Saturday, 7 January 2017

Day 2564 (04/01/2017)

My days are all fairly similar now, working in the office, then going to to the gym for a swim and and a steam then back home to work in the office and then dinner.

Tonight we were finishing up some of the stuff left untouched from Christmas.

Although I am fairly busy there is none of the pressure from the years gone by. Yes there are things that need to be done but I know I am home every week, so the work will get done.

Saying that there is now a pressure of making sure we have enough work coming in to keep 20 staff fully employed and the bills paid. It seems to do this you can not afford to stay still but must always be looking for new markets and new opportunities, so we will probably signing up a few more people as trainers and creating a few more courses to try to sell but actually its quite a thrill and if it works out it will be very beneficial.

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