Friday, 31 December 2010

Day 369 (31/12/2010)

So this is Christmas, and what have we done? Another year over, and a new ones just begun. Sure I have heard that before but it sums up things on this New Years Eve.

Anyway, Where The F**K Did That Year Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe another year flew by without me noticing (or tidying the house).

My wife was in bed all day yesterday with flu and still feels rough but is getting ready for work, I don't know why, she might as well have another day off to recover than going spreading her germs to all the customers.

If nothing else, I'm looking forward to Jools Holland on the telly tonight, I haven't checked but he must be on, or New Year won't be official.

Strange that Bobby Farrell, front man of 1970s disco group Boney M, died in St Petersburg on the anniversary of Rasputin's death in the same city. Although I suppose it would have been stranger if Bobby Farrell was poisoned, shot four times, badly beaten, and then drowned, rather than a heart attack.

I might download a few Boney M hits later, they were quite catchy as I remember.

Although I am a republican and quite like the Russian method of dealing with a royal family, I am once again stunned to find I have been over looked again in the New Years Honours. I think I will have to drop even bigger hints this year and might just send completed nomination forms to people I do favours for and tell them to send them direct to the Cabinet Office.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Day 368 (30/12/2010)

My wife is of work with flu and so I have decided to cancel to New Years Eve, well it will still happen, as will New Year but I don't think we will be having any celebration around here, maybe a glass of Beechems Lemon and a quiet night watch Jools Hollands.

I must go thru all the scratch cards and lottery tickets we had for Christmas and see if we have won anything. I know Kelly won over £20 on her scratch cards, hopefully there is a few millions sat downstairs waiting to be claimed.

I caught an episode of Yes Prime Minister this morning, what a great show, brilliant cast and so well written. It could have been set today and not 30+ years ago.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Day 367 (29/12/2010)

Back at work after a nice break that just flew by. It's hard to believe that four day's can go by so quickly.

Must get back in to the swing of work and doing things but have a dvd playing on my computer at the moment.

The house is very quiet as the girls are out at work and Mr Pix is out shopping with his girlfriend.

Colin the snowman has nearly gone.

The place looks so dull without the snow.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Day 366 (28/12/2010)

Well the last day of the Christmas break, its back to work tomorrow. No doubt we will still be finishing off the Christmas food and Booze well into the summer of 2011 if not longer.

The temperature has risen sharply in the last day and we have had quite a bit of rain, so there are only a few small patches of ice left. It seems strange to think how quickly the snowy Christmas look has gone and the place has returned to it's normal look.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Day 365 (27/12/2010)

We had a great night last night with everyone coming over to ours, although the first comments from my dad was to ask me if I had a spade or a brush to clear my driveway.

I know it's a generational thing but does it really matter that there is slush on my driveway or that we are continually decorating or cleaning. Just chill and relax.

Anyway we had a good evening with lots of food, drink and quiz's.

I am going to continuing with a few more days of indulgence then in the New Year will start going for a walk, building up to taking my bike back out.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Day 364 (26/12/2010)

Christmas morning was a mad rush as always, then off to my parents for a more relaxing Christmas Dinner and supper.

It was nice to be together as a family, we don't do it enough nowadays.

Anyway I didn't really see any telly or drink much, so will catch up with the iPlayer this week and get wasted today.

I put some rock salt on the driveway this morning as my parents will only complain about me not having cleared the snow,

but it looks more like I have been putting nutmeg on a rice pudding.

I think it will take a few warm days to clear all of the ice.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Day 363 (25/12/2010)

Ho F**KING Ho.

Did I mention that I hate Christmas. Well I quite like some Christmas music, like Happy Xmas (War Is Over) & Merry Christmas Everybody. Even the original Band Aid song. And I suppose the food and drink are good and some of the telly. But I do definitely hate Christmas.

So Happy Christmas to everyone I like & love, and Sod Off to everyone else.

At least Kelly is feeling a bit better today.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 362 (24/12/2010)

I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I hate Christmas.

I like some of the telly, the food, seeing my family and to be honest some of the presents are good but its the being organised bit that never sits well with us.

I got the Christmas decorations down at the start of December but yet there are still cards left unwritten or undelivered.

I have to go out this morning to do some shopping for things that will probably never be used or eaten but we can't do without.

Bah Humbug. Next year I will suggest going away for Christmas, although with all the bad weather lately that might not be a good idea.

Update - 19:30 - OK we are at least 4hrs behind schedule and Kelly is possibly full of flu. I doubt my wife and her mother we be here much before 9 o'clock and then we have to have diner (I made a Fish Pie). Still not wrapped any presents or done my cards. It's going to be a late night.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day 361 (23/12/2010)

Wow Mr Pix had a haircut yesterday that looks normal.

He went last night with his friends for a curry and a drink (or two). That makes he seem so grown up and makes me feel so old.

When I was out picking up my wife and doing a bit of shopping yesterday we missed all of our deliveries.

You wait in for days and then pop out for a few hours and then miss all of your deliveries. Sods Law.

Hopefully I should still be able to get them all today.

The girls drove themselves to work today, despite the 3" of ice on the local roads. That means when I go out later I am going to have to dig my car out of the snow.

Last night was listening to Hafdis Huld singing Silent Night in Icelandic on Radcliffe & Maconie's Radio 2 show (check out the iPlayer at about 40minutes).

Update - 20:00 - Two complicated reports to do but whilst having a shower I have come up with the plot line & start of my book. I suppose should try and do the reports then do some writing over the Christmas break.

I won't say what happens in story but I have decided to kill off a guy that used to be a friend of mine until he double crossed me. It would be better if I could use real names but if I did that I might end up in trouble myself. So I will be changing everyones names, including mine.

Update - 20:30 - Ordered a pizza and finishing for the night.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Day 360 (22/12/2010)

I booked a load of hotel rooms for my courses in January & February. I didn't realize my next course was so soon.

I really should spend some time updating my course this week but just can't seem to get motivated. It's like being on holiday but still being at home.

It's nice to have a bit of a break but I know next month I will have loads of work and be thinking that I should of done the course material whilst I was quiet.

As much as I hate Christmas, and I do a lot, it was nice to start the Christmas chocolates last night but I am still not allowed to start the Chocolate Log as apparently if I do I am likely to finish it before Christmas. Well why don't we have two then, one for me and one for guests. We have more than one bag of crisps, so why not a few more Chocolates Logs. Bah Humbug :-(

We now have a snowman watching us from the back garden thanks to Mr Pix and his girlfriend, who came round yesterday.

I think the snow will be here for at least another week, hopefully it will be fine on Christmas day otherwise no dinner for us.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Day 359 (21/12/2010)

I hate Christmas, all that preparation and shopping, these are things I am just not good at.

It should be like Comic Relief, every two years, at least. That way you look forward to it rather than it just being an event reminding you how quickly the year is going.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Day 358 (20/12/2010)

Woke up to this morning to even more snow.

I drove the girls to work but couldn't actually see the road.

On the way back it was quite interesting to see a petrol tanking rolling down a hill I had to drive up.

I took a few pictures as I was waiting for the inevitable accident and explosion but luckily there was Police Land Rover nearby that stopped the traffic which allowed the tanker to roll back and then drive off in a different direction.

Home safely.

Really sad to see Brian Hanrahan has died. His broadcast from the Falklands was instantly iconic.

Update - 21:30 - There are times when I think Dictators are just misunderstood geniuses, who get fed up when other people do not do what is clearly the best option, when they have been given a choice. Or is just me that think that as I see it so often when I give people a choice.

Life would be so much easier if I could just command things to happen.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Day 356 & 357 (18 & 19/12/2010)

Well with an inch or two of snow on the roads last night Mr Pix & his girlfriend wanted to go bowling, so at 10:30pm we were at the local Hollywood Bowl.

Apart from a group of very drunk blokes with tattoos, the place was empty as clearly most sensible people had taken the advice of only going out if your journey was essential.

Still, apart from me loosing and us all recording our the lowest scores ever, we all enjoyed ourselves.

So Saturday morning.

There is about a 8" of snow everywhere, which looks nice but is a bit slippery as it is on yesterdays snow and ice.

Obviously the best thing to do would be to stay in, nice and safe in the warm.

So Kelly is driving herself and her friends who are home from Uni to the cinema and then going to work. I did offer to drive but she wants to drive herself.

And my wife is visiting her mum in Bristol to take her shopping. She could do this on Tuesday when she's off and the weather might be a bit better but she decided to go today.

They are all mad, I'm staying in.

Update - Sat 16:30 - Half hearted attempt to clear the snow from the driveway.

Well it's the thought that counts. At least I wont be completely lying when I tell my parents that I cleared all the snow off of my paths and driveway.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 355 (17/12/2010)

Guess what happened over night.

Me and Mr Pix stayed in and sent the girls out to work.

Update - 11:30 - It has gone very dark and is snowing very heavily. Think the journey back for the girls may be a bit eventful. Luckily we have already stocked up on the wine and Larger for Christmas, so we should be OK for a few days as long as the broadband is not affected.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day 354 (16/12/2010)

Well I only went out for half an hour to clean my car and post some Christmas cards to friends abroad but I managed to do about a third of my Christmas shopping at the Spar / Post Office. Curly Wurly's & Scratch Cards again.

I came back to the office, phoned Laithwaites and did another third.

Now only a few more things to get and thats all of my Christmas shopping done in plenty of time.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Day 353 (15/12/2010)

What happened to my nice quiet December, I now have more work than ever. Honestly I still want to write my books but at this rate I might have to make them audio ones with the sound of me typing in the background.

And it's Orange Wednesday, so we might go out this evening.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 352 (14/12/2010)

Defrosted three cars this morning then took my wifes car to the garage for an MOT. Hopefully it will not be that much, otherwise I might just leave the car there.

Update - 17:30 - Got the car back, only £110 and we have an MOT for another year. We must change the car next year, finance withstanding.

Suddenly have loads of quite complex reports to do and I have other things that need arranging. What happened to a relaxing December.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Day 351 (13/12/2010)

I swear yesterday was a nice day. It was minus 4 taking Mr Pix to the train station this morning.

Why do they make so many different types of toilets and toilet seats. I bought a new toilet seat yesterday and it doesn't really suit out toilet as the seat only goes up 90 degrees but our cistern is slightly further away, so if you lean back it will break off.

It was easier in the 1970's when all toilets were the same design. Damn progress and the decadent west.

Update - 10:30 - Have already booked my wifes car in for an MOT and myself in for a hair cut. Might have to lay down for a while after this busy start to the day.

Update - 12:15 - Just received a Christmas Card from a retirement village, nice that they are thinking of me but I don't think my wife and kids would want to live there yet.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Day 349 & 350 (11 & 12/12/2010)

I do prefer to be at home and probably wont do many more weeks away. I will just do few days instead and concentrate on what I do best rather than staying for a whole course.

Whilst I was away I seem to have had about 2 weeks worth of work coming, so December will not be the nice easy relaxed month I was hoping for.

At least the decorations are up early this year.

Update - Sunday 20:30 - Me and the wife went out to a Thia Resturante last night.

It was very nice, so will be visiting the Thai Jasmine again.

Woke up this morning to the horror of no Internet. The local telephone exchange was down and my 3G Dongle is playing up.

It was back on by lunchtime but after a few glasses of Pimms with dinner work was not an option.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Day 348 (10/12/2010)

Sickly class today, 1 gone home already, 1 walking dead and about 4 coughing & spluttering. I am healthy at the moment but sharing a room with all of these ill people is likely to take its effect eventually.

Looking forward to being at home but not looking forward to the drive but will be trying out my iPhone as a satnav.

Update - 11:30 - I now have a thumping head & the start of a sore throat :-(

Update - 21:00 - Took some tablets and had a hot curry for lunch. Felt better after the drive home, hopefully managed to bypass the worst of it.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Day 347 (09/12/2010)

The course is going well but one person stayed in their room all day with flu and half the class are coughing and sneezing. I'm wondering how many people will be in the class tomorrow. I'm hoping I stay healthy as I have a long drive home tomorrow.

Interesting on the news today, with all the demo's and the royals car being attacked. The Liberals are destroying themselves, like a modern Judas, still hoping to be voted in as a disciple after the crucification. I know the Jesus thing isn't real but it sort of fitted after a few pints and was easy to write using my iPhone.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day 346 (08/12/2010)

It warmed up to day, for the first time in a few weeks the cars were clear of ice.

The course is going well and my input seems to be going down well.

Went to the gym, spent a few minutes in the sauna & jacuzzi, then a few to many glasses of wine with dinner.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 345 (07/12/2010)

Guess what, It's Still Bloody Freezing. Wish I was home, at least I would be warmer.

Did more today and took the class for half the day, it went well and was more fun than just helping to distribute the hand outs. I will probably do a few of the other sections where I know more. The technical stuff is beyond me but I do know what I know.

I didn't quite manage the gym tonight as I fell asleep watching a very old David Niven war film. It wasn't one of his best.

Because my laptop is playing up I can't really watch any of the dvd's I brought, not good.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Day 344 (06/12/2010)

Got to the training venue last night after a long drive in cold and frosty conditions. My room was very cold and took all night to warm up. The telly only has the free channels and my laptop is still playing up but I thought it was so had packed my netbook. When I get back I must visit my usual IT people and get them to sort it out as I can't be arsed to set up another one.

The day went OK though I think I am in a minority of 1 of left-wing liberals who are in favour of wikileaks. I think most of the rest of the room take the American view. It probably wouldn't be well received if they knew I had sent funds to help support it. I do think its a case of wanting to shooting the messenger (though I guess it will be a car crash) rather than addressing the issues raised.

After the course I went to the gym, obviously not to use the weights or exercise bikes but to sit in the jacuzzi and the sauna. It was just like living somewhere hot apart from the walk from the accommodation block in the freezing fog.

Really enjoying The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day 342 & 343 (04 & 05/12/2010)

I have to drive to the other side of the country tomorrow so not happy, no wine with my Sunday dinner :-(

I must get my new laptop sorted today so I can work whilst I am away.

I might get the Christmas stuff down before I go away.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 341 (03/12/2010)

December has been a very cold month. OK I know its only the 3rd but even so its got a 100% too bloody cold ratting. I have to pop out to town later to pay some cheques in as I am away all next week, which I am not looking forward to even though there will be a sauna and steam room available.

I am now on Level 2 of Angry Birds and each one is nearly impossible, I'm getting by with luck, I hope Level 3 is easier.

Update - 18:30 - I thought it better to stay in the warm than go outside and will just wait another week before I pay the cheques in. They weren't for that much for it to be worth scrapping the ice from my car.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day 340 (02/12/2010)

It was nice to have a lie-in this morning and to know that I didn't have to go out in the cold; however it had snowed over night, so I had to drive my wife to work.

I must remember to pick her up or she wont be happy.

I have a few jobs in and other stuff to do but it's nice to have a quiet time as I know next year will be quite busy.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 339 (01/12/2010)

It was far too early and far too cold to be up and about but I was at the train station first thing this morning with Mr Pix, who had forgot his gloves, so I lent him mine. I'm going to an exhibition in London and having a meeting about some work, which may be quite interesting.

I'm now sat on the train writing this on my iPhone (4) and listening to Bugsy Malone, one of my favourite soundtracks, whilst drinking a nice tea & having a danish pastry. With all of this marvellous technology around me it seems rather petty to complain about the speed of the Internet. How soon we get used to things that would have seemed like science fiction only a generation ago.

I have reached level 125 on Bouncing Bullets but am still struggling with Angry Birds. I love my iPhone but hardly ever phone anyone. I think it could have been called something else like an itheonlyelectronicdeviceuneedthatisalsoaphone but I guess the iPhone is a catchier name.

Update - Had a good day at the exhibition and picked up loads of freebies.

Lots of pens, packs of mints, jelly beans, chocolates, sports bag, mouse mat, coaster, keys rings, memory stick, note pads, postcards and dozens of magazines.

I don't think I will ever need to buy a pen again.

Then a useful meeting followed by just enough free time at Paddington for a visit to Yo!Sushi.

Now home in the warm and an evening off.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 338 (30/11/2010)

A little bit warmer today, not frosty.

I have finished all of my reports. I still have a few to submit but am waiting for documents to arrive. They are all written up and I just need to scan the documents in and then add them to the reports. I can't remember the last time I had done all my work and I was free to actually get on with some other stuff with a clear conscious.

I am in London tomorrow for a couple of meetings and then away all next week on a course but already I can feel the wind down for Christmas, and I hate Christmas.

December might be the month I start writing my books.

Update - 15:00 - More student protests and again Mr Pix is there. However this time he has already signed up with a news agency and is attended the protest with half an eye on the money. He has a few good shots so hopefully they will get used and he will have some cash.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Day 337 (29/11/2010)

It was minus 5 when I was scraping the ice off the car this morning to take Mr Pix to the railway station. Obviously it's still officially shorts & t-shirt weather but I had my fleece on and was thinking about getting some gloves.

Sad that Leslie Nielsen had died (although he was 84) as he was a very funny man.

I still remember seeing Airplane at the cinema with my brother. The boy next to us fell off of his seat he was laughing so much. It is a classic.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Day 335 & 336 (27 & 28/11/2010)

Woke up early (7:30) couldn't sleep so went down stairs and made a cup of tea. OH NO I HAVE BECOME MY PARENTS.

Looking outside everywhere looks nice as there is a light dusting of snow. I'm staying in all day so don't care, whereas everyone else is going out later, the fools.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Day 334 (26/11/2010)

Thick frost out this morning, looking forward to the summer already.

Update - 14:45 - It's SNOWING, nice to look at but a bitch to travel in. I am going to a conference in London on Wednesday so would rather it wasn't snowing.

Update - 20:00 - Staying in and having an Indian Take Away delivered from Miriam's. Might have to crack open a bottle of wine.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Day 333 (25/11/2010)

Well I saw Mr Pix on the news yesterday in the student demo in Bristol. He has put his photos up on his tumblr website. I did like this one.

Being fairly innocent he thought the police were a bit heavy handed at times, although he did say that I had probably done worse, as if :-)

Julian Clary was really funny last night. I was shocked that most of the audience were older than us. Strange to see a load of 60 & 70yr olds laughing at fisting jokes.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Day 332 (24/11/2010)

I'm stuffed, I think I over did the pizza last night. Mind you my wife definitely overdid the candles on the cake.

It was more of an indoors firework display that got out of hand.

My Pix has put some of his photos from our London weekend on his tumblr web pages. Loving the ones from Kew.

Off to see Julian Clary tonight.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Day 331 (23/11/2010)

Currently playing this to Kelly.

Update - 16:00 - My friend has finally signed contracts with a large client. He needs a right-hand man and again offered me the job. The salary (let alone the expenses) would probably be the largest salary I had ever had but I don't want to work regularly in London, don't want to work full time for someone else and don't want to have to do what I used to do. The early mornings, the travelling, the being away from home and the having to talk to people in challenge situations does wear you down and although I could do it it would destroy me within a year or two.

I am happier doing what I do, even though I know it means that I regularly miss out on a lot of money. It seems hard to believe that for moral reasons I actually turn down work as even I think some time I am morally bankrupt or at least ethically challenged, regularly working for both sides.

Happiness is better than money; however I would like more money as I seem to always be spending what I have.

I must start writing, I think that might be the way I'm going to get rich, which is hard to believe given my poor grammar and spelling but thats for someone else to sort out, I will be the ideas man.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Day 330 (22/11/2010)

Had to shout at Mr Pix to get him up early for college. It was only when he was in the bathroom that he remembered he didn't have to be in till 10:30 today, so he's now back in bed.

I got called on Friday afternoon and asked to give a presentation today. I agreed as its for a friend and not that far away but I could have done without it. Especially as I'm not getting paid (and this is for the government not a charity).

Anyway I should have said that Mr Pix took some great photos at the weekend and will link to some of them when he puts them up on the web.

Update - 17:30 - I hate it when clients say "try your best on this one" what do they think, that I don't normally try my best on their enquiries. They don't get charged unless I get something positive so its hardly likely that I wouldn't try, just to waste my own time & money. Tossers.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Day 328 & 329 (20 & 21/11/2010)

Well a busy weekend.

On Saturday I gave a talk to a load of law students at the largest and poshest law firm I have seen outside of the movies. This was their small auditorium.

It went OK and I enjoyed listening to everyone else that was also speaking.

We went out for a drink and sandwich at lunch time and was a bit confused by this sign in the pub.
Surely alcohol and cigarettes (which they openly sold) are the worst drugs.

Nice walk back to the tube.

Sunday was a day off so after a nice breakfast we went to Kew Gardens for a nice walk around (in the cold) followed by a nice Italian and a drive home.

Shame we couldn't have a nice glass of wine with the dinner but we were sharing the driving.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Day 327 (19/11/2010)

Showing my age, when I got to the theater last night my first thought was, damn forgot my glasses, so I am sure it was Will Self, though he was a bit fuzzy to look at.

Doing a load of laminates and a presentation for tomorrow, bit last minute, hopefully they will have a computer there as I can't be bothered to take my own.

So much to do before leaving for Kew tonight, wish I was more organised.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Day 326 (18/11/2010)

Nothing on at the cinema that we wanted to see so went out for a nice meal instead.

Seeing Will Self tonight.

Hard to believe but I have played Angry Birds for 5hrs on my iPhone already. My only complaint, well two or three, not easy to swap over all of my contacts over and the bluetooth is not as good as you can't just link to anything.

Update - 22:30 - Will Self was very good, very entertaining and quite a funny guy.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 325 (17/11/2010)

Lots of rain, so at least no ice.

Mr Pix took ages to get up & get ready, so yes he missed his train.

Saw this on twitter - Man puts dead mother's engagement ring from failed, loveless sham marriage on finger of girlfriend to "bring them together"? Really?.

Well at least the press have a new target but there is now no reason to buy a newspaper or watch the news again. We will have the wedding, the births and the deaths. As they say, its like Déjà vu all over again.

Update - 13:30 - Just got a tax rebate for my company, now what to splash out on, a pint of milk or a stamp, but can't stretch to both as not as much as £2, hardly any point in sending it in the first place.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Day 324 (16/11/2010)

Early morning taking Mr Pix to the railway station.

Giving a talk on Saturday so must do the presentation and tell them what I am talking about. Might have to wear a suit as I think its somewhere a bit posh (then being taken out for dinner) although there will be a hundred odd students there, who will be dressed more normally.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 323 (15/11/2010)

Had to scrape the ice off the cars this morning, why can't I live in a nice warm country.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Day 321 & 322 (13 & 14/11/2010)

Looking forward to scrambled eggs on crumpets for breakfast. I may even include a picture from my iPhone later.

Update - Sat 22:15 - Just seeing how my blog works whilst using my iPhone. How I like this phone.

Watching Neil Diamond on the iPlayer.

Update - Sun 10:30 - Having a Neil Diamond morning, listening to the The Jazz Singer.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Day 320 (12/11/2010)

I have my iPhone, the world is not perfect but its less boring with an iPhone. There re just so many apps.

Update - 19:00 - Well I got the laptop back from PC World, they are truly W***ERS. I took the laptop home rather than insisting on a refund even though they hadn't ordered the memory upgrade or transfered all the data.

I have spent a fortune this week and hardly done any work, must finish the 9 reports that are sat on my desk.

Next week I will tidy my office, do some course updates and go out on my bike. Well thats the plan.

Still loving my iPhone.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Day 319 (11/11/2010)

Great show last night with Mark Watson.

Been dealing with legal challenge to my company name this morning. Fired off a few emails this morning making my case clear, so I expect a solicitors letter or them to back down.

More likely a solicitors letter but I am confident that I will win. You know the phrase any man who represents himself has an idiot for a client. Oh F**K that's me. Anyway my Grade "E" at O Level Law from 1984 will come in useful.

I have stirred it a bit by copying my emails to the companies trade body which may not be impressed by their bully boy actions.

My new i-phone should be here at lunch time, so its a good day.

Still not been to PC World and my foot is hurting, I think I might have done something to my instep.

Anyway my radio is now on for 11 o'clock. I think we should observe the two minutes silence on the 11th and on Remembrance Sunday. Hope they have the two minutes silence on the radio. If not I will stay quite then play sad music. Time for thoughts of the sacrifice of others on all sides.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Day 318 (10/11/2010)

Ice on the windscreen when I took Mr Pix to the train station this morning :-(

Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner, perfect but sad film on the i-player at the moment.

Update - 15:15 - Having a slightly shit day. Split my trousers when I was in town and then got a fax and email telling me I was being sued as someone didn't like my company name, that I have been using for over 6 years. Silly people, who do they always try to upset me.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Day 317 (09/11/2010)

Gave two talks up north. Had hotpot and chocolate sponge for lunch,

it was like being at school.

Awful drive home.

Seeing Mark Watson tomorrow in Cardiff and have an early Christmas gift arriving for myself on Thursday.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Day 316 (08/11/2010)

Deciding when to go into PC World for round 2.

Up north later.

Update - 14:00 - Decided to go to PC World when I get back on Wednesday.

Kelly started her Apprenticeship today.

She has changed lots since her first day at school (so has the porch);

but still has a great sense of humor and is good company (at times).

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 314 & 315 (06 & 07/11/2010)

Managed to clear 10 short reports yesterday but still have about 10 long ones to do and to prepare for a presentation up north on Tuesday.

I must rake up the leaves this weekend, even if its raining and get my wife a newish car as her old Scenic is on its last legs and the MOT is due next month.

Update - Sat 17:45 - What a day so far.

I went out and met a guy who was driving slowly (30 mph in a 40 mph area with nothing in front of him) who clearly could not judge distance, as he thought it was too close to him, so he decided to slam his brakes on and have a go at me. I pointed out I thought he was a foolish man. He tried to intimidate me but then thought better of it. Best decision he made today.

Then I took back to PC World the laptop I bought in June, which I picked up yesterday after it took them two weeks to repair it, as they had not fixed it, the stupid lieing useless incompetent tossers. They clearly don't understand customer service so I had to raise my voice to explain the error of their ways.

The manager didn't want to talk to me, but he heard me. I left but have to go back on Monday to pick up a new laptop which I told them to transfer all of my software and files on to. I hope they do it or I might have to speak a bit loud again.

Update - Sun 15:45 - Managed to talk Mr Pix into rake up the leaves for me.

Unfortunately there were too many leaves for he wheely bin, so will have to do it again next week.

Still have some things to do before going up north tomorrow but still have a shed load of reports that need doing.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 313 (05/11/2010)

I need a hair cut, I need to rake up the leaves in the garden, I need an i-phone but to busy, stuck in my office catching up on so many jobs that should have already been in.

Update - 13:45 - Managed to explain to clients that work had not been done yet, so went off and had my hair cut, now feel so much better. Now to start the ever increasing mountain of work.

Day 312 (04/11/2010)

Busy day yesterday, met my brother for lunch then went out with family and Aunty Kim for dinner as it was her birthday.

Whilst I was out yesterday my daughter recommended my services to someone we both follow on twitter. So now being followed by Emma Kennedy, which unless your into the same comedy stuff that I am will probably mean very little to you but is quite nice.

It's not paid stuff but might be an interesting contact as she is also a writer, so I must start my books soon.

Busy day today, forgetting all the reports that are due in, as I have a meeting at a University to discuss some courses. Hopefully things will work out.

Update - 21:00 - Long day but had a a couple of very interesting meetings, guess where;

That was the view from the office window.

If it wasn't such a bitch to drive to I would work there a lot but will settle with often.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Day 311 (03/11/2010)

Saw this on twitter and had to include it.

Busy times with actual work and planning things.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Day 310 (02/11/2010)

Glad I didn't do the leaves at the weekend, there are even more now, the gardens full.

Busy time, things to do.

I know I hate the royals (lots) but really pleased that William and his girlfriend may be getting married as I bet on that about 18months ago. Now all I need is for Harry to crash his helicopter in Afghanistan and I'm in for a nice big payout.

Only joking about Harry, there wasn't an option for him dieing as that would be tasteless and wrong. Every lose of life is tragic even one as pointless as his.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Day 309 (01/11/2010)

My hand hurts, well the joints on a few of my fingers, think I'm getting old. Time to take pain killers and blame my mum for the genes that causes it. It's so much easier than taking responsibility myself.

Might get on the bike this week, then ride it next week, haha.

Update - 08:30 - Just looked at twitter and the newspapers and saw all the Jonathan Ross Halloween Party pictures then looked at Facebook to see more of them as a friend was doing the security.

It is times like these when working in an office in the background is not always the best place to be. While I don't like the limelight a few perks and a bit more thanks would be nice.

Also very pleased for my brother getting a name check in Simon Pegg's new autobiography. It is well deserved as he helped a few people out whilst running the comedy club.

I wonder if he mentions me, as I must have been the inspiration for Hot Fuzz, probably not Nicholas Angel more likely Danny Butterman.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Day 307 & 308 (30 & 31/10/2010)

Nice to be home. I know people (my dad) always say "it's nice to be back in your own bed" but I can sleep anywhere; however it is nice to be back on my own toilet.

I know toilets are basically all the same size and shape but I like sitting (carefully spelt) on my toilet in my bathroom. The comforts of home.

Now to catch up on hundreds of emails & tweets plus lots of work stuff to catch up with.

Update - Sat 12:15 - OMG how many leaves are on the lawn, Thousands of the buggers. Thats tomorrows job then, raking them up.

Update - Sun 21:15 - to wet to rake up leaves.

Day 306 (29/10/2010)

Yesterday we went out out n a pedalo (probably spelt wrong).

Bloody uncomfortable things obviously designed for very small and very slim people. I merely acted as ballast.

The kids enjoyed re-visiting the play ground.

It's hard to believe it was 6yrs since our last visit, but I think the kids may have grown a bit since then.

Mr Pix now towers over us all and Kelly (must think of a suitable nickname for her) is an adult who drives (me mad mostly).

Today was our last day, so as usual a mad rush to get packed.

We managed to do quite a bit in the last day, include Mr Pix & Lady C (decided on her new nickname) played badminton, then we all met up at the lake. I looked after the bags while everyone else took to the water.

Then we went to the American Dinner and eat far too much for lunch. After a far too short a gap went to the pool and tried out the rapids, to re-live my youth. I have decided I am too old for the rapids and will stick to the main pool with a gentle wave action as my only excitement.

The week (well Monday to Friday) went really fast. Relaxed and eat too much, nearly the perfect week.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Day 305 (28/10/2010)

Yesterday, a little bit of golf,

and a little bit of badminton,

and a little bit of sausage & mash,

Its gone two and we are all nearly up and ready, must be time for lunch.

Yet to write anything apart from the blog but I do have a few more plot lines in my head. Must start writing before the year is out.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 304 (27/10/2010)

Up fairly early today as yesterday we were still in bed when the cleaner arrived. She obviously thought she would leave us a til a bit later today as its now midday and she has not yet knocked on the door. We could of had another hour or two in bed.

Its funny when we are away, we are often the last people anywhere and rarely see the morning, making up for it by staying out later. When people are on holidsay is it really relaxing to get up early and fill your day full of activities. Chill out man, lay back and don't make any plans, its a holiday.

The sun is out today and it is dry. I might venture into the pool, as long as there are no Norweigan Whalers nearby.

Thinking about trying the Spainish resturante toinght.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Day 303 (26/10/2010)

Got here yesterday, the weather was fine. We sorted the rooms out and then went to the centre and ended up at the Italian, which was very nice.

We had a lazy morning and made it out in time for lunch, at the Pancake House.

It's rained all day. Mr Pix and his girlfriend went to the pool for the day, whilst we went to the arcade.

Went back to the room still stuffed from the pancakes, then ordered a takeaway later.