Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 2336 & 2337 (21 & 22/05/2016)

Thankfully the weekend is here and I could have a lie-in, so stayed in bed until about 1pm. What luxury but what I shame I wasn't with my wife :-(

After lunch I had a walk around, found a nice place for brunch.

Then I bought some supplies from a supermarket, so was able to watch FA Cup Day on BBC, whilst munching on some bread rolls, cheese, tomatoes, apples, crisps and a few cold non-alcoholic drinks.

On Sunday I got up early enough for breakfast but to be honest I wish I hadn't wasted my time, even though they had a made a bit of an effort with cereals and toast,which on the whole were horrible.

At lunchtime I met up with Richard for the closest Romanian dish to a Sunday Roast Pork.

Again not great and the wine was horrible.

The afters were quite rich.

When I got back to the hotel I had a banging headache all night that took quite a few tablets to ease. Apparently Richard was also ill, so I probably wont eat there again.

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