Friday, 31 March 2017

Day 2648 (30/03/2017)

Another day in the office and going for a swim, punctuated by having a hair cut :-)

I can't stand it when the hair touches my ears, plus going to the gym every day its easier if my hair is short.

I made a nice Italian meal in the evening.

Day 2647 (29/03/2017)

Another day, in the office and having a swim.

I'm trying to get my wife to relax and do less (in relation to here mum) because as soon as she finished work she was home phoning up care homes and trying to arrange things and didn't finish until she fell asleep late into the night.

Obviously I would much rather she spent time looking after me :-)

Day 2646 (28/03/2017)

Loving my new comfy office chair.

Another day working and then going for a swim & a steam.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Day 2645 (27/03/2017)

After a full but nice weekend I had planned on a nice relaxing day but my new chair arrived first thing and I spent the first hour putting it together.

So much better and so much more comfortable.

I got another sticker for the garden waste, I am aiming to completely cover it like some annoying person.

Had a nice swim & steam at the gym, still letting my back recover.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Day 2644 (26/03/2017)

Sunday and it's Mothers Day and we started with a nice breakfast and were joined by Lee.


We then spent a few hours in the sun on the beach, which was lovely


Then we went off to Stanmer House for a special Mothers Day meal.

Unfortunately they had booked in many more people than they could cope with, so we waited over an hour for a drink and the food wasn't great, so we didn't pay full price, whilst others had got up and walked out.



Even thou the meal was a bit of a disaster it was quite funny afternoon and great to be together.

Then a long drive home from a great few days catching up with the kids.

Day 2643 (25/03/2017)

As we were still in London we were able to have a really nice breakfast at the Westfield Centre with Thomas.

Then off to Rottingdean to see Lee and a nice curry at the marina in the evening.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Day 2642 (24/03/2017)

Having a few days away but it didn't start well as my mother-in-law had taken a fall overnight, so my wife had to spend a while making arrangements with her family and we stopped off in Bristol on the way to see Thomas in London.

We got to the hotel just in time to meet up with Thomas and have a really nice Greek meal.


 It was great to meet up and have some time with Thomas.

Day 2641 (23/03/2017)

The day started with a nice pancake & fruit breakfast.

Then at lunchtime we picked up my parents for my Mum's Birthday & Mothers Day present, tickets to see Funny Girl with Sheridan Smith at the Hippodrome.

It was a brilliant show and we had great tickets.

Then after the show we went for  an Italian meal.

Then home after a lovely day out.

Day 2640 (22/03/2017)

I had been at working in the morning and was just going to the gym for a swim in the afternoon when I heard about the nutter terrorist attack in London.

After checking the kids were OK I went for a swim and my wife visited her mum for mothers day. 

Day 2639 (21/03/2017)

Another similar day, with work to do but little enthusiasm as my back was hurting so much, even with a cushion and a blanket..

Back in the pool in the afternoon.

Day 2638 (20/03/2017)

At work in the office, lots of things to do but I can't work too much as my new chair is really hurting my back :-(

As my back was hurting so much I'm only having a swim & a steam at the gym.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Day 2636 & 2637 (18 & 19/03/2017)

A weekend at home (apart from my wife who was visiting her mum). I'm still full of a cold, feeling like crap and taking beechems.

I started to tidy my office, shredding some really old paperwork and getting 5 bags of paper.

And this is only the start, now to do the rest of my office and then the rest of the house.

Did a nice dinner on Saturday but it was a bit (very) late by the time my wife came home from her mothers.

Sundays flowers, some nice yellow roses.

Did a baked camembert and blackberry dip for starters and a roast beef for dinner.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Day 2635 (17/03/2017)

Full of a cold and feeling like crap.

Went to the pool again as I thought the steam room might help my cold but still did 30 lengths in the pool.

Looking forward to being away for a few days next weekend.

Day 2634 (16/03/2017)

Busy (ish) day in the office. In the afternoon I went to the gym but fancied a swim instead of a work-out, so had a swim, doing 30 lengths followed by a steam.

Had some nice lunch when I got back.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Day 2633 (15/03/2017)

A busy day in the office, then off to do some tasks in town and off to the gym (plus going to the car wash after a flock of birds used my car for target practice).

Then tea & cake at my mum & dads in their new conservatory.

All very nice.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Day 2632 (14/03/2017)

Nearly back to normal after last weeks trip.

Back to the gym in the afternoon and nearly up to date on other things.

Having settled one legal claim against the police I now have two others on-going against the same force (and have two more planned against them) and have started another case against three others.

It is an expensive time for some of these cases (my lawyer costs £360 p/hr), whereas others are being funded for me, but hopefully at the end of this year as well as proving I was right I should end up financially ahead, a lot ahead hopefully.

Day 2631 (13/03/2017)

After a nice sleep it was back to work and back to the gym to burn of last weeks beer and pizzas.

Day 2629 & 2630 (11 & 12/03/2017)

It wasn't such an early morning, so I had breakfast at the hotel, which hadn't improved since I was there last.

Then we had a meeting in my room, followed by some photos for the website (we had to use 3 photographers before we had a good one) and a lunch time beer and pizza.

I ordered a Hawaiian pizza but rather than Ham & Pineapple, it was Chicken & Sweetcorn.

Then in the evening we were back to the Irish Bar, for more beers, watching the rugby (by wiring up my laptop to their tv) and rather than having another pizza, so I ordered a lamb burger.

It was an early start on Sunday, with my alarm going off at 4:40am, which was 2:40am in UK time, and a very early flight back to the UK. After we landed we stopped for a nice breakfast at the services and then off top Leicester fora pensioners meeting.

When I eventually got home I went straight to bed.