Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 2338 (23/05/2016)

I'm counting the days down until I fly back on Friday. When I come back (wish it was never) I will only do a week at a time.

The office got a bit stressful as I don't expect to tell someone to do the same thing several times a day and so made my feelings clear. Needless to say that left a bit of an atmosphere in the office but when I told my business partner he is close to sacking her.

Then someone in the UK sent me an email only two hours after we had an email exchange discussion what I needed them to send me, without sending what they were supposed to send me. I sent back a very snotty email asking if they were thick or trying to wind me up. Either way apparently they were quite upset but hopefully they will do what they are supposed to now.

In the evening, after not eating all day and only have a few bottles of water, we went out for a pizza but I wasn't really hungry and ended up sharing it with Richard.

This might be working as a diet.

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