Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Day 2898 (06/12/2017)

Just about getting back into the swing of things with work.

Had a nice smoothie in the morning.

And a hair cut in the afternoon.

Day 2897 (05/12/2017)

Another busy day at work but feeling slightly less than enthusiastic about it.

I am sure things will be put right in a week or two but just annoying when staff do not think before they do things.

Day 2896 (04/12/2017)

A busy day with work, with some slightly annoying news with what one of my members of staff had done.

As a result it was very hard to think of three positive things from the week to tell my hypnotherapist but I finished the session feeling calmer.

I'm also now wearing a tube bandage on my right forearm to add some support to my tendons, following me hurting it playing badminton and aggravating it pouring some champagne.

Not very working class my quite painful.

Day 2894 & 2895 (02 & 03/12/2017)

Another busy weekend with lots of work that needed doing.

On Saturday Thomas went up to Bristol to visit some friends, whilst my wife had her works Christmas Do, so I had a nice quiet evening working.

Sunday I did a very nice roast duck breast dinner.

And a nice bottle of rose champagne.

Then some pancakes with fruit.

Very nice.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Day 2893 (01/12/2017)

December already, and the last of this years Kylie pictures.

Hopefully next years calendar is more fun :-)

A busy day in the office, with a few set backs and annoying things.

We had our advent calendars in the evening.

I even bought a nice one for my wife :-)

Day 2892 (30/11/2017)

I was off to Bristol first thing to attend a conference. I wasn't speaking at it but needed to speak to a few people.



I left before the end and so was home nice and early :-)

Day 2891 (29/11/2017)

A frosty early morning start.

Then time for a nice smoothie.

Then lots to do in the office and a visit to Bridgwater in the afternoon, followed by a warming drink at the drive-thru Costa.

And Thomas was home in the early hours.

Day 2890 (28/11/2017)

It was an early start, dropping Thomas off for a coach to London, so he could meet up with with Lee to see The Killers at the O2.


Then a tasty breakfast in a bun from breakfast stop near to our house. 

A busy day in the office, then a nice curry made my wife in the evening.

Day 2889 (27/11/2017)

It was a cold start and time for a tasty smoothie.

I seem to be very busy in the office during the day but finishing earlier of an evening, which is better.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Day 2887 & 2888 (25 &26/11/2017)

I got up to do some work but popped out first thing to buy some thing for breakfast.

Then a fairly relaxing day, doing some work, wuith fish & chips in the evening to save cooking.

On Sunday for the forth time running there were yet more leaves that needed collecting.


Hopefully it wont need doing again this year.

Did a nice roast beef on Sunday.


Day 2886 (24/11/2017)

It was less windy overnight but still noisy for my wife as apparently someone was snoring really loudly again although I didn't hear anything.

We had a family breakfast again.

Then had a relaxing day and a nice Italian in the evening.



Then a long late drive home.

Day 2885 (23/11/2017)

It was Lee's Birthday, so we all had breakfast together at the hotel.

Then opening some cards & presents.

The scooter went down well.

Then out to the Marina for a some UV Crazy Golf.


Then off to a buffet Chinese.




And a Happy Birthday sung by everyone in the place for an embarrassed Lee :-)

A great day.