Saturday, 28 May 2016

Day 2342 (27/05/2016)

My flight home was at 8:30am and I had a terrible fear of oversleeping and ending up staying in the country but thankfully I managed to wake up with the aid of numerous alarms and early morning calls.

I got to the airport, which was a nightmare, over crowded and quite hot and for some reason I set of the metal detector (without having any metal on me) so had extra security, with swabs and a frisk and they decided to take absolutely everything out of my laptop bag (which then took ages to re-pack).

Once on the plane I was able to sleep.

From Luton the journey home was a nightmare, as I hadn't expected the Bank Holiday traffic, which meant the journey was about 90minutes longer than it should have been.

It was a real relief to be home with my wife. Also it was really nice to be back with in my own bathroom.

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