Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Day 2629 & 2630 (11 & 12/03/2017)

It wasn't such an early morning, so I had breakfast at the hotel, which hadn't improved since I was there last.

Then we had a meeting in my room, followed by some photos for the website (we had to use 3 photographers before we had a good one) and a lunch time beer and pizza.

I ordered a Hawaiian pizza but rather than Ham & Pineapple, it was Chicken & Sweetcorn.

Then in the evening we were back to the Irish Bar, for more beers, watching the rugby (by wiring up my laptop to their tv) and rather than having another pizza, so I ordered a lamb burger.

It was an early start on Sunday, with my alarm going off at 4:40am, which was 2:40am in UK time, and a very early flight back to the UK. After we landed we stopped for a nice breakfast at the services and then off top Leicester fora pensioners meeting.

When I eventually got home I went straight to bed.

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