Monday, 16 November 2015

Day 2149 (16/11/2015)

First day of the course and it would be fair to say I was feeling quite rough, full of a cold and with a horrible cough and sore throat.

The morning didn't quite go as planned as the room wasn't set up and we eventually moved rooms, which put us about 30 minutes late. Apart from that the course went OK and the lunch was quite nice.

As soon as the course finished my new business partner was passing and wanted a meeting, so I didn't have time to relax but is was interesting.

Then as soon as that meeting finished I went straight into an interview with a student about what I do, which had been arranged a couple of weeks ago.

It was OK and hopefully she wasn't too bored by what I had to say. She is American but lives in Switzerland, so she brought me a bar of chocolate to say thank-you.

Afterwards I stayed in the bar for a curry then went back up to my room to watch the telly and do some work.

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