Monday, 30 January 2017

Day 2590 (30/01/2017)

Busy in the office then out for a swim & a steam.

Then back for healthy fruit lunch.

Went to see my Mum for her birthday in the afternoon.

Their conservatory is looking good.

Then in the evening made a nice lamb shank dinner.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 2588 & 2589 (28 & 29/01/2017)

Thee weekend and I'm nearly up to date with work.

Nice lazy family on Saturday.

Worked in the office for the rest of the day and then we went out in the evening to Ask (again) for my Mum's Birthday (for some reason my iphone wasn't focusing great last night so not all the photos were clear).

I had calamari for starters, then giant meat balls (very tasty) and then a giant profiterole full of hazelnut ice-cream (also very tasty).

A lovely evening.

On Sunday I did a nice duck dinner for us (& a nice vegi one for Lee).

Sad to say bye to Lee after there visit, how quickly that week went by.

Day 2587 (27/01/2017)

It was a bit more of a busy day today, after a few hours in the office I had a haircut (I know I only had it done the other week but it was touching my ears so had to be cut).

I had a decent swim after the haircut and then came back for more fruit.

In the evening Lee made some lovely Mexican enchiladas yum yum yum :-)

Day 2586 (26/01/2017)

Another day in the office, then to the gym for a swim & a steam.

More fruit for lunch.

After months on inactivity things have moved quickly in the last few weeks in my claim against Avon & Somerset and it should be sorted very shortly. It won't be that much (more symbolic but it will be a victory that once again proves that I was right and they were wrong) but it will be this years special holiday paid for (as long as I can get a visa) and it will be nice to only have to fight the other two police forces and convince them to do likewise.

Day 2585 (25/01/2017)

Wednesday and in the office to do work and back to the gym but the pool was so full it was just a steam & a jacuzzi.

My wife made a nice vegi curry in the evening.

I'm being quite good at the moment, only having fruit for lunch and not having any cake with my evening latte, its a sort of healthy diet.

Day 2584 (24/01/2017)

I was feeling slightly better today and had loads of work to do.

My life is feeling a lot more relaxed nowadays, there is still lots to do but the joy of being at home all the time of quite a few years going away week-in week-out is great but I think it makes these daily entries seem a bit samey.

Anyway bought a new bluetooth speaker today as my old speakers, which came with my first computer 20yrs ago, were collecting more interference (which was probably due to me computer anyway).

So far I have managed to pair this to ever device I have apart from my computer, which is a bit annoying.

As my wife & Lee had been in Bristol visiting my mother-in-law we had a two for Tuesday deal when they got home, which was nice but slightly ruined by the fact that I had treated them both to a nice afters but one was sold out and they forgot to include the other one.

I must remember to check my credit card for a refund.

Day 2583 (23/01/2017)

I woke up not felling great but had a meeting first thing, which lasted into lunch time, thankfully there were nice bacon rolls.

I popped into the gym but felt worse, so when I got home spent the rest of the day lying on the bed feeling sorry for my self and a bit run down.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Day 2581 & 2582 (21 & 22/01/2017)

Time to catch-up on lots of emails that need answering from the last few days.

In the evening my wife went out on a school reunion, whilst I caught up with a friend in Bristol.

On Sunday Lee came home and I made a nice Chicken Roast.

Not a bad weekend

Day 2580 (20/01/2017)

Still no internet as there is apparently a fault on my line. I think they have just completely fucked it up.  In the end I had to make my desktop wifi enabled and set-up a mobile internet connection, which is expensive and a bit limited.

They dropped of the new telly, which is good and will be even better when we have the sound bar that comes with it and have the internet so I can use my new amazon fire stick so we can watch whatever we want.

Plus it's always a pain setting these things up.

Went for a swim in the afternoon, so another week of attending the gym everyday. Next week I will try to go upstairs into the actual gym again.

Day 2579 (19/01/2017)

Still no internet and no phone call to explain as arranged yesterday so I called BT and signed up with them but can't get my Fibre broadband installed until the 3rd of February.

This is going to be a long couple of weeks.

Also they picked up the telly.

It's going to be quiet in the house without a telly & internet.

In the evening I went out to a police pensioners meeting, which was interesting after a few weeks gap.

Day 2578 (18/01/2017)

Today I was supposed to get my new phone & internet connection, supposedly a simple change over from TalkTalk to EE; however I realised that EE had disconnected my office phone 4 days previously and had put me down for standard internet connection instead of fibre optic super fast connection I have had for the last 5+years.

EE are basically useless cunts and I gave them 24hrs to sort it out.

I went o the gym but was to exhausted to workout upstairs so went for a swim instead.

In the afternoon I went with my wife to buy a new telly, as our, which we have rented for the last few years is being collected tomorrow; however they were sold out (as were most places) so we had to order a telly to get delivered on Friday,which will mean 24hrs without a telly.

Not a good day.

Day 2577 (17/01/2017)

I was supposed to have a meeting in the morning but the motorway was closed, so I put it off for a week.

In the afternoon managed to go to the gym.

Knackered :-(

Day 2576 (16/01/2017)

Back to work, as if I have any real days off anyway.

I had a meeting in the morning in Bristol with a guy who I work with and was close to about 30 yrs ago. Strangely our lives have ended up with many similarities, so as well as being nice to catch-up it was good to hear about things from his prospective.

I went to the gym, on the exercise bikes & moved some weights but annoyingly I couldn't listen to any music as my new i-phone didn't work with my old headphones :-(

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Day 2574 & 2575 (14 & 15/01/2017)

A busy day in the office on Saturday.

Sunday was back to normal, with breakfast at my parents and then off to the shops for Sunday dinner.

Opted for a roast pork today.

With a nice rice pudding, with cream & fresh nutmeg :-)

Fairly relaxed day.

Day 2573 (13/01/2017)

A busy day in the office and then I went for a swim & steam and in the afternoon picked my dad up to take him to see Bristol v Bath rugby at Ashton Gate, which has been redeveloped since I last went there.


I had booked us in to a hospitality, so we had some nice food and nice comfortable seats.

The food was quite tasty.

And the tea & hot meat pie at half time was very welcome as it was very cold.

The match was a bit one-sided (Bath won by about 35 points) but it was a very enjoyable evening and I intend this year to relax more and do more fun things with family & friends.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Day 2572 (12/01/2017)

Another busy day in the office, with time spent in the pool.

Day 2571 (11/01/2017)

I left early for a meeting with a few old colleagues in Bristol, but got my timings wrong so was 45 minutes early, so had time for a coffee and a bacon sandwich - Result :-)

Great meeting with lots of ideas.

Back home via the pool and a steam.

Day 2570 (10/01/2017)

I was supposed to go for a meeting first thing but as the motorway was closed following an accident I stayed at home and had breakfast with my wife.

More work in the office then a swim & a steam.

Day 2569 (09/01/2017)

Back to a normal week, so doing things in the office and going for a swim and a steam.

Finished off the curry for lunch.

I got some of the laptops out of storage to update and give away as I wont be using them anymore.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Day 2567 & 2568 (07 & 08/01/2017)

A fairly busy weekend (busy but without too much pressure).

I'm not going to the gym of a weekend, just during the week, so quite relaxed.

We had an Indian take away on Saturday night and finished on Sunday.

Very nice.

Day 2566 (06/01/2017)

Another day in the office and at the pool.

In the evening my wife started taking all of the Christmas decorations down, so the place is looking a bit dull.

Day 2565 (05/01/2017)

More time in the office and at the pool.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Day 2564 (04/01/2017)

My days are all fairly similar now, working in the office, then going to to the gym for a swim and and a steam then back home to work in the office and then dinner.

Tonight we were finishing up some of the stuff left untouched from Christmas.

Although I am fairly busy there is none of the pressure from the years gone by. Yes there are things that need to be done but I know I am home every week, so the work will get done.

Saying that there is now a pressure of making sure we have enough work coming in to keep 20 staff fully employed and the bills paid. It seems to do this you can not afford to stay still but must always be looking for new markets and new opportunities, so we will probably signing up a few more people as trainers and creating a few more courses to try to sell but actually its quite a thrill and if it works out it will be very beneficial.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Day 2563 (03/01/2017)

I was able to spend most of the day with my wife, as our cleaner Anne is off for a while.

I went to the gym for another swim, steam and jacuzzi session.

Had a nice jacket potato in the evening.

Day 2562 (02/01/2017)

Still a Bank Holiday but my wife was back to work today.

Our neighbour wanted to access to our manhole cover to try and clear our neighbours sewage pipe, which appears to be blocked by tree roots.

Obviously I left them to it as I don't really do that type of work and they seemed happy to be doing that type of manual work. I went off to the gym for a swim, steam and session in the jacuzzi.

In the afternoon Lee left to go back home.

It was lovely having them here and great that they will be back in a few weeks.

In the evening I made quite a nice spaghetti bolognese.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Day 2560 & 2561 (31/12/2016 & 01/01/2017)

New Years Eve

My wife & Lee spent the afternoon building. I say building, it was making a ginger bread house.

Lee made a Cheese & Pineapple (plus a few grape versions) Hedgehog.

In the evening we went Gary & Elaine's for our annual celebration to see in the New Year.

It was really enjoyable with lovely food & drink, great company and fun, as always.

New Years Day

Time to break out the new Kylie calendar (far too many clothes and far too arty again).

Pair of idiots :-)

A day spent mostly relaxing.