Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 1585 (30/04/2014)

A bit of deja-vu as I did some work in my office, then sorted some stuff out in the lock-ups and then went for a swim.

On the way back I had an urge for some kippers, so I bought some then had a lovely lunch of hot buttered kippers and watercress.

Kippers are great value as they stay with you for a whole day after eating them. When will I learn.

I may give up bread & potatoes for a few months, unless I'm out and forced to eat these things.

Day 1584 (29/04/2014)

Up early and off by train to London talk at a Terorism / Forensics Conference at Olympia.

The guy talking before me was really interesting. He had spent six years as an undercover officer pretending to be a 12yr old girl on-line to trap paedophiles.  

My talk seemed to go down OK but it was all off the cuff as I wasn't getting paid so hadn't given it much thought.

The exhibition was quite interesting with lots of boys toys.

I visited most of the displays to see what freebies I could collect and did OK. I refuse to collect pens or pads any-more as I have enough to last a family of 10 for a lifetime.

Due to the tube strike I took a taxi and went into Paddington via a different entrance, which was most unexpected. 

Then I caught an early train home.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Day 1583 (28/04/2014)

Doing stuff in the office and putting stuff from one storage unit into the other.

Hopefully another 3 or 4 trips should see the old more expensive (& slightly damp) unit emptied, then we can start going through things. Plus we can start going things through our house as well.

Then I went to the gym but I only went for a swim as I'm still feeling a bit run down.

Then home for work.

I'm in London tomorrow talking at a conference, so my day will be busy, as there is a strike on the underground and I have to be at places by certain times. Hopefully the journey to & from will not be a nightmare and the day will be profitable with me getting a few people to sign up for courses.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day 1581 & 1582 (26 & 27/04/2014)

I had aimed to spend the day in the garden but it rained on and off for most of the day, so I just had time to cut the grass and tidy up a bit before the rain came down again and didn't stop.

I didn't have time to plant my flowers or seed the grass but did have time to set up the swinging gnome.

Who said cheap & tacky, oh it was me but don't tell my wife, she loves them.

Managed to clear my desk of most of the accumulated paperwork from the last few years and as a result also have three bags of shredded paper for recycling.

My office is feeling much more roomier now already and I've not really started yet.

Lovely Sunday dinner.

My wife's new gnome, which has a solar panel & binoculars has now started lighting up of a night.

Honestly I never said cheap or tacky but my idea of a minimalist garden never did quite work out but my wife is happy.


Friday, 25 April 2014

Day 1580 (25/04/2014)

Put some shelves in the storage unit ready for filling next week when hopefully I will be back at full strength.

Then I can cancel the old storage unit and start clearing out the rubbish I our house and start selling a few things on eBay.

Booked a nice night away for me and my wife for our 27th Wedding Anniversary next month at The Casamia in Bristol.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 1579 (24/04/2014)

Just about recovered from my impression of a removal man earlier in the week and must go there again tomorrow to put a few more things away as I must clear out the old storage unit soonish.

I went for another blood test today just to make sure everything is OK.

The nurse was brilliant and I hardly felt a thing, truly the best blood test I have ever had and I have (unfortunately) had quite a few over the years.

Kelly went back home today, it was great to see her, even for the few hours.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Day 1578 (23/04/2014)

After yesterdays removal activities I have felt total exhausted so having another day off from the gym.

As part of the general tidy-up and getting rid of things we don't need, the Satellite Broadband was taken away today.

So now our house doesn't look so Chavvy now.

Either that our all the neighbours just thought one of us was into hard-core European porn or sport.

Nice to have Kelly home for the evening as she is going out with a friend to see a show in Bristol.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Day 1577 (22/04/2014)

Woke up and it was a bit wet out, so the holiday feeling was over.

A bit of a busy day moving things from my office and the old storage unit into the new one, which is cheaper but more importantly dryer.

This was just the stuff from my office, which was small enough anyway, so now I can at least swivel on my chair. I shall do the next rest of the stuff over the next few weeks.

I was going to go to the gym but moving all of this stuff meant I was exhausted for the rest of the day.

Day 1576 (21/04/2014)

One of the advantages of visiting Kelly and staying a few miles away at the Travelodge is that we get to have breakfast at The little Chef.

Porridge with Maple Syrup followed by a bacon sandwich.

Happy Happy Happy, even if the service was a bit crap because they didn't have enough people on.

Then off with Kelly to The Lama Park.

It started well but owing to slight mishap whilst feeding the little pigs Kelly got badly mauled / injured which required major medical assistance.

OK she had her finger bitten by a pig, not completely her fault as the sign warning you not to put your hands near the pigs was covered up by someone being stood in front of it. Still a useful lesson to learn, we eat them, don't let them eat you.

Then off for a Chinese at The Pagoda in the marina. 

Kelly was still recovering but managed to tuck in, the food was bloody lovely.

Banana splits for afters a quick 70's flash back.

But is it only Chinese restaurants that still use tins of fruit salad.

Then home after a lovely couple of days with Kelly.

Day 1574 & 1575 (19 & 20/04/2014)

Saturday was a relaxed day, apart from tidying the garden, like all the other middle-aged middle-classed Englishmen on a Bank Holiday Weekend.

Still it was worth it as I quite like being able to sit out in my garden now.

It was a bit late so we went to The Worlds End for dinner. I had the lasagne whilst my wife had the liver & bacon, one of her favourites.

It is one of the things I like about going here that you can have normal homely food. They used to do a brilliant ham egg and chips. We even took home a sticky chicken salad for Thomas who was out at the football.

Then jam pudding for her and a salty caramel sundae for me, which was fantastic.

Then Sunday we went off to see Kelly in Rottingdean for a couple of days.

We found a great local pub, the Ye Old Black Horse, which did fantastic Sunday Roasts.

They also did entertainment but we "left the building" before Rottingdean's Elvis started.

Time for a quick walk on the beach, where we saw a mermaid.

Golly Brighton is full of these arty types.

Then off to our nearby Travelodge for the night.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Day 1573 (18/04/2014)

Started the day with some lovely poached eggs on muffins.

Yum Yum.

Then we went out to buy some plants for the garden but got slightly distracted by the gnomes.

 A quick cake,

and then spent some time tidying the garden and plant a few things.