Thursday, 19 May 2016

Day 2334 (19/05/2016)

Another long day in the office, still not up in time for breakfast.

I worked from 9:30am until 7:00pm, getting up only twice to get a glass of water and make myself a cup of tea.

I get back to the hotel and tried the hotel but they appeared to have a band setting up, so I walk straight back out again and ordered room service.

I went for the delicate calamari but it turned up more like battered car tyres. Then the mutton chops (that made me laugh) with cold over-boiled asparagus.

I have no idea why the toast was delivered but mostly enjoyed the beer and left more than half of the food.

So basically today I have had 3 glasses of water, a cup of green tea, 2 bottles of bear, 5 lamb chops,a few spoonfuls of parmesan rice and a few extra thick calamari,so technically i am on a diet.

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