Sunday, 30 April 2017

Day 2678 & 2679 (29 & 30/04/2017)

Weekend, spent mostly catching up with work things and chilling.

Not much happening food wise at the moment but planning on working my way thru a few recipe books and making some cakes soon :-)

Friday, 28 April 2017

Day 2677 (28/04/2017)

A day spent catching up in the office after being away for a few days.

I also cleaned my computer, which had been causing me a few issues recently, so I thought I would get rid of some of the dust.

Day 2676 (27/04/2017)

Day two of our meeting started with a nice breakfast.

We were all quite impressed with the hotel, so we are thinking of running a few events here and holding meetings here again.

We had hopped to be finished but in the end we struggled to get enough done before people had to leave at 6:30pm, so I didn't get home until 9:30pm.

Day 2675 (26/04/2017)

I didn't have time for breakfast, or I would have popped in here. 

I picked up Tony and we drove into Birmingham for a 2 day business meeting, stopping for lunch in a nearby pub.

For some reason i had been given suite, so had two bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, which was nice but perhaps a bit much just for me for overnight.

In the evening we all went out and met up with my friends Nick Baker, for dinner at Jimmy Spices, which is always piggy but nice.


Day 2674 (25/04/2017)

It was an early start and a long drive up to Nottingham to speak at a conference.


The day had been bright and sunny but just as I got to the hotel it went dark and there was a 15 minute hail storm, so I sat in the car and waited for it to pass over.

The hotel had only just opened a new wing, so I had a new room, which was quite nice.


Then in the evening I went out for a Chinese with Tony, a Director of my company, who lived nearby.


Monday, 24 April 2017

Day 2673 (24/04/2017)

I spent the day catching up and getting ready as I have to go away for a few days again.

I'm having a break from the gym at the moment to give my knee and back a chance to recover.

Had some nice cheese on toast for lunch.

Day 2671 & 2672 (22 & 23/04/2017)

It was an early (ish) start, especially for a weekend, so I could run a training course for an investigative journalism group.

A few people had dropped out prior to the course, so I would rather have stayed at home but at least in the evening I got to meet up with Thomas for dinner and a chat.

Sunday the course finished and had gone fairly well but it was nice to get home and have time to ho out for dinner with my wife.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Day 2670 (21/04/2017)

Still loads to do in the office and then off to London for a course this weekend.

Thankfully I had booked first class, so it a relaxed journey with the complementary tea trolley.

I got to the hotel, which was a bit cheap & crap but near the venue, it also had two very small single beds but I was able to get quite a nice pizza and a beer from the bar.

Day 2669 (20/04/2017)

More stuff to do in the office.

Day 2668 (19/04/2017)

Work day, stuff to do in the office but no gym this week as my knee is hurting and my back is still recovering.

Day 2667 (18/04/2017)

Tuesday and it was back to normal, with more fruit & pancakes, with some work to do in the office and the cleaner coming round.

In the afternoon we went to Bridgwater then off to Clevedon for a nice curry and a catch-up with Gary & Elaine.


Day 2666 (17/04/2017)

Easter Monday started with a nice healthy breakfast at the hotel.

Then we wandered around Brighton Marina before going into Brighton and having an ice-cream.

Then a walk along the beach, where Lee had a go on the merry-go-round.

Then we had fish & chips at Harry Ramsden's.



 Then after a few more hands of cards we left and had the long drive home.

Day 2664 & 2665 (15 & 16/04/2017)

A nice relaxing start with some nice pancakes & fruit for breakfast.

Then we drove off towards London, having a pit-stop on the way fort a bite to eat.

Then we got to our hotel, instead of getting there late and it being a mad rush we actually had a bit of time before meeting Thomas, so went for a wander around the Olympic park and found his plaque outside of West Ham.

Then we met up with Thomas and had dinner at Jamie's Italian.



After dinner he came back to the hotel to catch-up but as I'm getting old I had to cal an end to that at 12:30am as I was really tired.

The next morning it was Easter Sunday, so nothing near us was open for breakfast, so we drove towards Brighton and stopped off at the services on the way.

Then at Lee's we had tea & cakes whilst playing some cards.

Then off to lovely Sunday roast at The Plough in Rottingdean.