Saturday, 14 October 2017

Day 2845 & 2846 (14 & 15/10/2017)

Up early doing all of my work before going away tomorrow.

Day 2844 (13/10/2017)

Another smoothie.

Quite tasty.

Today was a busy day on the legal front.

Firstly there was a hearing for one of pensioner group issues, which I was hoping would be settled by the other side backing down but to everyone's amazement (including the judge's) they are refusing to budge or negotiate. This means there is likely to be a very long tribunal hearing in the summer of next year, when we get to call all of the senior officers and staff that have fucked up so badly when dealing with us, our pensions and our complaints, and they will lose, big style. I say that as they have lost on every legal point so far, which is why they are given the opportunity to negotiate now and settle keeping the legal fees down and the settlement acceptable to all sides. They have opted for the madness of losing in court and will end paying their barrister a small fortune and then the rest of us a larger one.

I would rather it was settled now and I have the money now but next summer I will likely win three times as much.

The second was my copyright case which looks like it is finally drawing to a near successful ending, with the naughty people offering to settle (unfortunately not for that much) but it will be a strong moral victory and I will be more than happy - as will my wife as it means I wold have stopped spending all of her money on legal fees :-)

Really looking forward to a few days away in Brighton, relaxing.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Day 2843 (12/10/2017)

Back on the smoothies today, mostly Strawberry based.

In the gym in the afternoon.

Day 2842 (11/10/2017)

It was a bit of a busy day, so not much achieved but hopefully we are moving forward on lots of things.

Day 2841 (10/10/2017)

Tuesday started with some lovely egg & sausage rolls :-)

I went to the gym in the afternoon and went on the treadmill again.

In the evening it was two for Tuesday :-)

Monday, 9 October 2017

Day 2840 (09/10/2017)

Monday morning smoothie was quite tasty.

Went to the gym in the afternoon and added a few minutes on the treadmill.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Day 2838 & 2839 (07 & 08/10/2017)

Weekend here and it was time for a nice breakfast.

Then Lee had to go back to Brighton.

Managed to have a burrito for lunch :-)

Had a nice Indian take-away in the evening.

And did a nice dinner on Sunday, duck breast in a sauce, with mash, cauliflower cheese and pak choi.

Day 2837 (06/10/2017)

It was a busy start as I had some work to do in the office and then meet Dave G for a coffee and a chat, which ended up being unexpectedly interesting for a new venture for my company.

Then back to the office to do work before it was Burrito time, thanks to Lee.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Day 2836 (05/10/2017)

Tasty smoothie this morning.

Then work in the office and a trip to the gym.

Then out in the evening with everyone, including Aunty Carol, who is visiting my Mum and Dad, for their Wedding Anniversary. 

Butterfly Prawns for starters and then lasagna.


Then a molten tower of Eton Mess. 

It was a lovely evening but they were busy, so our food took ages and Dad's pasta didn't have much chicken.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Day 2835 (04/10/2017)

Back onto the smoothies this morning.

Lost 3 - 0 again at badminton.

Lee came home in the afternoon, so all together for a few days which is nice as we haven't seen them for months.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Day 2834 (03/10/2017)

It was an early start as we had a dentist appointment, then back home for some boiled eggs.

I had lots to do, creating a new website for work that is needed tomorrow, so couldn't really go to the gym.

I managed to get enough work done so I could finish in time for Bake-Off and Dr Foster.

Had a nice dinner in the evening.

And then a Fab :-)

Day 2833 (02/10/2017)

Monday and back on the smoothies.


It was OK but basically it was hard to say it tasted of anything much.

Other than work I had other stuff to do, paying in cheques and sending some post. I went to the gym but got their and didn't fancy it, as I have ear ache at the moment and a bit under the weather.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Day 2832 & 2833 (30/09 & 01/10/2017)

The weekend is here already but I still have loads of work to catch-up on.

Made a nice dinner Saturday evening.

Steak, sausage, cauliflower cheese and potato courgettes :-)

A new month an a new picture on the Kylie calendar, possibly the worst so far, as you should never box wearing denim.

I bought my wife fresh flowers on Sundays (as I do every other week).

Then I did a roast chicken dinner on Sunday evening.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Day 2831 (29/09/2017)

A busy day at home but back on the smoothies, which was quite nice.

Then off for a much needed haircut.

That's better.

It might not look much different but when it touches my ears it has to be cut.

In the afternoon I had a few games of badminton against Thomas and I lost 3 - 0 again.

Then lots of work to do.

Day 2830 (28/09/2017)

Originally the plan was to get up late and have a relaxing breakfast and then go quite early but my business partner decided stay for breakfast and do a bit more work, so I wasn't able to leave until just before lunch.

I wasn't feeling great as I hadn't slept well over the last two nights, so I fell asleep straight away on the train.

I was home for a couple of hours and then off to my pensioners meeting, where there was some nice food.

Then home by about 10:30pm to relax.

Day 2829 (27/09/2017)

Day two of our meetings and it started with a nice hearty but maybe not healthy breakfast.

After the morning mist had lifted I could see The Shard from my room.

Then more sandwiches for lunch.

Then off to a nearby French restaurant for a nice diner after our meeting finished, where I had baked Camembert for starters and Beef Bourguignon from mains.

Then an apple & sultana pastry for afters.

Day 2828 (26/09/2017)

It was a fairly early start and then on the train to London but luckily I had treated myself to first class.

Then to the Union Jack Club for a few days of meting.

This is basically a hotel for serving & retired servicemen & women and is quite a bit nicer than the civil service club.

As it is a bit of a terrorist target, even though it has good security, with retired Gurkha's manning the doors, it has worrying posters on each floor.

We had a meeting all day in the bar and stopped for a short while for some nice sandwiches.

As it was quite late by the time we finished chatting & drinking we stayed in for dinner. I had a nice baked goats cheese & beetroot starter and a steak & kidney pie for mains. All quite nice.