Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 2346 (31/05/2016)

A busy day, recycling, storage unit, getting my wife's car sorted, picking up my glasses, paying in cheques, trying to arrange a meeting with a business bank manager and all of that before breakfast.

Then managed to get rid of the last of my really old work, so now its just the current stuff that needs to be done.

Day 2345 (30/05/2016)

Bank Holiday Monday and the weather was nice and I took most of the day away from the computer.

We spent a few hours our in the gardening, for the first time since around October, when I got it ready for the winter.

The grass has mostly been taken over by weeds and moss, it might be easier to just get it re-laid.

One of the things I really enjoy about getting the garden ready for the summer is jet washing the marble table.

It always comes up really good and is the most manual work I do all year.

Then the gnomes came out and the garden was nearly ready.

Then out for a meal at The Worlds End.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Day 2343 & 2344 (28 & 29/05/2016)

Oh for a relaxing weekend but I have so much to catch up with and want to spend time with my wife. Also I still haven't been in the garden since I got it ready for the winter in around October / November.

Had some a nice burger and hot dog for dinner.

Food is just so much better now I'm at home.

Sunday had a nice / interesting breakfast with my Mum & Dad then off to Tesco's to get dinner for my wife. I bought her some nice flowers.

Then we had a nice prawn & avocado for starters.

And a nice pork dinner.

Day 2342 (27/05/2016)

My flight home was at 8:30am and I had a terrible fear of oversleeping and ending up staying in the country but thankfully I managed to wake up with the aid of numerous alarms and early morning calls.

I got to the airport, which was a nightmare, over crowded and quite hot and for some reason I set of the metal detector (without having any metal on me) so had extra security, with swabs and a frisk and they decided to take absolutely everything out of my laptop bag (which then took ages to re-pack).

Once on the plane I was able to sleep.

From Luton the journey home was a nightmare, as I hadn't expected the Bank Holiday traffic, which meant the journey was about 90minutes longer than it should have been.

It was a real relief to be home with my wife. Also it was really nice to be back with in my own bathroom.

Day 2341 (26/05/2016)

Had far too much to do on my last day (for now) in the office. The man officer manager was leaving for a government role, so we all went out for lunch.

Then in the evening my usual meeting with Richard and his dog over a couple of pints of lager.

Day 2340 (25/05/2016)

I'm now an International businessman, with companies in foreign countries, mostly as a way of covering ourselves in case Brexit goes the wrong way.

Still enjoying my evening picnics of bread & cheese whilst watching the telly.

Day 2339 (24/05/2016)

Another similar day, up and into the office, trying to do too many things.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 2338 (23/05/2016)

I'm counting the days down until I fly back on Friday. When I come back (wish it was never) I will only do a week at a time.

The office got a bit stressful as I don't expect to tell someone to do the same thing several times a day and so made my feelings clear. Needless to say that left a bit of an atmosphere in the office but when I told my business partner he is close to sacking her.

Then someone in the UK sent me an email only two hours after we had an email exchange discussion what I needed them to send me, without sending what they were supposed to send me. I sent back a very snotty email asking if they were thick or trying to wind me up. Either way apparently they were quite upset but hopefully they will do what they are supposed to now.

In the evening, after not eating all day and only have a few bottles of water, we went out for a pizza but I wasn't really hungry and ended up sharing it with Richard.

This might be working as a diet.

Day 2336 & 2337 (21 & 22/05/2016)

Thankfully the weekend is here and I could have a lie-in, so stayed in bed until about 1pm. What luxury but what I shame I wasn't with my wife :-(

After lunch I had a walk around, found a nice place for brunch.

Then I bought some supplies from a supermarket, so was able to watch FA Cup Day on BBC, whilst munching on some bread rolls, cheese, tomatoes, apples, crisps and a few cold non-alcoholic drinks.

On Sunday I got up early enough for breakfast but to be honest I wish I hadn't wasted my time, even though they had a made a bit of an effort with cereals and toast,which on the whole were horrible.

At lunchtime I met up with Richard for the closest Romanian dish to a Sunday Roast Pork.

Again not great and the wine was horrible.

The afters were quite rich.

When I got back to the hotel I had a banging headache all night that took quite a few tablets to ease. Apparently Richard was also ill, so I probably wont eat there again.

Day 2335 (20/05/2016)

My days are very similar,long hours in the office, doing work and trying to set-up the office.

In the evening we went out for a few drinks and a pizza in an Irish bar (isn't there always one everywhere in the world).

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Day 2334 (19/05/2016)

Another long day in the office, still not up in time for breakfast.

I worked from 9:30am until 7:00pm, getting up only twice to get a glass of water and make myself a cup of tea.

I get back to the hotel and tried the hotel but they appeared to have a band setting up, so I walk straight back out again and ordered room service.

I went for the delicate calamari but it turned up more like battered car tyres. Then the mutton chops (that made me laugh) with cold over-boiled asparagus.

I have no idea why the toast was delivered but mostly enjoyed the beer and left more than half of the food.

So basically today I have had 3 glasses of water, a cup of green tea, 2 bottles of bear, 5 lamb chops,a few spoonfuls of parmesan rice and a few extra thick calamari,so technically i am on a diet.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Day 2333 (18/05/2016)

I have been here for a few days already but getting up at am still feels like getting up at 6am (there is a 2hr difference) and that is not something I like doing.

Plus working in the office all day is like having a normal boring job.

On the way back I was hoping to find an Italian or at least a bar doing pizza but in the end I had to buy a few slices on lukewarm pizza from a take away.

This is going to be a long two weeks.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Day 2332 (17/05/2016)

I could have happily stayed in bed until midday as Romania is 2 hours ahead of the UK, so my alarm going off at 7:30am was really 5:30am in my head (& body).

Then a day spent in the office with "my staff" doing a few jobs, checking out software, writing helpful hints and having a business meeting.

A few days of this could kill me, it is much too like having a proper job.

After work we had a meeting in a bar opposite and I had a small bowl of goulash, which was quite nice.

Then back at the hotel I did some work and a spaghetti carbonara.

Day 2331 (16/05/2016)

The alarm went off at 3:45am and I could have happily turned it off and gone straight back to sleep but I didn't,I got up and drove to Luton for my flight to Romania.

The flight was OK but clearly this airline rarely deal with anyone other than Romanians.

The airport was so small it made Exeter International Airport look like Heathrow (when in reality it is little more than a portacabin). The airport terminal building was so small that when we arrived most of the people had to wait outside in the very cold rain before checking-in with border control.

Once legally allowed into the country you are allowed to wait in the equally small arrivals long, which was basically just a small luggage carousel, where some parents were happily letting their small children run along, so much unlike the health and safety obsessed UK, where the horrific injuries and court cases have put a stop to such innocent fun.

Eventually I as able to recover my bag and left the airport to meet my business partner Richard ad get a taxi into town.

The hotel was fine, if anything to trendy,whilst forgetting things like a plug in the sink or a chair.

We had a meeting over a few beers in a smokey bar, it could be a long two weeks for a non-smoker.
I went back to my room for a sleep and room service. The food was OK but I would have been happier with a simple bowl of soup or a pizza.


Sunday, 15 May 2016

Day 2329 & 2330 (14 & 15/05/2016)

A nice relaxing start to the day and breakfast at the hotel before a slow (not rushed) drive home.

We met up with family for a meal in the evening, given us a chance to catch-up before me going away for a few weeks.

To save the time and trouble we went out for Sunday dinner to The Worlds End, which was nice but the service was quite slow.

We had afters but when I took the photo mine was just a lot nearer the camera than my wife's.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready to go.

Day 2328 (13/05/2016)

My wife's birthday, so she's is a whole year older than me for the next three months. We had a breakfast on the way to see Thomas.

Then a nice time visiting the Olympic Park.

Then we were all together for a cool refreshing drink and a catch-up.

Then dinner in a nice Italian (but with crap service).

A lovely day.