the choice of films was a it limited and there not as much nibbles on other long haul flights I've had.

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