Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day 34 & 35 (30 & 31/01/10)

The weekend is here, still some stuff to do on the computer and what joy I have to go shopping, on a Saturday. It is going to spoil a nice weekend.

My idea of hell, shopping. My idea of double hell, shopping on a Saturday.

I need new trainers and I need to get a present. I should have done it on-line a month ago but I need to buy it in the next 4 hours as I have been let down by my usual supplier, which means my wife didn't buy the present, now I have to do it. I suppose its only fair as it for my mum's birthday.

Looking forward to going out as a family later, although Kelly, whose hair cut looks really good and makes her look different, is going to a friends party, so she is sad to be missing out.

Update - Sat 16:30 - Got back from town, only wanted to headbutt about 37 teenagers and kill about 2 dozen other people who kept getting in my way.

Do you remember the days when shoe shops were nice gentle places where someone helped you with your selection and went out the back to get your size for you. Well buying trainers in a sports shop on a Saturday is like being at a UN feeding station after a natural disaster. Survival of the fittest or in my case the largest.

My old trainers are now destined for the bin.

I now have a nice sporty pair, I just hope they make me more sporty.

And another pair of trainers to walk around in (think the Notorious B.I.G. meets the Wurzells).

Also bought myself a watch for work.

I did buy my mum a present, hopefully she will like it, after all it's the thought that counts and I thought the fact that I even bothered going in to town on a Saturday was more than enough.

I was also going to buy her a book but came out of the book shop with 2 books, one on contract killers and the other on informants. I will probably keep them myself as I think she would have preferred a biography on a film star. How ungrateful.

Anyway stuff to do before going out tonight.

Update - Sat 16:45 - Also bought lots on new sports socks as I realised all mine were very old and quite holey. It may sound flash but my 2 pairs of trainers and 9 pairs off socks were a lot less than Thomas's last pair of trainers, though I admit his are slightly more trendy than mine.

Update - Sun 12:00 - Had a fantastic time last night, all meeting up for a meal for mum's birthday. She liked the present and the fact that I had put some photo's in the frames.

The meal at The Globe in Milverton ( was brilliant. I ordered the slow cooked lamb but ended up with half a sheep on my plate. Luckily it was the tasty half.

We must go back as the rest of the menu looked lovely as well.

It was snowing this morning, but I still went out in my shorts to get the wife's car headlamp bulb replaced.

I know most men like to think of themselves as capable of anything, but I class doing anything to the car other than putting fuel in, as manual labour and therefore beyond me. I was happy to pay a small girl at Halfords to do it, I am not proud, but I do have nice clean hands, unlike her after she had finished changing the bulb. Money well spent.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Day 33 (29/01/10)

I spent the day waiting for the slimy git headmaster to phone telling me that Thomas's hair wasn't acceptable. Thankfully he didn't call but he is still a slimy git.

It was rainy today but not enough for an excuse for me not to go out. I did a little bit more up-hill bits today but it was the same distance. Felt better when I got back, might even go out on my bike tomorrow.

Kelly had here hair cut today, quite (very) short but looks really good.

Both kids out for the night, youngest at a club (under 18's) and eldest at a pizza place for a friends birthday. Taxi driver duties split between me and my wife.

Still got things to do and might have an omelette later.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day 32 (28/01/10)

I am getting into the routine of going out on my bike, though do not look forward to it. However I have noticed that as the week has gone on that it is getting harder to get on my bike.

Although I like to think of myself as a Ninja and a coiled spring, I'm actually thinking I'm getting like an old fat knight in his heavy armour needing to get winched on his horse.

I just looked for a picture of this on Google, the knight being winched onto a horse not me getting on my bike, only to find it is a myth.

Update - 15:30 - meant to go out on my bike at 12:00 but had an email I had to deal with then a call, with a request for assistance (I should be registered as a charity). I finally go out at 14:15 and felt better with the one t-shirt and fleece.

Now to catch up on work, again.

Update - 19:00 - Thomas talked about having his haircut the other day and my wife dropped him at his trendy hairdressers tonight, so why did she say "Oh My God" when he walked in, having his haircut the way he said he would.

Well I suppose it takes a bit of getting used to. The other side is still long. It's a bit of a one off.

I'm glad I'm not trendy. It's easier just getting a crew-cut from a hairdressers that is part of a pet shop. Plus its cheaper.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day 31 (27/01/10)

I had to scrape ice of my car this morning.

On my way back from dropping Kelly off at College I was behind a lady on a bike, who was twice my size, which made me feel better.

Why is it fat people doing exercise are just a figure of fun. Well that's what I thought whilst I was thinking that she should be display a sign saying "wide load". However I felt bad when I realised she had a very similar bike to mine, which she had obviously bought to stop the tyres from bursting when she sat on it. That's why I bought mine.

Work, why is it feast or famine. Oh for a few days off, but I need the dosh.

As it was obviously so cold out I decided to put on two t-shirts under my fleece and go out on my bike. It was cold but within half a mile I was feeling hot. Damn you weather. Oh to live in a hot country, where you know every day it is OK to go out in t-shirt and shorts.

Back home and sat in-front of my computer, probably until very late.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Day 30 (26/01/10)

Still lots of things to do. Planning on going out on my bike at lunch time. Must get everything done early as I have college tonight.

Update - 14:30 - WTF, that's was colder than yesterday. I was still cold by the time I had finished cycling. Did the same route as yesterday. Will try longer route next week.

Work to do before college.

Update - 22:15 - I got to college (without dong any more work) and as soon as I sat down I started thinking about my supper. As I leave home for college before dinner I get something on the way back, I either have a Kebab or Fish & Chips. I spent the first hour just thinking about Fish & Chips.

I then had to revue someone's work. I didn't take any in so was not popular, I must try harder next week.

The trouble is how honest should you be when reviewing someone's work. I thought I would be gentle, even though the other month someone was really harsh to me.

On the way back I stopped off to get my dinner. Being good I just got a small bag of chips, which I eat whilst listening to Radcliffe and Maconie on Radio 2. How perfect. In fact things could only get better if Kylie was waiting for me in my bed with a bag of Cadbury's Creme Eggs.

What a disappointment, I have checked my bed, No Kylie and No Cadbury's Creme Eggs.

Day 29 (25/01/10)

Woke with a headache, so it was not looking good for going out on my bike, plus it was cold and I had loads to do.

Did some work but forced myself to go out on my bike. F**K it was cold. My hands were lovely and warm in my gloves, which I love, but I was frozen. Felt good so added a bit to the end of my ride, might try another uphill bit tomorrow.

Busy doing things. Had a lovely Steak & Ale pie for dinner followed by a Tesco's Finest Banoffee Pie. I don't usually like Banoffee Pie, but this is so light and creamy. Probably a good job I was on my bike earlier.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Day 27 & 28 (23 & 24/01/10)

Well I didn't go out on my bike yesterday and ended up working till midnight and missing all of the Friday night telly.

Must get lots more done this morning, so I don't feel guilty going out tonight.

Update - Sat 11:15 - Decided that the last makes me sound really dull and that I worked all day, which I am and which I did, but I now have Windows 7 (all people on Mac's please stop laughing)and really like the Chess game that included. I played 3 games yesterday and won all three.

I also have a little gadget on my desktop that shows random photo's from my photo's folder. I must have several thousand photo's in this folder, so if its random why has it started on the same photo for the last three days and why sometimes does it show consecutive photo's, from the same event. It's not really random.

Back to work

Update - Sun 14:45 - Had a great night at the Tobacco Factory watching Simon Munnery and Stewart Lee, both really funny. Saw Stewart Lee before the show and held the door open for him when he was carrying in his large box of merchandise. Not really a claim to fame.

Glad they have got air conditioning now, as it was really hot when I saw Richard Herring there.

No pictures allowed during the show.

Had a busy morning picking up and dropping kids off, hopefully I will get sometime this afternoon and this evening to do some work, as I still have loads to clear.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Day 26 (22/01/10)

OK, I started doing some work, which was not a nice easy trace but a really complex one that I couldn't finish. So by the time I went downstairs for a cup of tea it was too late for piece of cake. Damn.

Today its raining and I have sheds loads to do, so might not get out on my bike. I might go out cycling tomorrow to make up for it.

Looking forward to tomorrow as I am seeing Stewart Lee in Bristol.

Must get lots of work done today and tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day 25 (21/01/10)

Back in the office, loads to catch up and really busy. Really too busy to go out for a cycle, but will try.

Thomas has been off sick, but he struggled in today, as he has a fashion show later, which this year he is letting us attend. Last year he did one but did not want us there and everyone said he was great. My wife was a bit upset to have missed it.

I think he has a whole life that does not involve his family. It's quite sad when you realise your kids have grown up and are at that stage where they are quite embarrassed by you.

Oh well, now to work.

Update - 20:45 - Spent all day sending out emails and sorting things out, updating things after being away, loads of work in but haven't done any yet.

My wife made curry for us as she thought it would be good for Thomas's cold. I did point out it was my third curry of the week.

Went to the school Fashion Show as Thomas was involved, modeling some stuff and showing the shirt he made in textiles, which he has worked hard in the last two months to finish. He could have made it slowly over the last two years but left it to the last two months.

It went well and Thomas ended up winning the best original design. So hopefully that should be another GCSE, now just to get that English GCSE and he has his college place sorted.

Well should I have a cup of tea and some of Kim's cake that she made for us, or should I start doing some work. I will let you know tomorrow

Day 24 (20/01/10)

Finished the course and then had a long awful drive home. I didn't get back till really late so not a lot happened.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day 23 (19/01/10)

Today started badly as the shower is not very powerful and I spent ages trying to get the soap off.

The first day of the course went well, as usual, but it’s a day when I know I have been working, teaching is rewarding but tiring and hot in-front of a projector all day.

Back to the hotel room and did a few bits and had a nice green tea with lemon. Stayed in to eat at the Travelodge again but tonight went for the Beef Madras.

On the way back to the room I went past the ice cream vending machine, so thought I would treat myself to a Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew. Very nice.

Just eaten a banana, that was left over from the buffet, now to work.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Day 22 (18/01/10)

Well I am up North, a lovely 4hr drive, with loads of "average speed cameras" along the length of the M6 just to make sure that i couldn't do it any faster. I arrived a bit later than I wanted, so that and a little bit of rain meant that I did not get to walk to a curry house but stayed at the travelodge and had a crap curry here. I dropped some of the Chicken Tikka Masala on my wrist when I was eating it, it was really hot and stained my arm, so now I have what looks like a tattoo of the the Isle of White on my arm. I am sure it will fade in a few days, but wonder what it is doing to my inside.

Then I spent a couple of hours trying to get my mobile broadband working. Eventually after waiting on hold for ages (during which I seemed to eat half a pack of Digestives) the helpline got me connected, as some settings had changed.

Now its 10pm and I have loads of work to do but would rather just put a dvd on, as I have bought a dvd player for my netbook and want to relax as tomorrow will be busy.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Day 20 & 21 (16 & 17/01/10)

Well another weekend.

Spent nearly all Saturday preparing stuff for going up North. So a day spent printing and laminating things. I printed out 8 out of 10 handouts before I realised that when I updated it from 2009 to 2010 I accidental moved things down a line and altered the whole handout.


That was about 100 pages wasted (well put into the growing pill of scrap paper to be used later) and a lot of printer cartridge ink. Oh well.

Sunday will be a bit more printing.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Day 19 (15/01/10)

This morning most of the snow and ice had gone. I did all the quick jobs I could at work, played a game of chess on the computer (and won) and then ran out of excuses, so I had to go out on my bike.

I did about 3.5 miles and am now exhausted, though I feel better than I did two weeks ago when I first went out. The hills didn't seem so steep and I didn't have to go in the lower gears.

It's a shame I can't go every day from now-on, but I am up North for a few days next week. I might try and walk to a curry house rather than eat at the travel-inn, though I have tried the nearest one before and they play girls aloud and don't give you a hot flannel after your meal. The food was OK, but an Indian is the whole package.

I have a busy weekend, as I have to do all the stuff for working up North next week and write an article for college.

Update - 16:00 - breathing back to normal legs feeling a bit wobbly.

Thomas has put some of his stuff on Flickr and it seems to be well received;

Worth a look.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 18 (14/01/10)

The snow and ice have just about gone, so will probably go out on my bike tomorrow.

This evening I spoke to an old friend, who I hadn't spoken to for nearly 20yrs. He sounded just the same but happier. Life is going well for him.

Thomas had an exam today that went quite well, so we went out for a curry at a local pub, as its one of his favourites.

They do a curry and a pint (or glass of wine) for £5.99 plus a £1 for a naan bread and papadum. Thomas didn't have the whole pint, but did well.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Day 17 (13/01/10)

The snow settled overnight, so the view from my office window has hardly changed for a week.

I drove my wife to work as it is so slippery and found that the police have closed one of the main roads, so I'm guesing that there has been a big accident nearby.

No chance of cycling this week, might see if the pool is open and risk going swimming. Hopefully there are no Japanese Whalers in town, other wise I'm done for.

Thomas has gone down with the family cold, so that's all of us now. Hopefully he will be OK tomorrow as he has his biology exam.

Decided that although we have had a lot of snow that we are quite lucky as it has fallen both times the day after bin day, so our bins have been empties both weeks. On the news some people have been waiting over a month to have their bins emptied.

Update - 16:15 - There is a thick white foggy mist covering the area, think the weather might be getting worse. Have to travel way up North next Monday, so hope its improves.

Have noticed that lots of the roads round here have really bad pot holes now the snow is melting. Must be careful when I go out on my bike.

Update - 21:00 - One of my best Christmas presents was a kitchen blowtorch. I used it tonight for the first time, to caramelize some sugar on the top of some pink grapefruit. Much more fun thanmelting the sugar under the grill.

Day 16 (12/01/10)

Today I drove the route that I cycle and what an interesting drive it was. As it is a lot of back roads it is very snowy and icy still and the car was all over the place, so not safe enough to go out on my bike yet.

I could cycle another way, but this route is just right, with a few gradual hills and I can easily extend it if I am feeling fitter. Anywhere else from here would involve a massive hill to start with, followed by a heart attack.

Anyway the road outside my house is still very slippery.

Went to college last night, starting the next Creative Writing Course. Learning a bit and I will write a book this year.

The journey back was interesting as it was snowing heavily and the dark country lanes made it look like the scene in Star Wars, when they go into hyperdrive.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Day 15 (11/01/10)

Well there is still a lot of snow and ice around, so not back on my bike yet. If the weather keeps up it might be OK in a couple of days. The snowman has started melting and needed his head being put back on.

The schools are open now, but apparently Thomas lost his blazer before Christmas and lost his tie last week. Seems a waste of money to buy new ones for only a couple more months, but how do these kids do it.

Anyway good news the headmaster, who I hate, is leaving at the end of the summer. It's a just a shame he is retiring and that nothing horrible is happening to him instead.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Day 13 & 14 (09 & 10/01/10)

The weekends are not included in my cycling days, so even though I have not gone out on my bike for the last few days (due to my cold) these remain my official rest days.

I did go on the wii, but even in a virtual world I am crap at basket ball. I won at sword fighting and bowling.

I have a bit of work to do and might clear out some stuff as so far my good intentions have not meant that I have actually got rid of anything other than some computer magazines.

Day 12 (08/01/10)

Still covered in snow and ice, but took Kelly to college and then took my wife to work, but Thomas stayed at a friends then came home for some revising for next weeks exam.

In the afternoon Kelly had a driving lesson in the snow, which meant she got to practice skid control in a car park, good fun and highly recommend to all drivers. Although seeing as she was driving a mini it might have looked like a practice for the Italian Job.

I am still full of a cold so not going out on my bike.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Day 11 (07/01/10)

The view from my office is much the same as yesterday and the kids are both still off school / college. I drove my wife to work, the main roads were clear so it was not bad. At least we were able to stock up on a few things, just in case we ran out of food or drink in the next 18months (we still have loads left from Christmas).

I have a cold and am taking beachems lemon & honey, so may just stay at home and chill.

As the snow is starting to melt today I might get out on my bike tomorrow, if my cold is better.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day 10 (06/01/10)

09:00 - Well woke up to lots of snow. First picture taken out of the office window at 8.00 the next at 8.55 and it is still snowing, quite heavy now. Both kids school / colleges are closed, which is a shame as we were up until around 1.30am finishing off some photography course work (parents really should be given the same GCSE's or Degrees as their children, we earn it).

My wife is still thinking about walking to work but I can't see the point and don't fancy offering to drive her. I know I managed to get into my office without any problem, but then its only about a 15' walk from the bedroom. She has just come into the office and said she phoned work and the manager has a 4 wheel drive and is collecting staff, what joy.

Kids now getting up and thinking about making snowmen. I say kids they are 18 and 15 but have only had deep snow twice before, so it's still a novelty.

With all the snow I don't think I will be going out on my bike, so after work may get round to clearing out some boxes of stuff.

Update - 15:30 - As my wife didn't get to work in the end (she's now clearing stuff off the sky+) we needed a lottery ticket. I could have got them on-line but thought I would walk to the newsagents and get one, so that way I would still get some exercise. It was quite slippery on the way, although that might have something to do with the fact that I couldn't get to my two pairs of army / hiking boots that are in the garage, so went out in my trainers.

Got home and found that Kelly had built a snowman (Thomas has gone to meet friends).

Now time for work.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Day 9 (05/01/10)

I put the cover on the car last night, as the ice is here to stay. Normally when I do this it doesn't freeze and I just end up with a wet cover to put in the boot, but this morning it was minus 3, so worth doing.

Update - It's midday and it has now started snowing. This might stop me from going out on my bike.

Update - 14:15 - It has stopped snowing, but still icy cold and now slushy. Just got back from slightly longer cycle ride, now frozen and knackered. I will go and sit down with a cup of tea and a mince pie. I know I shouldn't have the mince pie (and cream) but we have so much food and chocolate left over from Christmas that if I don't eat them then someone else might and they will only get fat, so really I'm just being kind.

Day 8 (04/01/10)

It's been a busy day so far. It was minus 8 when I was scraping the ice from the cars before taking the kids to school and College. I've never known it so cold but was still wearing my shorts.

I also had to hover up in the porch as I put out a load of dishwasher salt (it was all that Tesco's had left) to help clear the drive but ended up walking loads of it back into the house.

After dropping the kids off I went to Halfords to buy a nice pair of gloves for cycling, so I am now running out of excuses not to go out cycling.

I also popped into PC World to buy some cartridges and some stuff for my netbook (I know PC World is crap but they are cheaper for things like cartridges and disc drives but I get my computers made for m,e by a local shop) The lady that served me sounded just like Nessa from Gavin & Stacey. Wen she said "do you want a bag" I thought it would of been better if she had just said "Oh, what's occuring"

Then home for a few minutes before going out for a haircut. Hopefully I might get out on my bike for a few minutes later.

Update - OMG. Went out on my bike, my hands were lovely and warm but my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is freezing out there. Went a little bit further than last week as I had to drop a letter of at the doctors surgery, declining the offer of swine flu jab.

Now to recover with a cup of tea, but will give cake a miss for now.

Update - Well I had a nice cup of tea but gave in and had a sandwich and a mince pie. Feel much better now.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Day 7 (03/01/10)

Not much done, apart from cooking for guests. Said good bye to my mother-in-law after she had stayed for the last few days. It went OK apart from her falling over on the icy driveway when she got here, landing on her broken wrist that was already in plaster from the Christmas Day fall. If only we had that on video, we might have got £250 for it.

Next week should be back to working normal but will get some cycling and tidying up done, but must get some nice gloves first as it looks like its going to be cold for the next few weeks.

BTW thought I would include a picture of when my avatar thing was being set up on the wii.

Day 6 (02/01/10)

It snowed over night and was still a bit icy so decided against going out on my bike. Took a picture from my ofice window.

I decided to take all the re-cycling to the tip, unfortunately so did everyone else and the queue was quite long.

Not much else done today.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Day 5

Happy New Year.

Well you guessed it, yet another day of laying round and chilling out. Lots of telly to watch tonight and guest still staying so can't do much, but next week will be different.

Day 4

Well it was new years eve and I had to prepare dinner for everyone and get the house sorted. So no activity and no boxes gone thru but I did empty a few bottles.

Day 3

Well, OK another day of inactivity, as I had to be at home for most of the day and then drive some of my daughters friends around. Oh well.