Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 400 (31/01/2011)

Well we had a lovely time with the family yesterday for my mums birthday. Always nice to all get together.

Finished with the traditional game of cards, which I lost.

The camera with the other photo's are in my wife's handbag, which she has taken to work, so I only got these on my phone.

My wife's car seems a bit ill this morning and only lets you select 5th gear. So I might of burnt the clutch out getting it back on the drive. Unfortunately I am going up north tonight so might have to leave them with just Kelly's car.

Having a Malcolm McLaren and Bow Wow Wow musical morning this morning. Classic 80's.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day 398 & 399 (29 & 30/01/2011)

Gota get myself sorted for next weeks course. I suppose it shows how many courses I am doing nowadays that I have to go out a buy yet another box of paper from Staples. As well as printing out for the laminates and a few other odd things, I give three handouts, each 9 pages long, so that's 27 pages for 13 delegates on the course, which is a lot of paper.

Hopefully I am doing another course in Jersey this year but I don't think it will match up with any time off my wife has taken, so I will be there by myself, which will be much much cheaper but not as nice.

I was hoping to go to Norway as well but the Norwegians are coming over here, which is a shame as I fancied as few days in Norway at someones else's expense.

I will probably also be doing some stuff in Glasgow and Dublin later in the year, which may sound nice but when I am away working I never really have chance to see anything other than the hotel and the training venue.

It is a bit like the Tony Hancock comedy, The Radio Ham where he has friends all over the world but none in this country. I go all over the place giving presentations and courses but rarely doing anything locally, so there is always lots of driving and staying away from home. Oh well it's work.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Day 397 (28/01/2011)

Just about keeping on top of my work before I go away on a course next week.

Looking forward to getting together with the family at the weekend for my mum's birthday.

Having a curry tonight :-)

Update - 22:00 - Stuffed after a lovely curry. Spent the last 2hrs doing laminates. Now time for tea.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 396 (27/01/2011)

Well we made it to The kings Speech last night, strangely to the same screening as my parents had chosen. Now I hate the royals and think that the world be a better place without them but what a good film. There were loads of good people in it and despite the film being nearly 2hrs long it was worth watching, though I find it uncomfortable in those seats for anything longer than 90minutes.

It was nice to have a lie-in this morning and not to have to take Mr Pix to college.

It's gone very cold again and keeps threatening to snow :-(

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 395 (26/01/2011)

Well me and the wife went out last night for a quick bite to eat at The Worlds End

Very nice it was too.

Then we went to The Brewhouse where we saw an evening with Gyles Brandreth.

He was very funny and it was a great show, certainly worth seeing him if he is at a theatre near you.

Below is a poor picture of him signing books afterwards.

So today I dropped Mr Pix at the train station to go to college. Came home and did some work, then dropped the daughter off at the train station as she is going to London to see a play with a friend. Then I had a hair cut then I picked Mr Pix up from the train station. What a busy day so far.

Aiming to see The Kings Speech tonight, as long as the wife can get ready on time, unlike last week.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day 394 (25/01/2011)

Well inspired by my aunties comments about tidying up I started on my office this morning. I now have two large bags of shredded paper and and 500 sheets of paper I can print on the other side of. I have also put some papers away so my desk is a bit clearer.

I will aim to carry on and have the office clear by the weekend but I think I may have some stuff for eBay as I have loads of books and computer things sat here untouched for a few years.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 393 (24/01/2011)

I love my kids loads and miss them when we are away but oh how much easier it will be to arrange a holiday when its just be and my wife. It will be nice to just book a week away whenever. I am looking forward to that and will send the kids a postcard.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day 391 & 392 (22 & 23/01/2011)

Why in your middle age and older does the hair in your nose and ears grow so quickly. This is a question I often ask myself.

We had snow this morning, only for a few minutes but just enough to remind us that winter is far from over.

Update - Sun 18:00 - I currently look like & feel like I have been shot under the chin. This is the mother of all spots.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 390 (21/01/2011)

I have had no enthusiasm for work over the last few days. I have sent out emails to arrange things but just haven't done any reports, so not earnt any money. Now I have loads of work and a back log.

If I could just loose one of my big clients my time would just be right. I keep telling them that I am having to cut down but they just can't take the hint.

Plus I have lots of training coming up. I was hoping to go to Norway for a few days to train some people but they obviously fancied a few days in London, so instead of me going over there they are coming over here. Oh well a few days in London at someone else's expense. If it goes well then it should be a bit of an earner but this ones for free.

I know it's wrong to be complaining whilst other people are losing their jobs which is why I can't tell the clients to just go away, just in case things start turning the other way.

Also, Blair, the murdering war criminal scum is back at the Chilcot cover up / enquiry today. I hate listening to Blair speak / lie and normally just turn the radio or telly off if he or his bitch of a wife come on but I will have it on the radio live today, just in case there is a Columbo or Miss Marple moment, where someone actually points out all of his lies.

Of course it would also be a historic moment if someone actually kills and whilst wrong it would be a shame to miss a historic moment.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 389 (20/01/2011)

We got to the cinema slightly later than anticipated (I was ready my wife was running late, again) last night and The Kings Speech was sold out, so we went to see 127 Hours instead.

We are both usually quite squeamish with things on the telly, even looking away if people are having injections, so I was not completely looking forward to watching this film but we had gone to the trouble of going out and my wife likes films based on true stories, so we saw it.

It is a really well made film with about a five minute section in which I couldn't really watch the screen but I would recommend it.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 388 (19/01/2011)

I didn't want to get up this morning but I managed to get Mr Pix to the train station in time, even allowing for having to scrape the ice off the windscreen.

Might go and see The Kings Speech on a Orange Wednesday today. Not me sort of thing but the wife likes anything based on a true story.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 387 (18/01/2011)

Have just put the ever growing boxes of Christmas stuff away.

I have told my wife that if she buys any more decorations, cards or paper I will divorce her but I think it is more likely that I will just kill her and wrap her body in the stuff.

If my house wasn't so full of crap we would actually be able to find and use the stuff we already have instead of having to buy more stuff to replace we stuff we can't find.

Hopefully the credit card people won't phone again today as I'm not in a mood to be messed about with.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Day 386 (17/01/2011)

Must put the Christmas stuff up in the loft as our bedroom is full of boxes of stuff.

I wonder which company I can be rude to on the phone today. I do try to be nice but it is only fair as if I didn't ask these companies to phone or if they annoy me then I am allowed to be as rude as I like to them and I often am.

I remember years ago we were sat in an office in the middle of the night doing some paperwork and decided to have a swearing competition. After a few minutes a man came in to use the photocopier but he couldn't get it to copy properly and without stopping he let out a stream of sweary abuse at the machine, which was much worse than anything we had come up with in the previous 5 minutes.

Having written the above, I have just remembered having a law lesson in the mid 1980's when we were being taught about the offence of swearing n a public place. We each had to come out with the two most offensive swear words we could think of. A sensitive lady called Carol said something like Bloody Hell and then Johny B came out with a two word phrase that was truly offensive but very very funny. We all laughed for ages and he got a £1 fine by the trainer, it was well worth it.

I can't really put the phrase down here but when we meet, ask and I might tell you what it is.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day 384 & 385 (15 & 16/01/2011)

I am doing some work before breakfast but the smell of crumpets toasting is quite a distraction.

Update - Sun 09:00 - Early start still trying to catch up on my work.

Golly it rained lots over night. I want a summer holiday but no doubt when I'm away I will be missing my computer. Might go away for a few days over half term, just to relax.

Update - Sun 14:15 - Santander Credit Card Security you are all a bunch of utter W***KERS, you phoned us. If your rules don't make sense then use common sense you T**SERS.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Day 383 (14/01/2011)

I love twitter, I think it's great. As well as work things I follow lots of people that I like, who I want to know what they are up to. There are lots of comedians, so lot's of their tweets are funny. If I didn't like someone I would just un-follow them and then ignore them.

I only say all of this as recently I have worked (as a favour and not actually earned any money) on a couple of jobs for a few celebs who have been having really horrible stuff sent to them on twitter.

Life as a celebrity can't always be great. I would like the money that success would bring but really don't want the fame bit, which is just as well as I am likely to have neither.

It is somewhat strange to know that celebrities have been discussing you and that I have had a few tweets and emails from them, though if I told most people they would probably say "Who?"

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day 382 (13/01/2011)

I'm at home.

The course was OK but I must say some people are F**KING frustrating.

Anyway home with loads of urgent work to do.

Slowly getting thru all the left over Christmas goodies.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 381 (12/01/2011)

I couldn't get up this morning, I hate early morning but if I was at home I would of been up to take Mr Pix to college. Oh for lie-in. I think I am just nocturnal.

Looks like the journey home will be full of rain, again, roll on the summer.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 380 (11/01/2011)

Did the first day of the course today and it went quite well, but it is quite rushed doing it all in 2 days. I might see if the budget can be stretched to three days next time.

Went for the lamb & blackpudding pie for lunch, that was possibly a mistake, as was my choice for dinner, sausage & mash. It was like a microwave special.

Looking forward to getting home but know I will be so busy with all the reports that need doing.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Day 379 (10/01/2011)

Nearly got all of my course stuff done, still loads of work to do and I must sort my laptop out.

The year is only 10days old and I am looking forward to going on holiday all ready.

Not looking forward to the 200mile journey tonight but I am looking forward to ham eggs & chips for dinner before I go.

Update - 13:45 - Getting my laptop ready but the new 3g dongle is not working either, argh!!!!!!!!!!! what a pain in the arse.

Also I started up a Facebook group ages ago slagging off my local Renault garage after receiving poor service from them and today I am having quite a few applications to join it, from people who I have worked out are actually employed there.

What idiots they are thinking I would just let them join.

If only they realized the size of the group, this could be fun to take to the press, how they are trying to infiltrate the worlds smallest group on Facebook.

Update - 22:00 - In Preston after 200miles of rain soaked motorway. Hopefully my laptop is now working properly.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 377 & 378 (08 & 09/01/2011)

So much to do & so little time to do it in.

Plus seeing Punt & Denis tonight, which should be good.

Update - Sun 16:30 - Have to do update and print all my course material in the next 4hours. Perhaps it was a mistake to have more than half a bottle of champagne with my dinner, feel like sleeping really :-)

Friday, 7 January 2011

Day 376 (07/01/2011)

How did I get so much work in and have not updated my course and printed off all the material. Could be a busy couple of days.

It's that horrible misty rain outside and I have to out to buy things for the course next week :-(

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Day 375 (06/01/2011)

Cold and very wet.

Thankfully my printer is working again now thanks to a very early delivery of the new drum thing.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 374 (05/01/2011)

Well now Mr Pix has joined me with a bad cold and wasn't well enough to go to college. I won't use the term man flu but we are both soldiering on, where as my wife had to be off work and was ill in bed for a few days. The lightweight.

My printer has stopped working as I need a new imaging drum, which costs about £100. When I bought it no-one said anything about all the other bits other than just the toners you need. I do like my printer but I could do without the extra expense and hassle.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day 373 (04/01/2011)

Back to work - AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got up early to take Mr Pix to the train station. It was so early my eyes hurt and I felt sick, thats just too early I'm much more of an evening person. It was so dark it was like the middle of the night. Roll on the summer.

Meant to say that Mr Pix's girlfriend made us a lovely Tiramisu for afters on Sunday.

Watched a Rolf Harris program on sky+ the other day. Possibly one of the most weird & uncomfortable things I have seen for ages.

Was it just me or did it make Rolf look like a bit of a perv, not his usual art.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 372 (03/01/2011)

My wife has to work today and everything is back to normal tomorrow. I may take the Christmas decorations down and make the world dull and normal :-(

Although I hate Christmas, the place looks dull after you take all the decorations and lights down, so I hate after Christmas nearly as much as I hate Christmas.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day 371 (02/01/2011)

I am all over the place with my days of the week, apparently it's a Sunday today. It is always confusing over Christmas and New Year but this year it seems to have all been Bank Holidays.

My wife has gone off to work, although she is not completely better. I have a cold and cough but luckily I like Beechems Lemon anyway.

Might do a Sunday dinner today and open a bottle of wine for myself, as I have not had a drink all year.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Day 370 (01/01/2011)

It was a quiet New Year, with my wife still full of flu and Kelly at work until 11.

Mr Pix and his girlfriend were here and had a drink but as I was picking Kelly up I couldn't drink and then it seemed a waste to open a bottle of Champagne for midnight and then leave most of it, so I had a Beechems Lemon instead (I have a slight cold but not yet full man flu).

This year I must get more done. Thats more exercise, more tidying up, more career stuff rather than just work, more writing (that's if 3 pages count as a start). I must stop wasting time, money, my life, blah blah blah.

I may go out for short walk later, building up to a longer walk then get back on the bike. Or then again I may not.

Anyway Happy New Year to everyone, I hope your year is good and brings you things you want.

Update - 17:00 - Went for a half hour walk to the local shops to buy some bread. That was todays exercise as I could have taken the car and only taken about 5 minutes.