Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 489 & 490 (30/04/2011 & 01/05/2011)

Well like a bad sniper I managed to miss most of the royal wedding.

Going to a BBQ with some friends today, should be good as not had a proper chance to see them & chat for ages.

Update - Sun 20:15 - Had a nice time yesterday at the BBQ & catching up with some old friends.

Went out for dinner today, Mr Pix was being very mature and had a Guinness, which makes me feel so old.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Day 488 (29/04/2011)

A family I don't care about are having a wedding today, so why must I be force fed all this crap on the telly and radio.

Why must the BBC and all the other broadcasters say we are all interested in this, some of us don't care and don't wish we were there or even wish them the best. Some of us think its wrong that people thru an accident of birth get given power and titles. And what a dysfunctional family they are. Will we have this much celebrating when they divorce, as they don't have a good record so far.

I have i-tunes on now, starting with Tusk from Fleetwood Mac, think I will go through all my 80's music today. Might download some Kim Wilde.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 487 (28/04/2011)

Well I have now fixed the toilet.

As you can tell I fixed it by phoning someone who knows what they are doing and then paid them.

That was so much easier.

Slightly disappointed that a house opposite has put out union jack bunting. Really lowered the tone of the area.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 486 (27/04/2011)

Al Murray was very funny last night.

But why-o-why must people keep getting up to go for a drink or to the toilet during a show. Sit down and watch the show you've paid for you idiots.

Update - 14:45 - bought another flush for the toilet tried to fit it and now given up and phoned a property maintenance company, who are coming over over tonight.

I don't know why I ever bother with the pretence, life works out easier and cheaper in the long run if you just admit your own limitations and get the right people in to help you.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day 485 (26/04/2011)

Me & the wife were very middle aged and British yesterday on the Bank Holiday. We went to a Garden Centre then to the seaside, where we had Fish & Chips and a Cup of Tea. I might as well put a knotted hanky on my head.

Anyway guess who we spotted on the Pier at Weston.

Noel seemed taller and more wooden in real life.

We are seeing Al Murray at the Brewhouse tonight, which should be good.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Day 484 (25/04/2011)

Yesterday was nice, seeing my Mum & Dad and my Brother. Unfortunately Elaine was missing as she has an exhibition coming up and had arty things to make.

Thinking of hiring a skip for the clearance, though a charity shop may be a better place.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 482 & 483 (23 & 24/04/2011)

Bank Holiday and Decent Weather, not usually phrases that go together in this country.

Can't decide to go out for an Indian or a Mexican tonight.

Update - Sat 17:45 - When you buy a light bulb its a pretty safe bet it will fit. Its either a bayonet or screw fixing, normal size or small. With plugs, we have our UK style and then the Europeans and Americans have their own but if you buy something in the UK it going to have the standard UK plug.

Needless to say I tried to fix the toilet but the fitting wouldn't fit my toilet, you bastards, why can't there be a standard fitting.

If I could have fitted the bit it all would have gone smoothly in about 20minutes but no it wouldn't fit. It wouldn't screw in place as it kept hitting the side of the cistern. All toilets have cisterns so why wouldn't this one fit.

So then I tried to make a new one with bits from the old one and new one, needless to say I have wasted over an hour and £25 on something that wasn't right. Thats why usually I don't bother. I now know what I need and will buy one more thing but if it ain't plug & play then I'm calling a plumber.

Update - Sun 08:45 - Went for an Indian and had a set meal, totally stuffed and defeated.

Its not that bad, there was two of us and my wife had a whole bottle of wine,

OK it was a very small bottle.

Might tidy my office today.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 481 (22/04/2011)

The show was OK last night, today has not gone as planned.

Oh well.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day 480 (21/04/2011)

Dr Phil Hammond was very funny last night.

Tonight we are going to see something like Songs From The Shows, as my Mum & Dad can't go. I will enjoy it and will probably embarrass my wife by singing-along.

Got a nice level of work in at the moment, just enough to have too much but not too much to be stressed. Probably wont last but should mean I can take a few days off over easter.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 479 (20/04/2011)

With all the protests that may happen at the Royal Wedding I might even be worth watching or even going down there. Now which side to be on?

Sad new about Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane in Dr Who.

Off to see Dr Phil Hammond at the Brewhouse tonight with my wife, should be fun.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 478 (19/04/2011)

Even nicer out today but still have my curtains closed.

My Dad is now home from the hospital and hopefully will start to recover quicker now, whilst not over doing it. The trouble is he is probably going to get under my Mum's feet and spend more time on his computer, either way that means more phone calls to me.

Looking forward to a few days of for the Bank Holiday but not enjoying the near non-stop coverage of the marriage of the pointless couple in London. If I lived nearer I would protest but I don't so I shall just ignore them.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 477 (18/04/2011)

The sun is out.

Hopefully Dad will be home today.

Will try and fix the toilet and tidy my office today (the two are not related).

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Day 475 & 476 (16 & 17/04/2011)

Well that was a long long day yesterday but quite interesting and it might lead to a few more things.

Yes thats a reflection of me, looking like a tramp in a suit.

I didn't really get to see a lot of London, France of Brussels but I was impressed by the metal ramps on all the stairs on the Brussels underground to help you take your bike on the underground.

Very clever and useful.

Now time to catch up with the stuff that came in yesterday but I must cut the grass this weekend.

Update - Sat 20:15 - Well I've cut the grass but it looks like its been hacked by a nutter, as it was.

I have somebody coming round in a couple of weeks to get the garden done properly as we don't use it but it would be nice to sit out there sometimes with a glass of wine and a wifi signal.

Hopefully I will fix the toilet tomorrow.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Day 474 (15/04/2011)

Spent a few hours late last night trying to get my laptop working properly and failed. I might just take a hammer to it and start again.

After about 4 hours in bed I got up at stupid o'clock to catch my train to London only to find all services in the South West either delayed or cancelled. I eventually got on my train over 45 minutes late and don't know yet if I will make my connection on the EuroStar.

I treated myself to first class and its very nice. the staff are really friendly and they keep coming round with free drinks and snacks. So far I have had a Danish pastry and a nice banana.

As I'm wearing a suit no-one has asked to look at my ticket. I may just sit here next time anyway.

Update - 09:00 - Second drink and now having a slice of fruit cake.

If it carry's on like this I may have made money by going first class.

Still no-one has asked for my ticket.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 473 (14/04/2011)

Booked hotels for the Isle of Mann and Glasgow.

Decided to go by myself to the Isle of Mann as it seems to be during a motorcycle event and the hotels were fairly full. Boring time for me.

Went for a nice hotel in Glasgow but still can't decide whether or not to fly or drive, hate driving but hate sitting at airports even more. It's going to work out about the same price when you add in taxis etc.

The talk went well yesterday, everyone enjoyed my easy going style and were amazed at the things you could do but not many approached me for courses so might have been a bit of waste.

Going to a thing at Kelly's old college, so have to get all of my work done during the day.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Day 472 (13/04/2011)

Had too much pizza last night, now stuffed (not crust), might not need to eat again for a while.

Giving a presentation later but luckily its only about 2 miles away. Not getting paid unfortunately but it might generate a course or two.

Update - 09:00 - I think my body thought the pizza last night was a transplant as it is rejecting it this morning, not good.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 471 (12/04/2011)

It seems like its going to be a fairly nice week weather wise, I had hoped to get out into the garden & cut the grass and maybe even get my bike out but guess what, yeah, I know boring ain't it.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Day 470 (11/04/2011)

So my bets on the Masters came to nothing, even if I had got McIlroy's name right.

Dad's still in hospital, it's a long story, and I am giving 2 presentations this week which I haven't done yet. At least I had a lie-in as My Pix is off from college for a very long easter break.

I didn't get to cut the grass or get my bike out but did have a very nice Sunday with the family.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 468 & 469 (09 & 10/04/2011)

The sun is out it's a lovely day & my wife is home today. Bugger I'm in the office.

Hopefully it will still be nice tomorrow so I can cut the grass, which is getting a bit long.

Update - Sat 13:00 - Yesterday I placed a bet for my Dad for Graeme McDowell to win the US Masters. I thought that the young curly haired Irish was a good bet so put a few quid on it.

Unfortunately it was only later did I find out the the young curly haired Irishman is in fact Rory McIlroy.

Usually this wouldn't be a problem but McDowell didn't make the cut and McIlroy is leading by a couple of strokes, so no point putting any money on him now :-(

Between us I think we have back about half the horses in the National.

Update - Sat 17:15 - Well we had a 2nd & 3rd, won about £35 so not quite ahead for the day.

Come on Westwood or Poulter for the Masters, a nice meal out is resting on one of them winning.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 467 (08/04/2011)

With my Dad still in hospital I offered to put a few bets on for him, for the National & the Masters, so put some money from my credit card onto an online betting site. No problem.

Golly well I can now see how online betting can be addictive, in addition to Dad's bets I put on about 4 or 5 of my own.

I then did a bit of work, making a few of my regular online purchases from secure sites, then bought a few t-shirts from my usual supplier of t-shirts that could easily double as quilt covers.

Then my credit card got stopped for possibly fraudulent action. So they let the online gaming go thru but stopped me t-shirts from who I have made numerous purchases from before.

Can't these credit company get it right, the gambling is the dodgy thing not buying clothes from a local retailer.

Oh well, nearly up to date with all of my work but must do the two presentations I am due to give this week. Hoping to cut the grass at the weekend.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 466 (07/04/2011)

Honestly it's not an obsession.

Just seen that he is previewing his new show in Bristol in July, so just got a couple of tickets.

I know that means I am seeing him 5 times in 3 shows in 4 months but I am not a stalker, juat an average geeky fan.

Update - 14:15 - Going to Brussels next Friday. Having to catch an early train to London and a late one back, so thought I would treat myself to first class. Now to tell the client that they are paying for it.

Can't believe I have been working since before 9.00am but still not actually done any paid work yet, could be a late night.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 465 (06/04/2011)

Well my dads operation didn't quite go as planned but he is nearly up on his feet now.

Slowly going thru all of my work and have now added a trip to Brussels next week to give a talk. Not been there before and it was a nice offer, thought it will be a bit exhausting as its there and back in the day.

Seeing Richard Herring again tonight, so will try and get another photo, I know I am sad.

Strangely after I posted the last picture a friend asked me about him as his wife had gone to school with the Herring kids and knew Richard, small world........but I wouldn't like to paint it.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 464 (05/04/2011)

Its wet & grey out, more like autumn than spring.

Dad has gone in to hospital this morning for a hip replacement, so it will be a busy couple of days visiting and keeping his spirits up as he is not the most patient patient.

I know, then my mum will have him under her feet for the next few months whilst he gets back to full mobility.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 463 (04/04/2011)

So it was Mothers Day on Sunday. I had gone to the card shop last week and bought cards for my wife and my mum.

I had found a nice card for my mum,which said from Son & Daughter-in-Law which I thought was very nice. I had also found a lovely card for my wife but it had no envelope so whilst I was waiting for the shop assistance to find a replacement envelope I deiced to make sure my mums card was OK and decided to change my mums card, to a less creased one from the shelf.

It was only after I had given the card to my mum that she pointed out that the one I had given her said Daughter & Son-in-Law. O000ps.

She accepted it in good faith.

It was as bad as a few years ago when I came home with a couple of bouquets of flowers for my wife and put them in the sink until she got home. Later she asked me why I had bought one bouquet of real flowers and one of artificial flowers, and why had I put the artificial flowers in water.

OK, I admit it I thought they were both real. I'm not a gardener, I just thought they looked nice.

A TV programme I helped out on was on BBC 4 last night. I wasn't on the screen, as always I just did some stuff behind the scenes but they nicely thanked me in the credits (possibly due to the fact that I didn't charge them).

It is on the iPlayer Here for a week and was a documentary about the BBC's Rough Justice series, which began investigating miscarriages of justice in the early 1980s.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 461 & 462 (02 & 03/04/2011)

I have spent all day doing reports, working my way thru the backlog. Next week should be a bit easier and next month even better as one of my main clients should be able to do most of their own work.

Been listening to Adele & Elbow, what fantastic music. It has made the last few days of none stop reports nearly bearable.

I have completed the census to the best of my ability, though it is true to say I have no ability when it comes to using a pen. I failed totally to get my writing in the little boxes or to make it readable. Oh well, I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 460 (01/04/2011)

Golly the year is flying by. April already, un-bloody-believable.