Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 2071 & 2072 (29 & 30/08/2015)

It's August Bank Holiday Weekend, so its raining.

Did some work on Saturday but may go away on Sunday.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Day 2070 (28/08/2015)

Busy and disappointing day.

Busy in as much as I was doing some stuff in the office but was getting really pissed off that my printer kept failing to talk to my computer, no matter how many times I re-installed it (apparently it is a known fault with these printers).

In the end my printer lost the battle of wills, so its a skip

and I now have a new one.

I went for a swim, then back home and I repaired the over, which had gone again (only got it sorted in April but elements are a bit like bulbs, could last years or weeks). Having seen the repair change these things, I know it only takes a few minutes and a screwdriver, so I thought rather than pay his £30 fee I would do it myself.

After battling for about 30 minutes in the small and painful confines of the cooker I had replaced the blown element but decided I would rather pay the money next time.

The disappointing part of the day was that one of the police groups that I was hopping would see sense and settle quickly & cheaply decided to ignore my emails.

Whatever happens will now cost them a lot more in time alone, oh well, can't say I didn't offer.

Day 2069 (27/08/2015)

It was an early start and then a few hours parked outside a building chatting to an ex-colleague and watching the coming & goings.

It was very wet for a few hours but brightened up by the time we knocked it on the head.

We going to go for a swim but was knackered and hungry.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day 2068 (26/08/2015)

Work in the office and a swim in the afternoon.

I must get back to going to the gym but I must also write my course up, I've had all month and still not managed it and I soon start back to doing the training, so September & October are quite busy.

Busy day tomorrow doing a favour for some friends.

Day 2067 (25/08/2015)

Work in the office and a swim in the afternoon.

When I first had the trouble with those naughty police officers copying my stuff I was aware of a case of a dog trainer whose material had also been copied. I had spoken to him and his soicitor last year but came across the below, signalling that they had finally settled.

It gives me hope for my case.

I had actually started to make an offer to settle with a few of those on the outskirts of upsetting me, saving my hatred for those who had upset me the most.

Day 2066 (24/08/2015)

Work in the office and went for a swim in the afternoon.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Day 2064 & 2065 (22 & 23/08/2015)

A very wet weekend but we finished off the chili in some wraps as our own make-do burritos.

Sunday I did a roast pork, with lots of veg.

And a very nice bottle of bubbly.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day 2063 (21/08/2015)

Working in the office, going for a swim, picking Thomas up from the coach station, then Mexican night with a lovely chilli-con-carne and nachos.

Plus a bottle or two of Mexican lager.

A very good evening.

Day 2062 (20/08/2015)

Thomas was off to London to see his new place, which is exciting but scary. I did some stuff in the office and had swim.

In the afternoon the hedge-man came round for the annual trim.

It always look so much better after they have been (money well spent).

In the evening we went to The Worlds End, the food was great (in the end) but the service was crap. It was busy and I think they were trying out new staff but it shouldn't make that much of a difference but it did.

Nice pasty & chips for dinner (that's the beauty of the place, they do nice steak & chips etc but also some great homely meals) followed by a pineapple upside down cake)

I do hope it starts to improve again soon as I love going here and would miss it.

Day 2061 (19/08/2015)

Doing stuff in the office but not really motivated (still and the months nearly over and I've still not written the course material).

Went for a swim, trying to get back into exercising.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Day 2060 (18/08/2015)

Doing a few things in the office and then in the afternoon I went out to pick up some screws from the Peugeot dealership to replace the ones that had fallen out of my wife's car.


Despite this looking like an easy 2 minute job it was technically car mechanics / manual labour.

Actually this is car mechanics / manual labour for two days running after jump starting my friend Sam's car yesterday.

Then I went for a swim.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Day 2059 (17/08/2015)

A fairly early start and a drive over to Cardiff to run a days training course for a client. It was a nice day as they sent out for lunch, which was a very good club sandwich and even provided some nice fresh doughnuts for afternoon tea.

All very nice.

Popped in to see a friend on the way back, which was nice to catch-up, then home for dinner.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Day 2057 & 2058 (15 & 16/08/2015)

A busy weekend, I've updated all of the power points for my courses, not to write the course material so I can sell it as a distance learning package and get some more accreditation for it.  This should all help in the long run but is time consuming.

Thomas feeling a bit better and fancied pizza, so e ordered from PizzaHut and ended up on a Batman meal deal, which was good value but sounded like it was for a kid.

 But it was tasty.

Did a nice roast chicken dinner on Sunday :-)

Day 2056 (14/08/2015)

Friday was wet & grey, I stayed in the office doing a lot of work, quite a dull day.

I'm enjoying being home this month but have already started booking hotels and flights for a bust autumn period.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Day 2055 (13/08/2015)

Half busy with an appointment, followed by swimming and a bit of work.

Not felt great for the last week, not sure why but hopefully I will be better soon. I must take this month to write my course and do some stuff but having trouble getting started.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 2054 (12/08/2015)

A full day. I went to the dentist for a clean & polish, then I went for a swim and then I had a long and full lunch.

I did some work but I might take the evening off.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 2053 (11/08/2015)

A busy day doing things but thankfully I heard that something major I thought I only had days to do I have now been told I have a few months to do. What a relief but the sooner I get it done the better it will be for me.

I also spent time speaking to a TV Producer about a project they have that wanted me to help them out with. I'm not that keen on appearing in front of the camera or for working for free, so I might just help them out a bit.

Day 2052 (10/08/2015)

An early start and a journey to London for a meeting, which went well.

I had a fairly nice lunch at the Civil Service Club.

Then a bagal on the train on the way home.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Day 2050 & 2051 (08 & 09/08/2015)

After a lazy morning we went to the Taunton Flower show, which we always enjoy, not just for the food & drink but we actually looked at the displays as well.

Then in the evening we all went of for dinner with lots of my dad family.

I should say that I had banana fritters for afters but it did look like someone had taken a crap on a plate.

It was a great evening but the service at the Corner House was again crap (forgot to do any vegetables and the rice wasn't cooked), so they will not be getting out service again.

Did a nice lamb roast on Sunday.

And had the wine and the Pimms & Lemon Pudding that we bought at the flower show.

A lovely meal :-)

Day 2049 (07/08/2015)

Much the same lots to do and made a start but not going to write my course as a distance learning package within the next few days but must get it done within the next few weeks.

Still not feeling great.

Day 2048 (06/08/2015)

Still feeling slightly under the weather so to speak.

Lots of things to do and a lot I should have done I haven't even started.

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks.

Day 2047 (05/08/2015)

A busy and difficult morning.

I went to the gym afterwards but just couldn't must the strength. Went home had lunch and fell asleep.

Feeling slightly below par :-(

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 2046 (04/08/2015)

Well I got the newsletter done yesterday.

Just gotta have it spill chequed befour I can sand it uot.

Now to write up a whole weeks course in 3 days.

Trying out windows 10 on a laptop before I go for the full update on all of my systems, hoping it will be nice and quick and not cause too many problems.

So its a busy time but I must go to the gym.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Day 2045 (03/08/2015)

The start of a very busy week.

As well as going back to the gym after a gap of a month or two (I've been away a lot and very busy) I basically have to write all my course material into a book or two and do my quarterly Newsletter which is now late, despite me writing most of it on the plane on my way to Lanzarote in June.

When I was out I had a few chores to do, including buying a very expensive (unfortunately not first class) train ticket to have a meeting in London next week. As I knew I would be sometime getting the ticket (cheaper to do it at the window than online), so I went to get a ticket for the car park.

I'm not being awkward but when it says "Press The Green Button" there should be a green button, not a red one and a silver one, it is very confusing for us old folk.

The gym was knackering.

But I had some nice fruit when I came back.

Plus the left over curry but that doesn't sound as healthy.

Day 2043 & 2044 (01 & 02/08/2015)

August is here already, where is this year going. On the Plus side its time fora new picture of Kylie.

I spent most of the weekend doing some jobs for some Irish clients, with very little information other than names, trying to locate links between people involved in car accidents. Golly there are lots of Irish people who share the same name (says someone called Smith).

The first job involving Irish nationals was negative but the next job involving East Europeans was a lot more successful but as difficult as they don't always spell their names the same way as you've been told they do.

That should mean more happy clients and more work (oh no what have I one, I wanted to retire).

We sent away for a very nice curry which we had on both days.

Day 2042 (31/07/2015)

A busy day in the office, so nothing much happened apart from my wife made some lovely coleslaw, which I had with a pizza :-)