Monday, 29 August 2016

Day 2434 & 2435 (27 & 28/08/2016)

A busy weekend doing loads of reports before I go away for a few days with my wife, who has bought something new for the garden.

It's solar, so lights up in the evening and when the wind blows the sails go round. I'm saying nothing but my idea of a minimilist garden (let alone house) seems even further away.

Anyway we had another nice shared breakfast on Saturday.

On Sunday after my wife finished work we went up to Bristol to see her mum, so on the way back we stopped off at The Worlds End for some dinner.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Day 2433 (26/08/2016)

More time in the office.

We had the maintenance man around to give him a few jobs, so we are looking forward to getting the house how it should be (although that means we have to clear out 90% of the stuff which could be classed as rubbish).

Day 2432 (25/08/2016)

Another day in the office but not achieving much.

Day 2431 (24/08/2016)

These are going to be a few days of doing stuff in the office but not achieving much.

Day 2430 (23/08/2016)

Thought we would treat ourselves to a pizza :-)

Day 2429 (22/08/2016)

Working in the office but not really getting anywhere near ready for all of the upcoming courses, so treated myself to an ice-cream.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Day 2427 & 2428 (20 & 21/08/2016)

We opted for a relaxing weekend, with a stay at The Royal Hotel in Bristol, going for the full romantic package, with a chilled bottle of Presecco & strawberry's dipped in chocolate.

Then we had a nice meal and a few more / to many drinks.

After a nice breakfast we went to see my mother-in-law.

Then instead of going straight home we went via Weston-Super-Mare for sometime by the seaside.

In the rain.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Day 2426 (19/08/2016)

This month has flown by and still so much to do.

Importantly I managed to get a haircut :-)

Finished the Chinese, looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Day 2425 (18/08/2016)

Very busy in the office.

My wife visited her mum in the evening, so I arranged a Chinese for when she got home.

Day 2424 (17/08/2016)

Still busy in the office and went to the gym.

In the afternoon I  went to see my Mum & Dad as our eldest friend was visiting. I am close & very fond of many of my relatives by Carol is the only person I call Aunty.

It stems from our growing up in Buntingford, where we were all very close.

Those times in Buntingford were many many years ago and I doubt any of us are the same people, thing have changed so drastically for us all but our closeness shall remain forever.

Day 2423 (16/08/2016)

Had BT round again to sort out my phone line & broadband and now it is super fast and the phone is again usable.

As I had to wait in for the BT man I didn't manage to get to the gym.

Lots to do at work. This month seems to have flown past and I have hardly done anything that I intended.

Day 2422 (15/08/2016)

A busy medical day.

Firstly I had an appointment at the hospital about my finger, although even the Doctor couldn't see the point. It might heal, it might not; either way most the the time you use your hand the fingers are bent, so it will make little difference (but will be a pain whilst typing and blowing my nose etc).

Then off to the osteopath to deal with a pain in my neck. I hadn't been for around 10yrs but whilst laying there could remember how much I hated the feeling of my spine being clicked into place and my head being twisted until it clicks.  Saying that, as soon as he did it I felt so much better.

Then off to the gym for a cycle.

Day 2420 & 2421 (13 & 14/08/2016)

A weekend of work.

One of the advantages of living in our current house is that the ice-cream van stop right outside, sometimes on a hot day it's very hard to resist.

On the Sunday I did a bit of washing up, being careful with my bad hand, unfortunately I cut myself quite badly on a chipped lasagna dish.

So now I have two bad hands.

Made a a lovely roast pork for dinner.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Day 2419 (12/08/2016)

Busy in the office but had to pop out to do a few things in town, including getting the car washed.


In the evening we had a very nice spinach and ricotta cannelloni which my wife had made from scratch.

Very nice.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Day 2418 (11/08/2016)

It was annual hedge trimming day, not a euphemism or an event celebrated by many but something we have celebrated for the last 20yrs.

It always looks so much better after the hedge-man has been and is defiantly money well spent.

I went to the gym but didn't have a great deal of energy, so left after a short cycle.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Day 2417 (10/08/2016)

I had meant to go to the gym at around 10am as I had a blood donor session at 2pm but I got a bit tied up and busy so I didn't get there until after 12 and finished working out at 1pm.

I managed to cool down a bit and have a biscuit before giving blood but I'm sure they don't recommend this.

Usually I struggle to drink the litre of water before giving blood but today I had two full glasses and some biscuits. Then I gave blood but they had to try both arms, so it was a bit more painful than usual.

Thankfully there weren't any side effects from going to the gym but I made sure I re-fuelled on tea and biscuits before driving home.

Then home to more tea and a bit of work.

My wife went to visit her mum again, so I got some fish & chips for when she got home.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Day 2416 (09/08/2016)

Busy in the office, which really isn't helped by having my finger in a splint, then back to the gym, again.

How long can I keep this up?

Day 2415 (08/08/2016)

Quite a bit to do at work (the joy of being an international businessman is that there always seem to be things to do, calls to take and meetings to have, I am really hoping that I can convince a lady I know to leave her secure well paid job to take over running it for us).

In the afternoon I went to the gym, for the first time in many months.

Usually I would start of easy by going swimming but with my bad finger I had to go straight on the exercise bike and cross trainer.

Then off  to Bristol in the afternoon / evening to see Mary, then stopped of for a cup of teas at Gary & Elaine's on the way back.

Day 2413 & 2414 (06 & 07/08/2016)

A reasonably relaxing weekend, well lots of work to do but no real deadlines.

My wife visited her mum on Saturday, as she has left the hospital and is now at a rehabilitation centre for a few weeks, so I ordered a curry in the evening, which we finished Sunday.

Very nice.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Day 2412 (05/08/2016)

It was a fairly early start and a train journey into London, where I past a few sites.

Then it was a few hours with a  psychiatrist for one of my claims against the police.

I managed to grab some late breakfast / lunch before catching the train back home.

Then home to a lovely steak dinner.

Day 2411 (04/08/2016)

Very busy with work updating things for next month and the coming year. Not as easy it would have been if I had the use of all of my fingers.

Day 2410 (03/08/2016)

I did my scratch cards from my birthday.

All those cards, with a potential of £Millions and I had only 1 winning, with a £10.

Still busy with work, updating things with the new company logo & colours.

Day 2409 (02/08/2016)

Our cleaner had a day off so we both went to Bristol to see my mother-in-law who was still in hospital.

As we were at the hospital I took the opportunity to visit A&E to get my finger checked out (I had researched it online but my family were not content with this and had old me I needed to see a proper Doctor).

My research was just about right but I ended up with a new splint and instructions not to bend my finger at all for 6 weeks and to have a bit of physio.

6 weeks without bending my index finger on my left-hand, when I'm left-handed, is going to be a pain.

Day 2408 (01/08/2016)

August already, so it's Kylie time.

Being the start of August the weather was awful but we had a great night at the Ask restaurant in town, celebrating Elaine's Birthday.


It was really nice to all get together, which we seem to do less and less.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Day 2406 & 2407 (30 & 31/07/2016)

Not a very relaxing weekend as still lots of work to do (it could be a busy 5 years).

My wife went to visit her mum again on the Saturday as she is still in hospital, so a made dinner for when she got home, using some Ostrich steaks that she had bought.

They were OK but hopefully she wont buy them again.

On Sunday I did a nice Greek style starters.

Then a Spanish style paella for dinner, with a couple bottles of Presecco :-)

Very nice :-)