Saturday, 21 January 2017

Day 2578 (18/01/2017)

Today I was supposed to get my new phone & internet connection, supposedly a simple change over from TalkTalk to EE; however I realised that EE had disconnected my office phone 4 days previously and had put me down for standard internet connection instead of fibre optic super fast connection I have had for the last 5+years.

EE are basically useless cunts and I gave them 24hrs to sort it out.

I went o the gym but was to exhausted to workout upstairs so went for a swim instead.

In the afternoon I went with my wife to buy a new telly, as our, which we have rented for the last few years is being collected tomorrow; however they were sold out (as were most places) so we had to order a telly to get delivered on Friday,which will mean 24hrs without a telly.

Not a good day.

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