Saturday, 20 February 2016

Day 2243 (18/02/2016)

Sweden is an hour ahead of the UK, so it seemed like I had to get up far too early but luckily the venue was only about 250 yards away from the hotel, basically in the same street, which was doubly handy as it was now snowing.

This weeks course is for the Swedish Competition Authority, who seemed like very nice people.

The had lots of logo'd freebies, like mints, reflective strips (for cycling /walking at night) key-rings and tissues.

They even took me out for lunch. Apparently Thursday in Sweden are traditional pea soup and pancakes day ( I went for the pancakes).

In the evening I stayed at the hotel for dinner. They were obviously going for the American Loft Apartment look and it was OK.


The hotel appears to be a is very jazzy and trendy, with each lift being slightly different. I didn't like the one with a saxophone hanging up in it as it seemed to play non-sop jazz music, my favourite was the one with a mixing desk, which let you play and "scratch" the tunes playing.

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