Saturday, 20 February 2016

Day 2242 (17/02/2016)

I had a few bits to finish off and still had top pack but managed to leave nearly on time for the airport. The buses didn't run at the right times for me so parked at the airport, which was handy and not that expensive. but was very loud as yo are very close to the runway.

I had paid for an upgrade again so it was a 90minutes in the lounge, having some lunch (don't judge me I hadn't had breakfast and these are small plates) and far too much wine.

On the plane we had afternoon tea, which was nice.

And a small bottle of champagne.

The flight was a bit longer than to Copenhagen and even sat in the nice seats I got a bit bored but thankfully we arrived eventually and getting thru the airport an using the train to get into the heatt of the city was unbelievable easy.

The hotel is quite comfortable but it didn't come with a kettle, so I had to ask for one so I could have a cop of tea (I brought my own tea bags).

I was quite tired after the travelling and couldn't be bothered to go out (as it was quite chilly out) so opted for room service, which was tasty and OK.

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