Thursday, 29 October 2015

Day 2131 (29/10/2015)

Still no lie-in as I had to take Thomas's car for an MOT.

Now in the office for a few days to catch up on my reports.

Day 2130 (28/10/2015)

Not so early this morning but still up earlier than normal as I had to catch a train to London to give a talk. I had time for a tea & bacon roll at the station.

Then I caught a very packed train and had to stand for a while rather than kick out the young girl who was in my seat.

Arrived at the venue in time for lunch.

Then I sat thru two very dull presentation, which left only about 20 minutes for me, so I kept it short but fun, it seemed to go down quite well.

Then a few hours sat at Paddington, where I set a new personal record at Yo Sushi.

Day 2129 (27/10/2015)

A very early start, as I was in the car by 6am to get to Farnborough for today talk.

It went OK but very tiring after the drive there and back.

I've got to do it again in a couple of weeks and they talked about doing some more after that, which is good (money) and bad (early morning & long drive).

Monday, 26 October 2015

Day 2128 (26/10/2015)

Spent the day doing a training session at the local holiday inn, it wasn't too bad as the tuna melt was quite nice.

Home by 5pm and spent the evening doing a few jobs that came in then finished by 10pm as have a very early morning and long drive.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Day 2127 & 2128 (24 & 25/10/2015)

After finishing work at 3:30am I was back up at 8am and spent the day in front of my computer doing some work.

I had aimed to have the next part of the Uni course completed before Sunday, so I could at least relax a bit but its 10:30pn on Saturday night and I haven't started writing yet :-(

I finally got rid of the weeds growing in the uttering at the front of the house.

Fair enough I didn't get up the ladder myself or get my hands dirty, that is what we have a handyman for.

Very nice roast beef for dinner.

Finally finished this weeks Uni course material before 10pm, a record for being early and now I am about half way thru the material - thank fuck! (I can't wait for it to be finished).

Day 2126 (23/10/2015)

I have so much work on still that I really didn't need to meet up with a client to talk over some enquiries, but its a client I like, so I went up to Bristol and had another meeting over a cup of tea at The Hilton.

Then home along a busy M5 and hours spent at my computer trying to get up to date.

Day 2125 (22/10/2015)

A busy morning then in the afternoon I went out via Bridgwater and dropped of the leaf blower that I sold via Facebook.

It had been sat in the shed unused for the last 4 or 5 years, so I'm just glad to get rid of it.

Then I was off to Cardiff to meet up with Sam and see Rob Beckett.

He was very funny and we had some nice chicken burgers & chips.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Day 2124 (21/10/2015)

A wet start to the day and then a drive into town to get some admin done.

In the afternoon I had Thomas's car valeted as it was in an awful state.

 But now its as good as new.

I know the car isn't worth much but mechanically its in a good condition, so as long as it gets its MOT next week then we will keep it, even thou Thomas isn't using it now.

Day 2123 (20/10/2015)

Second and last day on the course. It went well, despite issues with their laptops.

More sandwiches for lunch.

Then off to the hotel for an hour sat at Starbucks.

The plane was quite empty but I was crammed into a seat next to the window, but slept for nearly all of the flight again.

Nice to be home but feeling full of a cold.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Day 2122 (19/10/2015)

First day of the course next to the Lansdowne Road Stadium.

It went well and they provided plenty of drinks & biscuits and some nice sandwiches & crisps.

In the evening they took me out for dinner, which was nice. I had some nice Thai fish cakes for starters, then a really lovely steak for diner. And a very nice pear and almond tart.

I walked passed the American Embassy on the way backj to my hotel.

I was tempted to take a photo of my hand thru their fence, so I could technically claim to be in the USA or even claim asylum but I settled for the photo outside instead as I don't think the security were to keen on me taking lots of photos (they weren't, I wasn't stopped but they did walk up to me and said hello).

Then back to my room to do more work. It was a very late night (early morning) as I had to submit another part of the University course.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Day 2120 & 2121 (17 & 18/10/2015)

A busy weekend with lots to do before I go away tomorrow night.

We went over to Bridgwater with some flowers and then made our usual stop at the drive-thru Costa Coffee for a drink and a cake.

My wife had the lemon muffin whilst I went for the coffee & walnut.

Yum Yum Yum

Had a nice Chinese in the evening.

And slightly too much to drink.

Then off to Dublin on Sunday.

Sunday was a very busy day as I had lots to do in the morning before I could leave for the airport.

I slept for the whole flight,listening to my music,hopefully not snoring too much.

The hotel is OK, with a comfortable room but a small telly.

Dinner was nice but they messed up my order, so I had to wait for dinner for near 45mins.

Pus no biscuits on the tea tray :-)

Friday, 16 October 2015

Day 2119 (16/10/2015)

An early start with a train journey to London (but I had time for a bacon roll).

I gave a presentation in London, which went well and there was load of drink and food afterwards.

It was melon for starters and I forgot to take a photo of my salmon main meal, which was OK.

As a thank-you they gave me one of the bottles that was left over.

A very good day.

Day 2118 (15/10/2015)

Still incredibly busy but I had to have a hair cut as it would be really long by the time I'm back from next weeks course.

With Kylie looking good in the background.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Day 2117 (14/10/2015)

An early morning and a long but interesting meeting in Bristol.

Then spent hours answering emails but no getting round to doing any work.

Thomas's new job appears to be going well and he is enjoying it. If he sticks at it and it works out he will probably be a completely different young-man in no time.

Day 2116 (13/10/2015)

Busy day training in Manchester, which went well.

It is a right pain to supply the laptops, they are heavy to cart around and I have to spend a few hours beforehand updating them but they worked well and have allowed me to provide training courses to some people who wouldn't have booked me otherwise.

I was considering getting rid of them but I might keep them until the spring just in case but after the spring I should be tied up with my new business venture which is starting to take shape.

They also arranged lunch, which was nice and always a bonsu, especially as I hadn't had breakfast.

Then a long drive home.

Day 2115 (12/10/2015)

Long day still trying to catch-up with work.

Had some nice bubble & squeak, then a very long drive up to Manchester.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Day 2113 & 2114 (10 & 11/10/2015)

I'm getting through my work but still not up to date and I start on a new round of training again very soon.

I'm definitely thinking that next summer I will walk away from the majority of my work as I want to be home more and want to concentrate on other things.

The weekends are non diet days (as are days I'm working away), so my wife made some nice poached eggs for breakfast.

I'm determined to get the next part of the University distance learning course that I'm writing finished before 2am on Monday morning, it would be nice to be a week or two ahead and have Sunday's off. I can't wait for half term.

Did a lovely Sunday Roast, with Duck Breasts in a plumb sauce and lots of veg, including a squash.

Very nice.

Day 2112 (09/10/2015)

Still very busy at work.

I should have heard some reasonably good news today with regard to one part of my ongoing fight but they need another month, which my lawyer says we should agree to, as we have to show how reasonable we are.

I thought we should tell them what we know to shock them into action but apparently that isn't the way to handle this particular fight. I agreed with my lawyer as he knows best as he specialises in these type of cases against the police. So another months wait it is; although I get the feeling they will cave in a bit in a month, he will tell them a bit of what we have, they will then have a month to react, then come back with a slightly better offer; then he will tell them more of what we know, they will go away etc.

And this is the quick easy part of the whole horrible saga.

When this bit is settled then I can move on to the next part, which will be even longer but has to be done.

Anyway had some nice plain fish tonight.

Day 2111 (08/10/2015)

Still hard at work and maintaining the porridge & banana breakfast, fruit for lunch and beans on toast for dinner.