Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 2041 (30/07/2015)

It was a wet day in Norwich.

I gave my presentation to some men from the middle east, who seemed keen to get me over to their country to run a few courses.

If it wasn't for the money I wouldn't even entertain it.

A long drive back, with multiple changes of glasses as I went from bright sunshine to dull and heavy rain.

Day 2040 (29/07/2015)

A busy day, with lots to do as in the evening I went to my pensioners support group meeting. Then afterwards I drove to Norwich, which is bloody miles away, and took forever.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Day 2039 (28/07/2015)

Back to work, as I have loads to do.

In the morning had my hair cut which was a relief, as it was really long and annoying.

But is so much better now.

Day 2038 (27/07/2015)

It is my birthday but will always been a much sadder anniversary for us.

We had a quiet day together, starting with a lovely Eggs Benedict / Florentine.

In the evening we went out for a meal to The Worlds End, which was nice.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Day 2036 & 2037 (25 & 26/07/2015)

And today's blog is sponsored by Imodium.

I woke up feeling loads better, still quite week but loads better. I must remember to buy some more Imodium to keep in my bag.

A fairly relaxing day and then out in the evening with my parents and G&E for a lovely meal for my birthday (I know its not my actual birthday but I prefer that day to be a quiet affair as it will never just be my birthday) at The Globe.

I don't think we have ever had a bad meal there.

Then back to mum & dads for a cup of tea, a birthday cake ( I blew than candles out but we were all too stuffed to have a slice) and a chat.

A great evening.

Sunday I went to an investigator meeting in Bristol, as always a great buffet.

Then home to a nice dinner.

Day 2035 (24/07/2015)

Another rough night but at least I slept uninterrupted between and 1am and 7am, so the people in the adjoining room were probably happy not to hear the flush going ever 45mins.

The course went well and was great fun this week as they were a small bunch who actually knew more than normal and were happy to join and talk.

After the course I thought I had finished early enough to come straight home, so got a cab to the car park and started to drive thru the early rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon, during really torrential rain on apparently get away Friday, the first day of the school holidays.

What long journey that was, I was amazed I got home at all, let along by 9pm, only about 5hours after I started.

Now to relax, with the aid of medication.

Day 2034 (23/07/2015)

I have stayed in a few Ibis Hotels over the years and this like many have a little circular pod for a bathroom / shower.

I always find them quite enclosed, verging on the claustrophobic, quite space aged, handy for a quick shower but not someone you want to spend too long; however I think I visited it ever hour during the night.

If I was at home I would of stayed in bed and insisted my wife stay home to look after me. But I was away at work and had no choice but to continue with the course feeling like crap, which was apt.

There was nowhere on my route to the venue to pick up any Imodium or anything else, so I had to carry on, just with regular pit stops.

I felt so week, so had to have something to keep me going, even thou I knew I wouldn't have it for long.

Day 2033 (22/07/2015)

I felt worse as the night went on but even thou I wanted to stay in bed I had to run the course, which went OK.

I was only drinking proper "drinking water" during the day, but I'm sure that tap may have been coming straight from the Thames or I got something from the previous nights meal, as I felt worse during the day.

In the evening I stayed at the hotel and had dinner, which included a rather nice parma ham and melon starter and quite a hot curry, for a kill or cure approach to stomach issues.

All very nice but :-(

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Day 2032 (21/07/2015)

Thankfully the venue wasn't far from the hotel, so I didn't have too far too wheel the bags.

The course went well even thou the room was quite small.

I generally hate London but do enjoy the sites and the history. I didn't see any blue plaques on my walk but had a view of the Shard on the way back to the hotel.

In the evening I stayed at the hotel to eat dinner as I felt like I was coming down with a cold.

Dinner was nice but felt like crap afterwards and time for an early night.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Day 2031 (20/07/2015)

An early start as I have so much to do before going to London later for this weeks course.

Thankfully I have a few weeks off after that.

The drive to London took ages as the last few miles were going thru all the site, including Parliament Square, but there was no time to stop and start a revolution at the moment.

Annoyingly I hurt my back moving the heavy bags with the laptops in.

Day 2029 & 2030 (18 & 19/07/2015)

As if Barcelona wasn't enough (it was) my wife made sure that Thomas had his usual Birthday Celebrations, with balloons and presents.

She even decorated a cake for him with a picture of him scoring a goal for West Ham.

I know she loves candles and spoiling the kids.

In the afternoon we went out to a BBQ, where there was so much lovely food.

Sunday was a bit more relaxing and Kelly went back to hers in the evening.

It has been a great week as we are not together as a family that much nowadays and we miss them when they are away.


Day 2028 (17/07/2015)

Our last day in Barcelona. It was both too short and too long. Too short to see all the things you want to see and too long as I am knackered from doing too much in the extreme heat.

We went back to our new favouirte place for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

We did eat it all but it was a struggle.

Then back to the hotel to relax (collapse) by the pool for a couple of hours.

Then time for a few tapas (they weren't great),

before heading back to the airport and home.

Day 2027 (16/07/2015)

Thomas is 21 today and still shows no sign of ever growing up & leaving home (possibly not true), it is true to say his mum makes life so easy for him that he will never go (& if he did we would miss him, like we miss the other one).

After a lie-in we went off to somewhere he found online for breakfast /lunch, we started with some great pancakes.

Then me & him had a bit of lunch, the avocado & feta on toast was great.

Thomas wanted to go to the beach, so after getting changed we took a cab to the beach which was nice but the water was filthy (don't ask it was awful).

 Then we had some cocktails and munchies and played a drinking game (so British).

Then back to the hotel, where I found a use for the bday, getting the sand from my feet, so I didn't walk sand thru the hotel before having a shower.

My wife had bought a bit of cake from a nearby shop and had iced it with Happy Birthday. 

For dinner he had picked a Chinese near to the hotel, which was actually a Taiwanese, which was OK but obviously not the usual food.

After dinner we went back and I went to bed and they went out drinking for a few more hours.