Saturday, 1 April 2017

Day 2650 & 2651 (01 & 02/04/2017)

It's April, already, the year is flying by.

At least we get a new Kylie picture, even if it isn't as good in years gone-bye.

Did some work in the office whilst my wife was in Bristol checking out homes with and for her mother.

I must get out into the garden at some stage but it was raining in the afternoon.

In the evening I did a nice Mexican.

It was very tasty and there was loads left, so we will be having it again in the week.

Had a cheeky choux pastry & cream cake with our nighttime coffee.

On Sunday I invited my parents over for dinner as we were having the 5 bird roast.


It was a lovely dinner and a great afternoon with my parents.

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