Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Day 1948 (28/04/2015)

A busy Tuesday but with a nice breakfast with my wife to start the day off.

Then I managed to get the man straight round to fix the oven.

It only took him 15 minutes to replace the heating element, which had completed blown apart.

I went for a swim in the afternoon and then spent a little while preparing for tomorrows presentation in Dublin.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Day 1947 (27/04/2015)

Busy Monday in the office but I found time for a swim and to go shopping (long story don't ask)

I still have lots to do, things to catch up on but getting there slowly.

It's quite without Kelly but we will see her again in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Day 1945 & 1946 (25 & 26/04/2015)

The weather has been great all week and although I had loads to do in the office my main intention of the weekend was to cut the grass and get it ready for the summer.

So obviously whilst I was out buying the grass feed & moss killer it started raining, damn. It didn't stop for the rest of the day.

I managed to go swimming in the afternoon, so that was five times this week, which was good but I must get back upstairs to the actual gym.

On Sunday I had a bit of a disaster, well a first world disaster, so nothing major just annoying really.

As I was getting dinner ready the power went off. I checked the fuse board and reset the power, so no problem and I thought nothing more about it.

An hour later I was checking my roast potatoes and realised that the main over had broke (it happens every couple of years, a blown element) and my potatoes hadn't been cooking. I had to put them in the top over ut now I didn't have time to make them a crisp as I wanted and get dinner ready for 4:45pm as Kelly was going back home afterwards.

It ended up as a compromise, with vegetables nearly done right, dinner at 5:30pm and Kelly left a bit later than planned.

It was great to have Kelly back here for the week.

Day 1944 (24/04/2015)

My postal ballot arrived and I voted today as I am away in London during the election.

Usually we only have the three main parties standing, so it was nice to have an actual choice, although there were only two I could vote for with a clear conscience (not counting the two Independents, one who was a chancer after a job and the other one of whom might as well be standing for the Nazi's).

In the afternoon Kelly made some cup cakes she found in the cupboard, very nice.

In the evening we all went out for dinner for dinner with my Mum & Dad and Gary & Elaine.

The food was quite nice and the company excellent, as always.

Day 1943 (23/04/2015)

In the morning me and Kelly went off to the University of South Wales, so I could give a talk to some students for Peter.

It seemed to go down OK although I wasn't at my best, as it was a rush to set-up (not my fault, a slightly late lunch organised by them), my computer started playing up and I had a nose bleed.

On the way back we stopped off to see my friend Sam, so Kelly could check out her animals.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day 1942 (22/04/2015)

I may have foolishly mentioned the other day that I thought my wife bought too much stuff that we didn't use / need when she went shopping. OK I can see the point of buying stuff whilst its on offer but we regularly have to clear out overflowing cupboards of stuff that has gone out of date.

So apparently now I have to do all the shopping (no she didn't take it well).

Anyway off to Asda with Kelly and our discount card.

I didn't buy the pug birthday cake but I've been told to order one.

It wasn't that bad and in the evening Kelly made some halloumi burritos, which are always a treat.

Day 1941 (21/04/2015)

My wife is getting the hang of her new poached egg pan.

It is easier and you can do 4 at a time, so we can have breakfast together but they just look wrong, far too produced, poached eggs should look a bit mad.

I went for a swim in the afternoon, but had to get changed in the ladies changing room as for the day it had becomes the men changing room; which is most confusing (especially on the way back from the pool).

I think they had to fix something in the ladies, which I discovered has a telly and twice as many hair-dryers, so it was just easier for the maintenance people to work in their without the distraction of naked women around them.

Bubbly & squeak in the evening.

Yum yum yum.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Day 1940 (20/04/2015)

Busy day, lots to do in the office, without achieving much.

I went for a swim in the afternoon and in the evening Kelly cooked a vegi & halloumi lasagne in the evening, which was very tasty .

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day 1938 & 1939 (18 & 19/04/2015)

We are all here now as Kelly is back for a few days and Thomas's football was cancelled, so we all had a nice relaxing day, well I did have lots of things to catch up on.

I was to busy to finishing the gardening and to set up a BBQ and it was quite windy out, so we had burgers in side in the evening.

On Sunday did a lovely roast pork dinner - yum yum yum.

Day 1937 (17/04/2015)

Busy day with loads to do in the office without achieving much.

I went for a swim in the afternoon but the pool was very busy, so I ended up just in the steam room and and the jacuzzi.

In the evening me & my wife went to the Brewhouse to see Hazel O'Connor, which was very good.

I remember seeing a clip of Breaking Glass on Film 80 and have loved the music ever since.

I have seen Hazel O'Connor twice before but that was in the early 1990's, over 20yrs ago, which is a depressing thought.

Day 1936 (16/04/2015)

Had a bit of a lie-in and then lots to do in my office.

In the afternoon I went to a leaving-do in Bristol for someone I joined the cadets with.

I was fairly apprehensive on the drive up and felt quite tense but had a lovely time with some people who I hadn't seen for for about 20years.

They will forever be some of my closest friends because of what we went thru, so of us have aged better than others.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Day 1935 (15/04/2015)

Second day of the Exeter course and another cold and foggy start but lovely and hot during the day.

We made a nice baked halloumi and rocket starter in the evening.

Day 1934 (14/04/2015)

For a change I am doing a course nearby, so get to stay at home but I means I have to get up early to drive there.

It was cold and foggy when I left but it was a lovely hot day in Exeter.

Slightly tied as it was a long day as the client was having a 3 day course in 2 days but the first day went well and on the plus side there were biscuits and a nice lunch.


Day 1933 (13/04/2015)

Monday was a mad rush getting ready for this weeks case but I had time to go to the gym and to attend my IOD Meeting.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Day 1931 & 1932 (11 & 12/04/2015)

A busy day, preparing for next weeks course but I found time in the afternoon to start getting the garden ready for the summer. It was the first cut of the year for the grass, it was very long.

It looks a lot better than it is; there is quite a it of moss that will need killing off and I will need to put some grass seed down where the leaves have killed it off.

It is always rewarding cleaning off the table with the jet-wasy, after it is left our for the winter.

Now we can sit out with a cup of tea at lunchtime and a glass of  wine of an evening.

I even put out fresh food for the birds, although they seem to have ignored it for quite a while.

Even the gnomes have returned.

It is looking a lot better now and I am aiming to finish doing it next weekend and hopefully if the weather is good I shall also have a BBQ.

Then off to the gym for a swim.

Did a nice roast chicken dinner on the Sunday.

Day 1930 (10/04/2015)

Last day of doing the course.

If I'm honest it don't go as we had planned. The guy doing it was apparently a bit of a demon touch typist but he just recorded on an ipad and took notes. Well today, after he went out last night there were no notes, it was more of a battle for him to keep his eyes open.

Hopefully it will all go OK.

As the house I was doing the course in was not near an underground station they said it would be quicker to get a bus to Paddington.

I can't remember the last time I was on a bus in London, maybe in around 1978. They don't have a first class or business section, so I wont make a habit of this but it was fairly handy.

I got to Paddington with enough time to visit Yo-Sushi before catching a train back home.

Day 1929 (09/04/2015)

Another long day of doing my course to someone who is going to type it up.

In the evening I went back to the hotel a had a very disappointing curry from a ropey take away.

Day 1928 (08/04/2015)

Early morning start and a train into London.

I am doing my course to someone who is going to type it up, so we can start offering as an online

It was a long day and when I got to my hotel I realised I had stayed there before and there aren't many restaurants nearby, so ended up having a very disappointing burger at a gourmet grill.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day 1927 (07/04/2015)

An early start as I had an appointment and did a few things in town before having our usual poached egg breakfast.

Then a busy day, with lots to do before a few days in London.

Day 1926 (06/04/2015)

We had a nice breakfast at the hotel and then walked down to the beach at Rottingdean and sat in the sunshine to relax.

I love it here, on a cold quite day and a busy sunny one, I really want to live here and spend my time relaxing here every day.

We went into Brighton, on the electric railway, like locals, with Kelly waving at everyone and making train noises.

 Then played crazy golf.

If it was highest score wins, then Kelly won.

Then we had an ice-cream on the pier.

And then a nice dinner back in Rottingdean.

I had read pepper soup for starters and fish & chips for dinner, with lovely minted mushy peas.

And sticky toffee pudding for afters.

Then we drove back home.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Day 1924 & 1925 (04 & 05/04/2015)

Another great breakfast this morning, with my wife making an artistic display with her sauce.

Did some work, so I could go away for a couple of days.

On Sunday we went to Rottingdean, taking Kelly back and for us to stay over. We stayed in our usual hotel, which has had a bit of a make over and we had a room with a lovely view over the sea.

We caught the bus into Brighton and had a  fantastic dinner at The Cow but it would be fair to say that the service was a bit slow.