Sunday, 29 November 2015

Day 2161 &2162 (28 & 29/11/2015)

I weekend spent working, preparing for courses.

Still managed time to knock up a quick Sunday roast for my wife.

Day 2160 (27/11/2015)

On this day my thoughts were with the friends and family of Debbie Leat, who died on this day in 1986 during a chase.

She was a lovely lady, it was a great shock to us all.

It was the first police funeral I went to and a very sad event.

It was a strange day, as today's training session was housed within the College of Policing, who if I get the evidence of what I've been led to believe I will be suing.

It was for a crime intelligence group that is part of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), which is now called the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), who I will be suing soon but I have contacted asking them if they wish to settle now.

Most of the staff in the room were part of the West Midlands Police, an organisation which I utterly detest and will be suing when a police force that has agreed to settled (although they are still arguing about the compensation) releases the papers work to me.

The day went well and they asked me to come back.

Then a long drive home.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Day 2159 (26/11/2015)

A busy day still trying to catch-up (and failing) and preparing for tomorrows training which should be fun (but I will explain later).

Off to Coventry tonight.

Day 2158 (25/11/2015)

I had to take a day out to spend time visiting my pensioner group as our lawyer was visiting and I wanted to show support (and ask a few questions).

Then home and an evening (and night) spent on trying to catch up with my work.

Day 2157 (24/11/2015)

Yet another breakfast at the hotel then a walk along the coast, which was nice.

We stopped off at Saltdean for a latte & hot chocolate.

Then we met up with Kelly / Ed for lunch and more birthday cake.

Then a drive home, via Sandbanks for fish & chips.

Day 2156 (23/11/2015)

After another lovely breakfast at the hotel we met up with Kelly / Ed for birthday card time.

How they have changed over the years.

And how much they are likely to change over the next few years.

Then off into Brighton for a walk around the shops.

Time for a Krispy Kreme pit stop :-)

Then a very tasty Mexican (although I think the margarita was a it too sharp for me). 

Then back for tea & birthday cake.

Day 2155 (22/11/2015)

I woke up after an awful nights sleep (my wife kept waking me up to tell me to stop snoring, selfish woman) with hardly any voice left.

We had a nice full breakfast then after a walk along the beach meet up with the kids.

In the evening we went to Jimmy's for another all you can eat international buffet, which was nice.


Then we had to drop Thomas off at the train station to get him back to London.

His visit was all too brief but it was great for all four of us to be together again, roll on Christmas (which I generally hate as we can be together again).

Day 2154 (21/11/2015)

I was up after only a few hours and straight out for a haircut.

Luckily my wife drove to Brighton, so I was able to catch up on a bit of sleep.

When we arrived it was getting very cold, so we went for a lovely warming squash & chilli soup.

Then we booked into the room at our usual hotel, which was nice but unless we are both shrinking modern beds & toilets are definitely higher. It's a case of jumping onto the bed or climbing on the toilet.

We had planned to have a nice meal out but Thomas was delayed and didn't arrive until after 10pm, so we sent out for a pizza.

But is was great to all be together.

Day 2153 (20/11/2015)

Feeling like crap but had to get up early for the meeting.

We were showing our product to a couple of interested parties, who thankfully were friends / acquaintances as the demonstration was appalling.

Thankfully it was nothing to do with me but rather than be negative we were able to take all of the comments as constructive criticism, so I think we learnt a lot from it.

Firstly get the product working properly before you show it and make sure you have a prepared demonstration.

I was hopping to catch an early train home but arrived at the station just as that train was pulling away, so I sat for an hour playing with Twitter.

I got home and was able to relax a bit but had to do a report which took me until 5:30 am, then to bed for a few hours.

Day 2152 (19/11/2015)

The course is still going well but my cold is still not getting better.

If it wasn't for tomorrow's business meeting I would be getting on a train and be back home tonight but I am having to stay another day.

In the evening I met up with Thomas and we had a pizza.

Day 2151 (18/11/2015)

The course is going well but my cold is not helping and not getting better.

In the evening I met up with Thomas and we had a very nice Mexican.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Day 2150 (17/11/2015)

Second day of the course went well but I'm still feeling really rough.

I had a sleep after work as I wasn't seeing Thomas as he was going to watch the football with his friends.

I stayed in and had another bar meal, a simple burger and fries.

Then back to work.