Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Day 1738 (30/09/2014)

Back on the diet for a day and back to the gym.

I cycled 4.5 km, lifted some weights, did 3x 10 lots of sit-ups then swam 1/2 a mile and some how I was still a few kilo's heavier than I was last week.

I must be muscle as I can't think I have eaten anything much that would have put that weight on over the last few days. OK, I missed a few days at the gym and went out for dinner twice but the time I've spent sat on the toilet today I can't see how I've put weight on from the curry.

Apart from being at the gym I've been watching my new Kylie DVD whilst working today.

I didn't buy it, it was a gift from G&E :-)

Day 1737 (29/09/2014)

Monday was a nice relaxing day. First we went to see some friends, then popped in to a National Trust property for lunch, as they do really great soups.

Today it was tomato with butter beans and basil pesto.

Then off to see Gary & Elaine for a catch up and a curry.

The food was great but the service wasn't great. We were the only customers in the restaurant but still had to wait about 30minutes to be served and then they got the order wrong.

I didn't mind the wait as time spent with G&E is always fun.

Back on the diet tomorrow.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Day 1735 & 1736 (27 & 28/09/2014)

The weekend is here and it started well with some nice grapefruit.

I still have stuff to do before I can relax for the week but later we are going out for a meal so I can sorry to my wife for being a pain.

Sunday  Update - Last night we had a lovely walk around the sea front of West Bay near Bridport.

Then had a lovely meal at The Riverside Restaurant, which was very nice. I had the the muscles, cockles and razor clams with samphire for starters.

Whilst my wife had the scallops on celeriac puree with white truffle.

Turbet, with char grill leaks, with squash puree, very nice.

My wife had the Chargrilled Monkfish loin with a Brown Shrimp beurre blanc, broad beans & cumin fried parsnip crisps, which was really tasty.

Then we shared the afters, which was a selection of sweats; chilled rice pudding served with agen prunes in armagnac; vanilla pannacotta with blackberry compote & fresh berries; amaretti chocolate torte with apricot & vanilla cream; and a meringue with cream & fruit.

Finishing off with some lovely Latte's.

A fantastic evening.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Day 1734 (26/09/2014)

Today was very busy, still so much to do before I can relax and take some time off.

I went to the gym again, did my 10 minutes of fast cycling, a few lifts on the weights then managed 3x 10 sit-ups. I could just about feel my stomach muscles starting to work, so I am hopeful that if I lose lots of weight then I wont be left looking like a deflated balloon.

Then for another half a mile swim, so this week I have swam at least 2.5 miles but probably more like 3 miles as I kept losing count and ended up doing at least 46 lengths most days.

I weighed myself and have lost another 1.5 kg this week.

I think doing twice as much exercise and eating beans on toast (obviously with no butter or spread on the toast) really helps to lose weight.

Unfortunately next week I may be eating quite a bit as we are treating ourselves.

Anyway I was exhausted when I got back from the gym, so had some lovely water melon to recover.

Yum Yum Yum.

Day 1733 (25/09/2014)

Today was a bit rushed as I have loads of reports to do and must also prepare for a course the week after next as I am off next week with my wife.

I went to the gym to do my usual fitness regime but managed 3x eight sit-ups today.

Then to Bristol to see Katherine Ryan with my friend Sam.

It was a very funny show but slightly surreal, as it started with her three year old daughter telling a few jokes. Then during the main act her daughter turned up on the stage and she had to tell her to sit back down with her headphones on as she was talking about some very un-child friendly issues,including her recent visit to an abortion clinic.

Katherine Ryan was in the small room at the Colston Hall, whilst in the main theatre Stephen Fry had a show. Afterwards when we came out he was sat signing books for hundreds of people, so I took a quick photo with my new i-phone.

Day 1732 (24/09/2014)

It was a good day for a couple of reasons.

First I got a letter I was waiting for and hoping to get. Then my new i-phone arrived; although I actually prefer the feel of my old one and this one seems a little too big and thin and doesn't quite sit right in my hand.

There are plenty of good things about the phone so I will be keeping it and letting Kelly have my old one when we see her next week.

Back to the gym this afternoon for another 10 minutes of quite fast cycling, then doing some weights and then I did some sit-ups, which went even better than yesterday, doing three lots of 5. Then to the pool for another half a mile swim.

I didn't take my towel into the pool area today.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day 1731 (23/09/2014)

It's Tuesday and I used to make my wife and I a nice breakfast on a Tuesday as its her day off, so I thought I deserved a bit of treat, so had a slice of toast and a poached egg.

Obviously I made my wife some as well but as she is perfect already she was allowed twice as much as me.

My afternoon started very well but I'm waiting to hear things officially before I really celebrate; don't worry I'm not ill, in fact with the diet and exercise I'm feeling better than I have for quite a few years, but it is some other good news.

I went into town to do some chores and found 50p on the floor, so I thought my day was just getting better, perhaps time to buy some lucky dips for the lottery tonight & tomorrow.

Then I went to the gym and cycled fast for 10 minutes, twice yesterdays exercise, then did some weights. Even the attempts as sit-ups went better today. I weighed myself and was happy at the continued weight loss. Then to the pool to swim my half a mile, then I got out of the pool and found that someone had taken my towel from the poolside, so was left to dry myself with a lot of paper towels.

It was annoying but couldn't really spoil my day.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Day 1730 (22/09/2014)

Did some lovely lamb steaks for dinner yesterday. I got the others giant Yorkshire Puddings but I didn't have one and had mostly vegetables with my dinner instead of potatoes.

I also bought my wife and Thomas a custard slice for our evening cup of tea but again I didn't have one as I still trying to be good.

When I went to the gym today I did a five minutes fast cycling, then tried to do some sit-ups; although due to the lack of stomach muscles and my stomach getting in the way I didn't really succeed in doing any that would be recognised as proper sit ups but I will persevere in these new exercises.

Then I swam something between 42 - 46 lengths of the pool, which was my first half a mile swim, which went well but seemed a lot further and to take a lot longer than just doing 30 lengths.

Loads to do these week but slightly distracted by what the week will hold for me.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Day 1728 & 1729 (20 & 21/09/2014)

The weekend is here but I have lots of work to do so it won't be that relaxing.

It was nice that my wife was unable to go to Bristol to see her mum, so we were together and went over to see my Mum & Dad and G&E for a spot of tea.

I could have easily eaten all of the food, especially the cheese & biscuits, but I just had the plate and then a little more salad.

It is always great for us to all be together.

I am still doing a Sunday roast tomorrow but then back to the diet & exercise on Monday.

Day 1727 (19/09/2014)

I did some work and went for a swim.

I usually swim about 32 or 34 lengths but I have worked out if I swam 42 lengths it would be half a mile, so that might be next weeks daily goal.

I weighed myself again and have lost about 1.2kg since last week, so in total I have lost just over a stone in the last three weeks of dieting and am now about three stone lighter than when I was in hospital in January.

To celebrate I had a sausage before my fruit.

It was so nice to have something hot to eat.

Day 1726 (18/09/2014)

I thought last night was only going to take a few hours but after meeting Michael at the University,

we went for a drink and ended up up talking until about 10pm. I was good and only had one orange juice and lemonade, then just had a glass of water.

Michael gave me a copy of his latest book, which he said was relevant and I might find interesting.

On Thursday I went for a swim and did more work, then in the early hours picked Thomas up from the coach station after his European travels.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 1725 (17/09/2014)

Today I went for a swim, it was nice to have the pool all to myself for the first 15 lengths. It is not a big pool only 20 meters and if there are more than half a dozen people swimming it does get a bit hard to keep the line you want to swim.

The diet is still going well but the weight loss has slowed down, so I might have to step up the exercise regime and start going back upstairs to the gym and exercise bikes.

I didn't have much time for work but have quite a few research reports to do, as I had to meet a law professor in Bristol for a cup of tea rather than the free dinner I was offered.

Day 1724 (16/09/2014)

After a good nights sleep in a local PremierInn I got to the Police Headquarters nice an early to be told that the hotel had been in the news at the weekend.

Oh well, at least it wasn't in my room.

The talk went well, with my usual light hearted approach.

Then a long and rather tiring drive home.

Day 1723 (15/09/2014)

Busy day getting lots done before a long drive to Bedford to give a talk.

Just had time to squeeze a swim in though.

My wife bough me some new salad things to eat,

not great, a bit to much pepper in one go.

Taking a bag of fruit with me so I wont eat any nice tasty food whilst I'm away.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 1721 & 1722 (13 & 14/09/2014)

Fairly busy weekend with lots of work to do. I had an interesting research job to do but honestly there is only so much soft porn that you can view in one day and 7hrs truly was my limit. I still have a few other research reports to do but they will be a bit more dull.

Thankfully I don't have to prepare for this weeks presentation in Bedford as it is the same one I gave to some of their other staff last month.

We had some lovely bean on toast on Saturday night.

It was so nice to have something hot to chew on.

Still busy on Sunday but still went to see my Mum & Dad for breakfast.

They now have a new lion outside their house.

I did a nice prawn salad for dinner.

Back on my fruit & salad stuff tomorrow and will go for a swim before I drive to Bedford.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Day 1720 (12/09/2014)

Well if you read yesterdays blog entry then I might as well just put ditto as my day has been fairly similar.

I went into town to do a few things, like paying in cheques, posting invoices and getting euro's for Thomas's next European trip next week and I must say the walking around is easier than it used to be, and that with just having lost a few kilo's, so imagine when I've lost half my weight, I will be floating.

I just had a bowl of fruit for dinner tonight but my wife's dinner smelt fantastic, fish in a sauce, rice and salad, I could have given in but didn't.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 1719 (11/09/2014)

Back in the office with loads to do.

I went out for a swim and checked on my weight, as I had not been swimming for a couple of days and had the meal out and have lost just under 2 kilo's since last Friday.

I will keep going as I'm not hungry or bored yet, luckily I like salad, vegetables and fruit.

Day 1718 (10/09/2014)

The second day of the training an we went out for lunch, so again I tried to be good having just a ham roll, with a banana and an orange juice.

Being good I didn't even get a taxi to get back to my car but walked the fairly long walk on a hot day carrying my two heavy bags. I was knackered but I should do this more often.

Then a long long long drive home, with only 2 apples and a pear to eat.

Day 1717 (09/09/2014)

Started two days training for some people at the University of Leeds.

They laid on refreshments but I was good

but I did have to eat in the evening, so when we all went out for dinner I had some lovely sausages, with mustard mash and caramelised onions but only had the main meal, no starters or afters.

I had a pint of beer to be sociable but decided to not try a pint of amnesia.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 1716 (08/09/2014)

I woke up this morning happy thinking it was Sunday and that I had the day off and time off with my family. It then dawned on me that it was Monday and I had to drive to Leeds this afternoon to go to work, not happy.

Managed to fit a swim in at lunchtime but was thinking about too many things so kept losing on my 30 lengths, so I think I may have done about 38 lengths as it took me normally 10 minutes longer.

This diet is a real party pooper as I am having a meeting with a law professor I know and haven't seen for a while. He suggested meeting over a meal at his expense but I had to suggest a cup of tea as I'm trying to be good.

I will be having dinner out in Leeds but when I'm away I can't pick at food or biscuits, so these times away are actually fairly healthy in comparison to how bad I could be at home.

Quite a few things to do before I go to Leeds.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Day 1714 & 1715 (06 & 07/09/2014)

Time for a relaxing weekend with my wife, feeling a bit more positive this weekend.

My diet continues on Saturday's, with fruit & yoghurt for breakfast,

whilst my very supportive family had bacon sandwiches.

I was going to have beans on toast for dinner but we decided to go out for dinner to the Worlds End as a treat as we haven't been out together for ages. Still trying to be good I went for a small helping of fish & chips instead of the large or even the platter as I intend to be good long term.

Obviously this meant no Sunday Roast today but I have planned a nice salad stater.

Usual fruit & yoghurt for breakfast on Sunday.

And my warm beetroot salad, with baked halloumi, spinach, watercress, croutons and a splash of balsamic vinegar,

was very nice.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 1713 (05/09/2014)

Yesterday was a bit tiring but I was back in the office and preparing to do some training in Leeds next week.

I went for a swim today and weighed myself, 2 days since I last weighed myself and I was 1.1 kg lighter. So that works out at 1lb a day.  I will only weigh myself once a week but its nice to know that it is still going in the right direction.

Admittedly when I'm away from home I am going to have to eat proper meals and won't be able to go swimming but I am hopefully of keeping this up long term as I'm not actually that hungry and I actually enjoy a bowl of salad / vegetables followed by some fruit with plain natural yoghurt.

Hopefully I won't have to eat half a pineapple every day to keep up the weight loss but its better than the green juice stuff.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Day 1712 (04/09/2014)

What an early start and how uncomfortable is cattle class. No posh leather recliner today, as I couldn't justify spending the money on a first class train ticket and as I'm on a diet I wouldn't have even been able to eat the usual 8 pieces of cake.

Anyway I got to Westminster early and went to Portcullis House, where the MP's have their offices. It has airport like security which was a pain but I had to sit and wait to be led thru to the office, where I had a very interesting meeting with Tom Watson.

He seemed genuine shocked at some of what I told him and appeared to keen to help me where he could. Certainly I was a bit more positive when I left than I had been when I had arrived.

Then I came back with Thomas who had been at Wembley covering England the night before.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Day 1711 (03/09/2014)

Today was much the same as yesterday, lots of fruit and some swimming.

I weighed myself at the gym today and even after all the excesses of Edinburgh I'm a few Kilo's lighter than before I went, so I guess the diet is working; hopefully it wasn't just the day or two of the green juice stuff as I don't want to go back on them.

So at this rate I need only be on this diet for another 35 weeks until I can fit back into the suit I got married in; however I don't think 80's fashion will be back in by next spring so I probably won't wear it.

I have an early morning tomorrow, off to London to see Tom Watson the Labour MP who was one of those who took on Murdoch over the phone hacking scandal.

He obviously has his own reasons for meeting me and possibly getting involved and I am aware that "if you lie with dogs you will get fleas" but I feel I have little to lose and it might embarrass them more to a point where they decide to give up fighting me.

Failing that it will cause lots of them more problems and professionally I've never backed down from a fight, its one of my good points..... or was it one of my faults, I never can remember but it led me to have the career I had in the police, too short.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 1710 (02/09/2014)

Golly it's quiet, with Kelly back in Brighton and Thomas away for a few days photographing the Cricket & then the football.

I miss them both when they are away but god its so easy to park on the drive.

Today was much the same as yesterday but no new photo of Kylie. Still being good (ish) on my diet and swam 30+ lengths at the pool.

My cleaner Ann (it sound worse than it is, really she is our carer) asked what I was aiming to get myself when I got down to my ideal weight. I hadn't planned to treat myself to anything and other than suggesting Kylie as an option I couldn't think of anything.

Yes if it all works I will need new clothes, as I hope to be half the size I am now, so apart from my socks & my hanky's I doubt much will still fit.

Perhaps I should set myself a goal and treat myself when I reach it but I can't really be arsed as I have most of what I want, apart from Kylie.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Day 1709 (01/09/2014)

It's September, so time for a new picture of Kylie.

This is the only good thing about the months flying by.

I had mixed fruit & natural yoghurt for breakfast, very nice, then had a swim. I think whatever the outcome this is already better than the juice only diet.