Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Day 2659 (10/04/2017)

It was up early for me as I had to give a presentation in London, so my wife dropped me off at the train station on the way to work. Due to costs I had booked a standard ticket on the way, so it was quite packed and no free drinks on the train.

I got to the venue early enough to have a drink and a bite to eat first.

Then off to the venue, where they had cake.

The presentation went very well and its nice to keep my hand in.

Then back to Paddington, where I had booked a later train, so I could get a first class ticket. That left me time for a Mexican.


Then the first class lounge for a few cold drinks & snacks.

Then on the train, to a nice comfy seat in a nice quiet carriage with a complementary drinks trolley.

Then home, after quite a long day.

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