Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Day 2331 (16/05/2016)

The alarm went off at 3:45am and I could have happily turned it off and gone straight back to sleep but I didn't,I got up and drove to Luton for my flight to Romania.

The flight was OK but clearly this airline rarely deal with anyone other than Romanians.

The airport was so small it made Exeter International Airport look like Heathrow (when in reality it is little more than a portacabin). The airport terminal building was so small that when we arrived most of the people had to wait outside in the very cold rain before checking-in with border control.

Once legally allowed into the country you are allowed to wait in the equally small arrivals long, which was basically just a small luggage carousel, where some parents were happily letting their small children run along, so much unlike the health and safety obsessed UK, where the horrific injuries and court cases have put a stop to such innocent fun.

Eventually I as able to recover my bag and left the airport to meet my business partner Richard ad get a taxi into town.

The hotel was fine, if anything to trendy,whilst forgetting things like a plug in the sink or a chair.

We had a meeting over a few beers in a smokey bar, it could be a long two weeks for a non-smoker.
I went back to my room for a sleep and room service. The food was OK but I would have been happier with a simple bowl of soup or a pizza.


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